Matt Rinker  › Jammie Letts   July 7, 2011 at 8:35am

A note to all potential and current CCR Open attendees: If you do not pre-register here, on the Scene, you must sign-up Friday in person at Grand Woods... There will be no day-off registration. I will be at Tournament Central, Grand Woods from 12 (noon) - 7 pm for any one to either register or check-in and get your player's pack. If you don't check-in Friday, and have pre-reg'ed, plan on picking up your player's pack either between rounds or after the second round Saturday.
Pools and order of courses being played will be posted soon.

Here are the pin positions ALL divisions will be playing to for the Open at Burchfield... remember, Pros and Am1s play long pads, all others play short.
1- short
2- long
3- long
4- short
5- long
6- long
7- long
8- short
9- long
10- short
11- long
12- short
13- long
15- short
16- short
17- long
18- long

for the tournament, the baskets that you are not playing to will be pulled or covered. So all you need to worry about is playing from the correct tee. If anything changes, I will post is all over the Scene.