Keegan Bradford  › Dynamic Discs Trilogy Challenge 2021 @ Trails DGC   July 17 at 2:00am

Hi Trilogy Challenge Competitors,

We have made the decision to allow players to select their own cards (group of players you will play with) again this year.

There are a few things different about this year.
We are maxed out 90 players, so there needs to be EXACTLY 5 players per card.
We are doing 2 rounds. You will keep the same cardmates and starting hole for both rounds.
You do not have to create cards by division. Divisions can be mixed on a card.
We can combine cards as needed. So if you just have 1 friend to play with, we will do our best to combine you and your friend with a group of 3 players to create the full 5 person card.
We may also be forced to split up some groups to make it work. We will try our best to avoid this.

Please email, or contact me (Keegan) directly with your desired cardmates.

***We can not guarantee cardmates, but we will aim to accommodate all requests.***

Thank you,

Jonathan Armstrong   July 23 at 12:17pm

For those players that did not request specific card mates when will we know what card we are on and with whom. Also when will we receive hole assignments or is that going to be day of.

Keegan Bradford   July 23 at 12:34pm

All of that information will come at the same time. It will likely be Saturday evening, but could be as late as morning of the event. It kind of depends on the amount of churn we see in the registration near the end here. We've had nearly 8 registrants drop out and get replaced this week so far ... more

Keegan Bradford   July 23 at 12:36pm

There will also be a players email and caddy book going out Saturday as well, so keep an eye out in the email that you registered with!