Iron Lion DGS  › The Rumble by Iron Lion DGS   May 6, 2022 at 3:09am


As we did last year, we are going to be using a different starting hole at Devils Glen, Camden 2, and Camden 1. Unlike last year, we are giving proper notice ahead of time. My apologies, again.

We will be using Hole 13 at Camden 2 as the starting hole for tee times. As we are using Camden 1 at the same time, this should alleviate any parking problems. There is ample parking near 13, and restrooms.

We will be starting groups on Hole 14 at Devils Glen. Devils Glen has multiple parking lots near Hole 14 and also restrooms.

We will be starting groups on Hole 6 at Camden 1. The practice area will still be available for warm ups, but we will add a basket near the starting Holes.

Using these starting points will greatly reduce backups early on and make the tee times flow easier. This info will also be posted on Disc Golf Scene.