Winny League

May - August 2018 • Holland, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of August 12
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Singles league - 24 all-time players - 0 active players
$50.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
2018 WPDGC league starts 5/9/18 and runs through 8/15/18. You can tee between 4 and 6pm. Guest are welcome to play every week, to get in on the CTPs & ace pool (1/2 of the pot) it will cost 5$

Ace pool will be weekly roll over @ 1$ per player per week, with a cap (TBD). Any left over ace pool money will go towards end of the year payout.

Players packs will include a minimum of 2 premium Innova discs.

We will be doing 2 weeks of "pre season play" to set handicaps, pay league dues and pick up players packs - April 25th & May 2nd

League News

Chad Monteith   August 18 at 10:28pm

CTPs and LPs

Randy takes hot round this week shooting a 50.

Next week is our end of the year (members only) high low doubles tournament.
5pm check in
5:15 (ish) Teams set
530 Tee off
Awards after the round

Hole 1 Chad Loggins
Hole 3 Brent & Jory Loggins
Hole 6 WPDGC Todd
Hole 7 BLB Ryans Givens
Hole 9 NHBC Nick P
Hole 11 Loggins Josiah
Hole 14 Cosmo Brent
Hole 15 NHBC (disc) Todd
Hole 18 SADGC Todd


Chad Monteith   August 12 at 3:38pm

Week 13 CTPs and LPs

Brennan and Randy tied for hot round this week shooting 52.
This coming week will be our last regular season league round.

Hole 1 Brent and Jory Randy
Hole 3 WPDGC Randy
Hole 6 Chad Todd
Hole 7 Cosmo Brent
Hole 9 BLB Zach
Hole 11 NHBC (disc) Trevor
Hole 14 Loggins Trevor
Hole 15 NHBC (gc) Brent
Hole 18 SADGC Randy


Chad Monteith   August 4 at 3:11pm

Week 12 CTPs and LPs

Good news:
Todd Tracy had hot round this week shooting a 52.

Bad news:
We had a member shoot a triple circle 9 on hole 15. Hopefully this isn't going to be a normal thing otherwise we'll have to redo the score cards to make enough room for all those circles.

Other news:
We have 2 more weeks of regular season and then we're planning a high low members only doubles tournament, details to come.

Hole 1 BLB Ben Stump
Hoe 3 NHBC (GC) Josiah
Hole 6 SADGC Steve
Hole 7 ... more


Chad Monteith   July 28 at 10:23pm

Week 11 CTPs and LPs

Hole 1 Brent & Jory Turbo
Hole 3 SADGC Josiah
Hole 6 NHBC (gc) Josiah
Hole 7 NHBC (disc) Treveor
Hole 9 BLB Trevor
Hole 11 Cosmo Brennan
Hole 14 Loggins Kenny
Hole 15 WPDGC Trevor
Hole 18 Sweet Spot Steve


Chad Monteith   July 21 at 5:07pm

Week 10 CTPs and LPs

Congrats to Cam Moore hitting his first ace on hole 7!
Hot round this week goes to Todd Tracy shooting a 50.

Hole 1 SADGC Turbo
Hole 3 BLB Jory
Hole 6 Sweet Spot Todd Tracy
Hole 7 NHBC (gc) Cam Moore (ace)
Hole 9 WPDGC Turbo
Hole 11 NHBC (disc) Turbo
Hole 14 Loggins Chad
Hole 15 Brent & Jory Joe
Hole 18 Cosmo Josiah


Chad Monteith   July 13 at 10:48pm

Week 9 CTPs and LPs

We had another ace this week. Congrats to Zach Deforest hitting hole 2 and having the hot round with a 45.

Next week we move back to longs. I know 3 of our members are excited about that seeing how they shot longs scores (over par) on the shorts this week.

Hole 1 BLB Josiah
Hole 3 NHBC (GC) Brent
Hole 6 Loggins Jory
Hole 7 Cosmo Brent
Hole 9 NHBC (disc) Loggins
Hole 11 Brent & Jory Chad
Hole 14 WPDGC Trevor
Hole 15 Sweet Spot Brennan
Hole 18 SADGC Zach


Chad Monteith   June 30 at 7:52pm

Week 8 CTPs and LPs

We had 2 aces Wednesday. Congrats to Shane hitting an ace on 3 and Ben Stump hitting an ace on hole 17.

We will not be having league this wednesday July 4th.

We're missing and trying to track down a few scores. I'll be updating scores and points soon...

Hole 1 Brent and Jory Loggins
Hole 3 Cosmo Shane Robinson (ACE)
Hole 6 SADGC Jory
Hole 7 NHBC (disc) R. Kenny
Hole 9 BLB Keegan
Hole 11 Sweet Spot R. Kenny
Hole 14 WPDGC Trenton
Hole 15 NHBC (g.c.) Turbo
Hole 18 Loggins Jory


Chad Monteith   June 22 at 9:00pm

Week 7 CTP and LPs

Craig Steenstra showed up for his 2nd week and killed it shooting a hot round of 45.

Hole 1 NHBC (gc) Trenton Newberry
Hole 3 WPDGC Zach Deforest
Hole 6 Sweet Spot Brennan
Hole 7 Loggins Cosmo
Hole 9 BLB Joe Israels
Hole 11 NHBC (disc) Jeff England
Hole 14 SADGC Trenton Newberry
Hole 15 Cosmo Trevor Wander
Hole 18 Brent & Jory Chad


Chad Monteith   June 16 at 2:55pm

Week 6 CTPs and LPs

Congrats to Ryan Givens for acing hole 4 and to Trevor Wander for taking hot round shooting a 44.

Hole 1 SADGC Chad Monteith
Hole 3 Cosmo Kyle Downing
Hole 6 NHBC (disc) Turbo
Hole 7 Brent & Jory Jon Breuker
Hole 9 WPDGC Ryan Givens
Hole 11 Sweet Spot Jon Breuker
Hole 14 Loggins Tyler Wheeler
Hole 15 BLB Ryan Boone
Hole 18 NHBC (G.C.) Keegan


Chad Monteith   June 10 at 1:37am

Week 5 CTPs and LPs

Hole 1 NHBC (G.C.) Josiah
Hole 3 BLB Cosmo
Hole 6 Brent & Jory Todd Tracy
Hole 7 SADGC Brent
Hole 9 WPDGC Josiah
Hole 11 Cosmo Jory
Hole14 NHBC (disc) Jeff England
Hole 15 Loggins Turbo
Hole 18 Sweet Spot Cosmo


Chad Monteith   June 1 at 10:03pm

Week 4

Brennan and Todd tied for hot round shooting 52.

We had 1 card that didn't add up their scores. This time is a warning but in the future you will be penalized 2 strokes for incirrect scores.


Hole 1 BLB Ryan Givens
Hole 3 Sweet Spot Trevor Wander
Hole 6 Loggins Zach Deforest
Hole 7 NHBC (disc) Brent Steenstra
Hole 9 Brent & Jory Trevor Wander
Hole 11 WPDGC Brent Steenstra
Hole 14 SADGC Ryan Givens
Hole 15 NHBC (GC) Todd Tracy
Hole 18 Cosmo Ryan Kenny


Chad Monteith   May 27 at 1:15pm

Week 3 CTPs/Lps

The points race officially started this week with Jeff England in first with a 3 point lead.
Todd Tracy took hot round for the third week in a row with a 52.
Randy cleaned up this week taking 3 of 9 CTPs.

Hole 1 CTP Sweet Spot Nick Vourlitis
Hole 3 CTO Cosmo Trevor Wander
Hole 6 LP NHBC (disc) Kyle Downing
Hole 7 CTP Brent & Jory Jory Koopman
Hole 9 LP Loggins Ryan Boone
Hole 11 CTP NHBC (GC) Randy Singletary
Hole 14 CTP WPDGC Randy Singletary
Hole 15 LP SADGC Randy Singletary
Hole 18 CTP BLB Dave Klieman


Chad Monteith   May 18 at 11:44am

Week 2 CTPs/LPs and Scores

Once again hot round goes to Todd Tracy shooting a 48. It looks like Todd was trying to put on a putting clinic, his name was on all three LPs and only losed one of them to Ryan Kenny.
Our first league ace was hit by yours truly on hole 16.

Hole 1 CTP BLB England
Hole 3 CTP NHBC (GC) Kyle Downing
Hole 6 LP Cosmo Todd Tracy
Hole 7 CTP NHBC (disc) Jory Koopman
Hole 9 LP Sweet Spot Ryan Kenny
Hole 11 CTP WPDGC Steve Dewitt
Hole 14 CTP SADGC Brennan Pietro ... more


Chad Monteith   May 11 at 2:54pm

Week 1 CTPs/LPs and Scores

We have officially have our first league round in the books. Here are the scores and awards for week 1. Points will be released after week 3.

Hole 1 CTP NHBC GC- Dave Kleiman
Hole 3 CTP Sweet Spot- David Loggins
Hole 7 CTP BLB- Brennan Pietrowski
Hole 9 LP Loggins- Dave Kleiman
Hole 11 CTP Brent & Jory- Ryan Givens
Hole 14 CTP WPDGC- Chad Monteith
Hole 15 LP NHBC disc- Jeff England
Hole 18 CTP SADGC- Steve Dewitt

Todd Tracy 49
Brent Steenstra 52
Trevor Wond ... more


Chad Monteith   May 3 at 7:24pm

Pre-season Scores

We currently have 15 paid members and looking to get more next week.

Below are the preseason scores. Next week we'll start our season off with longs.

Week 1 (pre-season)

Randy Singletary 46
Brent Steenstra 47
Todd Tracy 48
Dave Klieman 51
Steve Dewitt 51
Ryan Kenny 52
Dave Loggins 53
Jeff England 56
Chad Monteith 57
Joe Israels 58
Kyle Downing 60
Nick Vourlitis 65

Week 2 (pre-season)

Trevor Wander 43
Craig Steenstra 46
Steve Dewitt 47
Dave Loggins 48
Shane Rob ... more