YpsiDubz Tuesdays

March - August 2021 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of July 28
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 108 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
No information has been posted.

League News

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   July 27 at 8:20pm

Ypsi Dubs is On!

Two more weeks of points.

League will continue into fall.


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   July 13 at 8:20pm


As of now Ypsi Dubs will play the heavy storm will pass by around 520 should be partially sun by 6. Come on out.


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   June 22 at 5:36pm


28 players came out for a beautiful evening & shot odd longs.
Ypsi Dubs welcomes Mario Sze!
Taking W at -11 Ben D / Shon B
2nd at -9 Tom C / Aren P
3rd at -8 Bruno / Andy S
4th at -7 Sam S / Fanchi

100% Johny B
50/50 Paul W
$10 Bruno
$10 Koos
TC Tom C

Bang them Chains!

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   June 22 at 7:13pm

Richard T aced for $138

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   June 8 at 8:29pm

Rainy today so come prepared.

Might be little rain at 6pm but should be able to play ypsidubs tonight. Will clear by 630pm.


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   June 8 at 3:03am


31 player came out for Ypsi Dubs. We welcome Korey Deiter.

We shot short tees with 3 longs 7, 10, 17.
-15 Taking the win convincingly with a 3 stroke margin
were Bennett / Paulie
-12 A 3-way tie for second was a split between
Jacob Q / Trevor M
Casey B / Tom C
Chilly - Cali
-11 was another 3-way tie to shoot off for last cash.
Alyssa / Steve w took the ctp for $
Against Oid / Andy S & Sam H / Framo.

100% - Charlie
50/50 - Jon B
$10 - Nate K
$10 - Bruno
Zip Chip n $5 Alyse

Chase them chains!

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   June 9 at 9:21pm

Forgot to mention Kendall hit a wedgie ace on hole 15 for $193!

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   June 1 at 2:09pm


Ypsi dubs had another great evening with 28 player in attendance. We would like to welcome 2 new players Justus Forbes & Chris Jacobs.

Layout was Shorts with 3 longs - 8, 13, & 18.
Winning with a -12 were Andy R / Justus F
A 3-way tie led to a shootout out for remaining payouts.
Taking the extra $20 Sam H / Shon B
The other 2 teams cashing were Brunno / Chris J & Drew W / Visger

2 ACES on the same team! Was cool to witness!
Those guys taking $161 each were Drew & Visger.

100% Matt N
50/50 Justus
$10 - Woody
$10 - Drew
Zip - Chilly

See Y'all Soon!


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   May 25 at 2:46am


We had 34 players with 2 new players. Ypsidubs welcomes Drew and Mitch, also Trevor joined last week.
We played 18 short tees with 1,7,11 longs tees.
The top spot was a 3-way tie at -11 leading to a shootout.
1st Brunno/Trevor
2nd Kerns/Bobby Mac
3rd Andy S. Cali
A tie at -10 leading to a shootout
4th Sam H/Mitch
5th Steve W./Robbie & Woody / Jacob Q

100% - Matt B
50/50 - Nate K
Zip Chip - Sam H
$10 - Andy S
$10 - Robbie G

See Y'all next time


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   May 8 at 12:28am


Ypsidubs had 31 one players out including our newest member Sarah O'leary & welcome back Jeff L. Played Shorts with 10, 11, 12 longs.
Taking the win with style were Koos / Bates at -12
Bobby / Steiner managed a -10 for 2nd.
A 3 way tie rounded out cashing spot with each getting money back.
-9 Chilly / Jay M, Nate K / Jeff L, & Quiton / Johny B.

100% Quiton
50/50 Quiton
$10 Andy R
$10 Jay Marvin
Disc Chilly
Disc Sam H

Happy chain banging, see Y'all next time!


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   May 4 at 2:21pm


We had a great evening with 34 players in attendance.

A tie at -12 led to a CTP shoot off to determine first and second.
Fifer & Charlie edge out Andy R & Steve.
Fighting for the final 3 spot were 5 teams in a shootout.
Winning 3rd Chilly & Woody
Next in 4th was Johny B & J Quiton
Taking the last spot 5th was Visger & Paulie
The other -11 were Jen T / Thelen & Vayes / Fanchi

CTPs were:
100% Charlie
50/50 Matt N.
TC Sheldon
TC Woody
TC Fanchi

See you next time,
Bang The Chains!


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   April 20 at 7:56pm

Regretfully no round 4/20

Canceled ????

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   April 20 at 10:05pm

The ???? was a sad face from my cell.

Joe Anttila   April 22 at 7:13pm

Funny. I used a different emoticon and it did the same thing.

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   April 20 at 1:52am


Lucky 13,
Three weeks straight with 31 players!
Ypsi Dubs would like to welcome 4 new players this week -
Robert G. Nice S. Ryan B. & Jeff. D.
With a tie at the top they chose to split $$$ between
@ -12: Woody / Charlie & Mike J. / Sheldon
A shoot out for - 11 was needed to determine 3rd & 4th
Where Mr. V / Sean M. edged out XG / Bill W.
Then a 3 way tie for last cash led to a shootout @ -10
With New comer Ryan B & Chilly knocking out Nic S / Brunno & Fifer Cali

... more


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   April 9 at 2:05am


31 players came out on a beautiful evening.
Ypsi Dubs welcomes some new players - Bret, Don, Rocky, & Scott.
At -13 taking the win were Jacob & Brunno
A shoot off for the -12s led to Nate & Chris winning 2nd
3rd were Bates & Shon
Another shoot off decided 4th with Woody & Steve W.
Then 5th for Tom C & Chilly

5 CTP's were won
100% $ - Shon B.
50/50 $ - Paulie W.
Disc - Charlie H.
Wolf Puck- Sean M.
TC $ Back - Franchi

Thanks all who came out and looking forward to next Tuesday!

545 PM tee off on 4/13/21!


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   March 29 at 8:18pm

Week 2 - 3/23/21

Had a great day for discing and 26 players.
Shooting -15 taking the win was Fifer/Marvin
Just a stroke back was 2nd Johny/Steiner -14
@-13 were Frenchi/Tom C in 3rd
A 4way tie for 4th was determined by a flip of discs with Bill/Chill get the $$$

5 CTP's were given out
100% Matt B.
50/50 Aren
TC Aren
TC ???
TC Oid

See Y'all Tuesday 530 pm tee again.


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   March 23 at 12:28am

League Points & Berths

Amateur Michigan State Berths will be awarded top 3 players.
To receive Berth you must be qualified to compete as amateur
and plan to go as a representative for Ypsi Dubs.
If player who wins Berth but has one, not amateur or chooses to pass it down.
Said player will receive a club disc as prize (applies only to top 3 spots).

Points will be as follows this year:
2 points for your team.
2 points for each team you beat.
2 points for win out right.
Tie for win gets no extra 2 points.
No points for team(s) you tie.

Good Luck and compete with class!
Bang the chains!

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   March 29 at 8:22pm

Top 18 rounds so allows drops or a player can miss a round and not be out of chase.

Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   March 23 at 12:06am

Week One was a good turn out

Ypsidubz welcomed some new players - Matt N, Steve W & Aren P.
Father Foz was in the House!
Danny Fifer Aced the 50/50 CTP hole 6 and with Andy S they shot -15 to win 1st.
Steve W and Woody shot a -12 to earn 2nd
Nate K & Matt B were edged out in the shoot off for
3rd by Aren P & Chilly!
M Bates Scored the Hole 1 CTP 100%
There should have been a 3rd ctp so it will be in the mix next league rd.


Jerry "Chilly" Chilson   March 14 at 11:19pm

Who's ready to play Dubz at Rolling?

Bring on the spring. Early start time for a few weeks.
There are berths to MDGO Amateur state championships.
I have a bunch of club discs MDGO discs and MVP.
Much fun to be had. Looking forward to banging chains with y'all!

Nate Kalowick   March 14 at 11:31pm

It’s about time!

peter kunoff   March 15 at 3:13pm

the original dubs

Joe Arnet   March 15 at 4:37pm

typsi dubs!

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