Trevor Murphy  › Anhyzer Designs   February 13, 2022 at 9:57pm

Hello EBO Players,

Thank you for the overwhelming support of the Early Bird Open 2022. We are proud and excited to once again host this C-Tier event.

Our goal in offering a 2 day event is to attempt to allow as many players as possible the ability to play. Once again this year we have filled divisions at a record wait and have seen the waitlist continue to grow for multiple divisions. We have made the decision to switch the dates some divisions will play to allow the most possible players to participate as possible.

MA2 will be moving from Saturday April 23 to Sunday April 24. This will allow us to expand the field to 32 players and allow most of the players on the wait list the ability to play. With this change we can also expand MA3 to 32 players and MA4 to 12 players to create a full field on Sunday.

With the changes we have made to MA2 we are forced to move some of the divisions originally scheduled for Sunday April 24 to Saturday April 23. ALL Age Restricted and Ladies divisions will be playing on Saturday April 23. This move better aligns with the current field and allows us to fill the field on Saturday as well.

We sincerely apologize for the change of date. We did not accurately anticipate the level of support and participation by division for the event. We hope you understand the divisional date changes are being made to support players and allow everyone that has shown interest, whether by registering or joining a waitlist, the ability to play. The changes we have outlined above allow us to admit nearly every single person that is on a waitlist currently. We understand if the changes to your division do not meet with your scheduling needs. We will be happy to accommodate full refunds for anyone not able to comply with the changes.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the Early Bird Open!

Trevor Murphy

Wes Anslinger