Centre County Disc Golf Association   February 28, 2022 at 5:28pm

2022 Membership

Disc Golfers!

The Centre County Disc Golf Association (CCDGA) has reorganized, including a new charter and bylaws. The aim has been to formalize an election process so that members have a strong voice in the club, solidify fiscal and decision-making transparency, and improve our organizational structures so that we better serve the growing demands of the sport in our community. Not only that, we are on our way to becoming a non-profit organization (501c3)! None of this would be possible without the foundation built by the previous leadership group, especially all of the years of hard work by Tricia Lafferty. Even with all of this effort, we can’t do it alone! We have a few upcoming opportunities for you to help the club:

1. Attend the 1st Membership Meeting

The CCDGA is holding its first membership meeting on March 13, 2022 in the Calvary Church at Harvest Fields from 2-4 pm. More details on the exact agenda will be provided soon. We are encouraging everyone to attend this meeting to learn about the new structure of the club, provide input on club plans for 2022, and socialize with other disc golfers.

We will also be holding a disc swap at the meeting. Grab those discs that don’t feel quite right in the hand and find ones that do!

2. Become a Member

Join the CCDGA! Membership costs $15 for new members and $10 to renew if you were a member in 2021. Becoming a member is a great way to grow your game and to get plugged in with the community of local disc golfers. Additionally, your membership includes:

Voting rights in CCDGA elections and referendums

For example, at the upcoming meeting, we will be voting whether or not to begin the capital fundraising process for replacing the old set of baskets at Harvest.

Early sign up for non-sanctioned CCDGA events.

This will include the upcoming Spring Fling, sponsored by New Trails Brewery.

Members-only league passes (see below).

Members-only league tags for Wednesday singles rounds.

Members-only events. This will include events like the disc swap at the upcoming meeting, social events like reserving the fire-pit at Harvest on summer nights, and more.

No-limit acepot. Members will have no cap on the pot for an ace (with the usual $1 buy-in before the round). Non-members will have a $100 cap.

Please fill out the form at the link below to join the CCDGA. You will also have the opportunity to sign up in-person at the March membership meeting. If you purchased a 2022 membership in the Fall of 2021, you do not need to fill out the form or re-purchase a membership.

Membership Form: https://forms.gle/MinNBETiFBDM36i49

Payment: we can accept cash, check (payable to “CCDGA”), or PayPal ([email redacted]).

3. League Fees and Passes

Starting after our March meeting, we will begin collecting a mandatory $2 fee to play league rounds (singles on Wednesday afternoon and doubles on Saturday morning). Previously we asked for a $2 optional donation that went toward building the course at Harvest. That project is largely complete thanks to your generosity! The reason for the new mandatory fee is that the cost of running the club is going to rise substantially. The biggest factor in this increase is that when we become a non-profit organization (which we will this year), we will have to carry liability insurance, which will have an annual cost. We also plan to bring some smaller benefits to league play, such as springing for refreshments on hot summer days or the occasional CTP.

However, when you become a member, you will be eligible to buy league passes that will make the fee much cheaper (for those who come regularly) and make the process one-and-done. Here are the options:

Annual pass: $60, plus a custom stamped disc!

Includes an entire calendar year. This will not include glow rounds.

Fair-weather pass: $30, plus a custom stamped mini!

Specifically, April through September - the sweet spot. This will not include glow rounds.

Glow pass: $20, plus mad respect for playing in the snow!

Runs approximately November through March for Wednesday night rounds.

This pass is separate because of the added cost of batteries for the lights.

Payment: we can accept cash, check (payable to “CCDGA”), or PayPal ([email redacted]).

4. Service

Our Course Director, Edgar, will be setting up workdays at Harvest for maintenance and installing a proper tee pad on hole 6 in the spring. Please keep an eye out for that and other workday projects.

We are currently looking for a few members to take on the role of service member for 2022. In order for a member to be eligible for election or appointment as an officer, a member is required to spend a year as a service member. The primary task of a service member is to gain experience with the everyday operation of the club and become familiar with the commitment and responsibilities of being an officer. This will not be a heavy time commitment. It will involve attending some board meetings, perhaps chairing a committee, and helping out when needed with tournament or event logistics. The importance of volunteering for this role cannot be overemphasized. This is a volunteer organization, and we, the current officers, will not be volunteering forever. The club needs committed people who know how the organization works so that we can keep the club vital and strong down the line. Once you have been a service member once, you have fulfilled the requirement for any future election or appointment, not just the following year.

Please reach out to us online or on the course with any questions. Hope to see you at the membership meeting!

Happy Hucking,

Your 2022 Officers

Derek Aggleton - President

Cody Hartzell - Vice President

Ben Tolton - Treasurer

Kyle Dalton - Secretary

Josh Boyd - Communications Director

Edgar Boord - Course Director