Krash Gustafson  › Norcal Team Invitational   November 4, 2021 at 11:47pm

What a great weekend we have in store for you and your teams!!

First off, thank you to all the captains for rallying your troops to participate. Below you will find all the information to make a smooth and fun weekend.

All scoring, matchups, rosters, maps, layout, course rules and distances can be found here:

Important for all Captains:

-You may NO LONGER MAKE SEEDING CHANGES as of this email as the teams are now set and revealed. Any substitutions will be a direct replacement with no re-seeding.

-Please have your team check in with your captain (not TD nor Event Staff).

-Once you have your team, come to Tournament Central to confirm and make any name changes from your original team submission.

-Only ODD seeded captains will pick up the cards throughout the weekend. (Players can ONLY get their scorecards from their captains)

-We will give the ODD captains 2 rounds of cards each morning and at lunch on Saturday.

- We will send staff out onto the course to collect 1st, 3rd and 5th round cards, it is imperative that all teams go directly to their 2nd, 4th and 6th round starting hole immediately after the first round is finished.

-We have a lot of golf and not a lot of daylight, please be early so we can get started on-time.

How to play:

Format: Team Alternate Doubles
• Players A & B are partners, players C & D are partners

A & C players tee off on all first holes of their matches

B & D players tee off on second hole of their matches. Players A & C and B & D continue to alternate

teeing off every other hole after that.

It does not matter who tees off first between A & C and B & D players (i.e. – player C can throw first

if the team wants. Player A does not always have to throw first between the two).

The hole you start on, regardless of the course hole number, is your match’s hole #1 (so A & C would

tee off first, then B & D would tee off first on next hole, and so on.)

Players alternate shots between their partners (i.e. – player B plays from player A’s lie, then A would

play from wherever B ends up. Same with C & D partners.)

The best score between the doubles pairings of A & B and C & D is used to determine who wins the

hole (i.e. – if Napa players A & B get a 3, and Napa players C & D get a 4, then Napa is using a 3 as

their “team score” for that hole).

There is no “furthest out” enforcement of play (within the same club team), this means team

members can decide if they want one of their other team members to take a shot first, even if they

are not technically furthest out from the pin.

Match Play: Rules of Play

Standard match play scoring on all holes & matches: Mark either a 0 or 1 on the scorecards

Teams receive 1 point for winning a hole, zero points for tying (pushing) a hole, or losing

Players can concede putts to their opponents

Players cannot decline the concession, and can not putt after a hole is conceded

No practice putts allowed during a match

All standard PDGA rules of play apply during the tournament


Friday, Nov 5
6 pm-? welcome mixer @ Taps Barrel House

Saturday Nov. 6:
-8 am park opens
-8:30 am rounds 1 & 2
LUNCH PROVIDED with Morgan Territory Brewin
~1:30 pm rounds 3 & 4
-6 pm Disc Golf at Stockton Ballpark NO PROVIDED DINNER. There will be food and alcohol for purchase.(all players and captains receive free entry. Guests must purchase tickets ($15 pre purchase, $20 at the gate)

Sunday, Nov 7:
-8 am park opens
-8:30 am rounds 5 & 6
LUNCH PROVIDED with Highwater Brewing
-1 pm semi-finals (Top 4 teams seeded)
-3 pm finals (winning teams from semi-final)

See ya tomorrow!!