Scott "Fatt Kidd" Sexton    March 4, 2011 at 7:06pm

The last 3 yrs that my brothers and I have run Red Line Disc Golf have been some of the most memorable that I have ever had, but like all great things they come with a price and ultimately will end at some point. After the conclusion of last season we started to realize that that our venture was taking a back seat to your personal lives, and regardless of how hard we tried the days just seemed to be to short. So it was with both relief and sadness that we decided to discontinue any and all production of Red Line Apparel. We would like to thank our sponsored pro's (Pat Burke, Katrina Witucki, Daemon Stahlin, and Erin Oakley) you guys were the driving force of this venture, and did a great job of spreading the word. We wish you all the best, and like I've said before I know you will all do great things! I think that Andrew and Jason are done with disc golf, however I'm still planning on playing in the spring so I will see you all from time to time.

Best Wishes