Wrecking Crew Wednesdays

April - August 2019 • Willoughby, Ohio
Singles league

Ace poolAce Pool 1

as of April 25

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Wednesday, May 1 @ 5:30pm

About this League

Singles league - 17 all-time players - 17 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
Join us for the return of Wrecking crew Wednesdays handicap league. We will be starting sharply at 5:30pm and adjusting as light allows. 6 bucks with a dollhair going to a weekly cash ctp, and as always an additional, optional, buck for ace fund. $7 all in! We will start off on Wednesdays. In June we may need to move to Thursdays!! Points will be awarded 4 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, and 2 for 3rd, all ties outside of money places will all recieve equal points. 1 point for all others who show. There wi ...
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League News

Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   7 days ago

Week 3

Congrats to Kevin M for grabbing first place and the 4 points, Bob W was right behind for second! Handicaps for the 4 who have 3 weeks in follow!
Tex Kimbro +7
Dan Cogan +4
Bruce Shirer +4
Bob Way +3
A few more should have 3 weeks in next week.
We will start at 5:45 sharp Next week! Bring your best Lake game.


Bill "The Ninja" Savage   April 15 at 8:36pm

Wednesday night league

started out with 8 players on another cooler and windy Wednesday. Seven players finished with a throw off between Rick Chains and Bruce chicken wing from the bridge of the toy park tower with Bruce taking it for first with a 58 and Rick taking 2nd with the same. No one was hurt or injured during the throw off Cash ctp was won by Bruce and Dan got the mini and stckers.. hope to see you this Wednesday.


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   April 4 at 1:14am

First Week

8 showed up for the return of Wrecking Crew Wednesdays. Bob Way and Bill Savage shot a 57 to grab first and second in a throw off that Bob won. Tex and Dan got 3rd place points. cash ctp was won by Tex for 8 bucks and Dan got the mini ctp. Hope to see more of you guys next week!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   April 3 at 1:16pm

Starts Tonight

5:30 PM start 7 all in! Handicaps after 3 weeks of play!

Ryan "Tex" Kimbro   April 4 at 12:23am

Good times. Congrats on win Bobby.