Kristen Knauer  › 2022 BDGA Open Presented By Total Family Eyecare Powered by Innova   October 10, 2022 at 4:36pm

Golfers! It gives me great pleasure to announce this!
MadMesa is back and giving you...
500 good "reasons" to join us this coming Friday at Quiet Waters Park!
****Friday League Announcement****
Quiet Waters Park at 4:30pm
*Meet at the parking lot by HOLE 11*
Random Draw Best Shot Doubles from Red, White and Blue pads
We will play holes 7-18, including the temp holes
Red Pad Holes 9, A, D, 12, 15, 18
White Pad Holes 7,10, B, E, 13, 16
Blue Pad Holes 8, 11, C, F, 14, 17
MadMesa's "reasons":
EVERY hole will be a $25 CTP
Ace Fund: $50
All in $6 (includes CTP's and Mulligan)
Come on out and take a shot at some moolah!