Winter Sundays at the Pond-Painesville Recreation Park

November '18 - February '19 • Painesville, Ohio
Doubles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 35 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
We will start fresh November 4th for the Winter Sunday League! 6 bucks this Winter. A dollar cash ctp will be thrown every week for each player that shows. A dollar for Ace fund will still be a option. We will do a points series as usual. This year it will be 4 for 1st. 3 for 2nd. 2 for 3rd and 1 if you show, also 3 if an Ace is hit. Join us this Winter to get ready for those Ice Bowls. Ours will be Feb.9th this year! The other Sunday league will end last Sunday in Oct. Schedule will be subjec ...
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League News

Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   March 5 at 3:04pm

Rollie takes the Championship!!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support our Sunday Leagues. Final scores posted. We will pick up our Sunday Summer league May 5th. Don't forget to register for Aprils Fools Tournament and also remember that The Aprils Fools League starts March 31st. Congrats to the winners of the Ace fund CTP's.


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   February 23 at 3:18pm

Last Week

This Sunday will be our Last Sunday at the Pond. Ace dollars to be split between 4 CTP's @ 21.25 each. Congrats to the last weeks winners Bruce and Larry!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   February 11 at 5:15pm

2 more weeks!!

Congrats to the winners Feb 3rd! Tony and Chris, Cameron and Bob and Tim and Jason tied and shot off for the top 3 spots!! Great -7!! We have 2 more official weeks of league Feb 17th and 24th. We will then take a break March and April. Stay tuned for the return of April Fools League leading into our first PDGA event April's Fools that Larry will be running at Sims and The Pond April 27th. Come get that ace fund or we will split it the last week wit 3 CTP's 74 at the moment!!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   February 1 at 7:56pm

Last Sunday week 10

8 brave souls showed up to tackle The Pond. Under 10 so the single payout went to Rollie and Tex who still shot a great -8!! Remember we will not be Throwing the weekend of the Ice Bowl Feb10th, so please check out one of the other local leagues that Sunday! That leaves us with 3 more weeks of our Winter League. We are taking off March and April as we might be doing a Month long League in March-April. Waiting to confirm before we announce but May be a Big Event April 27th! Thanks for all of you ... more


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   January 20 at 2:16am

Sundays at the Pond-Painesville Recreation Park

Due more to the expected wind Chill than the Snow I am cancelling Sunday League tomorrow Jan 20th. See you on the 27th.


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   January 17 at 6:40pm

Week 9

Congrats all!! Looks to be a snow event next week! Rollie and Johnny grab top spot!!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   January 7 at 12:41am

Week 8

So Justin grabs the Cash CTP and Rollie and Chris get a -9 to take the top spot with Brendon and Tex right behind! Jonny and Dan got 3rd. Ace up to 48 bucks see you all next week! I still have Stamped minis for Ice bowl registration if anyone still wants to help us feed the Hungry Feb. 9th!! 20 spots still left for mini!!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   December 17 at 3:20pm

Week 7

Thanks to the 17 who showed Sunday!! Reminder WE WILL NOT be throwing official rounds on Dec. 23rd. League will resume Dec. 30th!! Congrats to Butch for winning the cash CTP on 1 today! Butch and Kevin also took 1st with a sweet -9. Dan and Tim grabbed 2nd and Rollie and Mickey got 3rd in a shootout. Hope you all enjoy your Holiday! I need Ice Bowl registrations in by Dec. 30th! Join us as we help to feed the Hungry!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   December 9 at 7:51pm

Week 6

Congrats to Rollie for his Ace Hole 4 for $214!! Back to zero!! Tim grabbed the 16 dollar CTP! Jason S and Daniel J shot a sweet -10 to take the top spot cash and points! Tim K and Leonard S grabbed the 2nd spot followed by Bob W. and Thomas N. grabbing 3rd on Thomas' first week! Reminder we ARE NOT throwing Dec. 23rd. Enjoy the weekend with your friends or loved ones. See you next week!! Rollies Ace points put him in first, followed by Tim and Johnny


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   December 6 at 6:06pm

Week 5

we will hit 200 dollars next week on the Ace Fund. we will freeze this here and start a new fund to be distributed at end if not hit! Congrats to Rollie and Dan this week! 3 way tie for 2nd and 3rd! Larry and Johnny took 2nd and Bob with his cali took 3rd! Please note We Will Not throw December 23rd. Also if interested in Ice Bowl registration closes Dec. 30th!!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   November 27 at 7:39pm

Week 4 - Nice day

Johnny and Tim with a sweet -11 followed closely by Bob and Larry with a sweet -10, Kevin and Dan get the 3rd place points.


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   November 18 at 9:22pm

Week 3

Rollie and Dayna take the win with a -8 with Rick and Tex and Tim and Johnny with -7's. Brendon grabbed the !2 dollar cash CTP!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   November 13 at 2:41am

2nd week in

Congrats to all the winners! Rollie and Ryan (Tex ) shot the hot round!


Mickey "Brillomick" Anderson   November 4 at 9:21pm

Thanks All

Thanks to the 19 that showed up today for the re-start of Winter League. Thanks Kevin and Tex for keeping this going! We start with 144 dollars in the Ace Fund and Points re-start today. This year its 6 dollars and a dollar for the optional Ace Fund. One dollar will go each week for a cash CTP and there might be a few others through the season. PLEASE keep eye on schedule as its likely to change because of large events in the area. It will end Feb. 17th. 2019. Any Ace fund remaining will be split into ctps that day!! We will again pick up a summer league in April.