WC GLOW Spring/Summer 2019

April - August 2019 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of August 22
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 74 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
No information has been posted.

League News

Scott Sprow   September 6 at 10:43pm

Fall/Winter League Posted

I just created and posted the new league for Fall/Winter (titled WC GLOW FALL/WINTER 2019-2020).

As posted in the ending spring/summer post, we are starting on Wed Sept 18th at Bandemer.

Hope ya'll are doing well!



Nate Krumm   August 23 at 3:31pm


17 players made it out for the final round of the Spring/Summer 2019 glow league season last night at Bandemer. We played a WRB + BWR layout & had CTPs on every hole! There was a tie with -12 scores for the first & second cash places between Selig/Bramble & Redman/Sprow. They decided to split the cash down the middle. Last cash went to Frame/Ritchey with a -11 score.

Since nobody aced during the round, we had an ace pool throw off on Hole 1 from the Red tee. Brooke Plantz took hom ... more


Nate Krumm   August 15 at 3:59pm


Ideal weather for a great round at Bandemer last night! 22 players came out to play a RBW + BWR layout. Top score on the night was -15 from Common/Sprow to take first cash. There was a tie with -13 scores for second & third cash from Ritchey/Fitins & Boucher/Crouch. After a flip, Ritchey/Fitins took second cash & Boucher/Crouch took third. Last cash went to Oid/Brayton with a -12 score.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Fitins (cash)
Hole 4: Common (merch)
Hole 6: Blansett (cash)
Hol ... more


Scott Sprow   August 12, 2019 at 10:10pm

Glow Recap 08.07

Pretty great night last week at MBD. We had 17 players in attendance. Top scores on the night included a -15 by Herron/Sprow, and a pair of -14 by McCoy/Boucher and Gacioch/Perras. Big Thank you to Pete Boucher for donating a $20 gift card to Haymaker to the round.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Brayton (cash)
Hole 5: Gustafson (gift card)
Hole 12: Gacioch (cash)
Hole 13: Herron (merch)

Andrew Herron also aced hole 13 to take $118 of the ace pool home.

We return to Bandemer for the next league round on 08.14.

Have a safe few days. See you on Wednesday night.


Nate Krumm   August 1, 2019 at 5:51pm


Pretty much a perfect evening for disc golf, besides the mosquitos. 22 players showed up to play a long evens & short odds layout at MBD. Blansett/Ritchey & Common/Herron tied for 1st place with a -15 score & split the payout down the middle. Perras/Neal took 3rd place payout with a -14 score & there was a 3-way tie with -13 scores for last cash, which Pardo/McCoy took after a throw off.

Matt Neal took home a pocket full of cash ($201) after nailing an ace with his Meteor on h ... more


Nate Krumm   July 25, 2019 at 2:23pm


18 players had an extremely nice night for disc at Mary Beth playing the original layout from long tee pads. Top score was -15 from Common/Redman, taking 2nd cash was Brayton/Thelen with a -14 score & a tie for final cash went to Herron/Boucher with -12 after a disc flip.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 4: Redman (cash)
Hole 11: Neal (march)
Hole 17: Common (cash)

The plan is to play Mary Beth again next week & the construction on Stone School isn’t supposed to be finished until August 9th. I will keep an eye on it & post an update if anything changes. See everybody then!


Nate Krumm   July 24, 2019 at 6:01pm

Mary Beth Doyle Traffic Update

To everyone attending tonights league round. Stone School Rd is still under construction & is acting as a one-way street north of the I-94 overpass. In order to get to the park tonight, please enter onto Stone
School Rd from Ellsworth Rd. As of right now, there is no way to enter onto Stone School from Eisenhower/Packard. With that in mind, please plan for a few extra minutes of travel time. Look forward to seeing everyone this evening!

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   July 24, 2019 at 7:53pm

Shoulda went to bandy....hahaha

Nate Krumm   July 18, 2019 at 6:36pm


Another hot & sultry evening for disc. We had 16 players come & sweat it out last night at Bandemer. We played a new layout thanks to a great idea from Pete B. & it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. The layout we played was R3, W3, B3 + B3, R3, W3 (Holes 1-3 Red, 4-6 White, 7-9 Blue, etc.).

Top score on the night with a -13 & taking 1st cash was Greene/Brayton. There was a three way tie for 2nd & 3rd cash with a score of -11 resulting in Common/Matthews taking 2nd and Thel ... more


Nate Krumm   July 11, 2019 at 7:21pm


17 players came out for a hot, sticky & muggy round at Bandemer this week. We played a R, W, B + B, R, W layout.

First place team with a -14 score was Chilson/Selig. Tying with a -11 score & splitting second & third place cash was Boucher/Krumm & Thelen/Herron.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Herron (cash)
Hole 3: Chilly (cash)
Hole 5: Chipo (march)

We’re going to be back at Bandemer next week again since it makes it a little easier on me while I’m helping Sprow out during his vacation. Looking forward to seeing everyone then!


Nate Krumm   July 8, 2019 at 1:30pm


We had a solid round at Mary Beth this past week. Weather was good for the 22 players that came to play the WC Glow Alternate Long Layout with safari holes 1 & 3.

Splitting first & second cash at $40 for each team, shooting -14 was Boucher/Ritchey & Frame/Sprow. There was a 3-way tie for the last two cashing spots with a -13 score. A throw off lead to Fifer/Milewski taking third cash & Ponce/Arnet taking last cash.

In other exciting news, Scott Jones hit a beautiful ace on ... more

bob smart   July 10, 2019 at 3:00pm

What time does it really start and is it only glow still or can u use glow tape

Joe Arnet   July 10, 2019 at 7:00pm

7:30 usually and you can use both.. cmon out so we can take your $$

Scott Sprow   July 3, 2019 at 6:00pm

League reminder

We are at MBD this evening.

Looks like a chance of some sprinkles/rain between now and then. Our round should be clear. As always, I would encourage you to look for yourself and make whatever decisions you need to make.

See you all soon.


Nate Krumm   June 27, 2019 at 4:43pm


It was a sunny, hot & humid night at Bandemer last night, but at least there was no rain! We had 19 people come out to play a WBR - RWB layout.

Top scores for the evening were Common/Chapman shooting -15 to take the win, followed by a pair of -14s from Frame/Whitlock & Drouillard/Selig to take the last two cashing spots.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 4: Frame-o (cash)
Hole 7: Jub Jub (merch)
Hole 9: Jub Jub (cash)

We’re planning on playing Mary Beth next week, so hopefully it will stay relatively dry for us until then. Pack your umbrellas & mud boots just incase!


Scott Sprow   June 25, 2019 at 8:19pm

Glow Recap 06.19

17 players in attendance for league on 6/19. Pretty good weather after a fairly wet spring so far. We played the RWB-BRW layout. Had 2 new players join us for the round. Hope you all enjoyed your evening with us and will come back in the future.

Top scores on the evening included a -13 from Drouillard/Trombley to take the win. Following closely were a pair of -12s by Frame (cali) and Plantz/Bramble....they chose to split remaining cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Nick Seet (cash)
Hole 5: ... more


Nate Krumm   June 13, 2019 at 3:12pm


MBD almost gave us a solid round last night… until the end when it decided to downpour. We had 23 players come out to get drenched & play Longs from the normal pad layout.

Gacioch/Ritchey were unstoppable last night, shooting a hot -17. Great job guys! Coming in 2nd with a -15 was Wykes/Blansett, 3rd place went to Sprow/Gustafson with -14 & taking last cash was Binienda/Perras with -13.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 9: Thelen (cash)
Hole 12: Brayton (Essex merch)
Hole 16: Wykes ... more

Shane Jonas   June 25, 2019 at 1:50pm

Hey Nate! Just a heads up, Im getting score postings from Brandemer - was not there last week.

Nate Krumm   June 25, 2019 at 6:08pm

Hey Shane, thanks for the heads up. We'll look into this.

Scott Sprow   June 12, 2019 at 10:34am

Glow Reminder

We are at MBD this evening.

Enjoy your day. We will see you this evening.


Nate Krumm   June 6, 2019 at 1:55pm


Had a nearly perfect summer night with just a sprinkling of rain during our round. 20 players in attendance to play a RBW, WRB layout at Bandemer.

Top scores from the night included a -15 from Common/Sprow, a -13 from Selig/Frame & a tie for last cash from Neal/Trombley & Jonas/Thelen which they split evenly.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Sprow (gift card that was kindly donated back to the club)
Hole 3: Cardenas (cash)
Hole 6: Trombley (cash)
Hole 8 Longest Putt: Gacioch (merch)
... more

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   June 6, 2019 at 9:53pm

2 more months and I’ll be back out there with y’all! I miss my Wednesday night glow rounds with everyone

Nate Krumm   June 7, 2019 at 2:36pm

It's just not the same without hearing "We're going to 2!"

Nate Krumm   May 30, 2019 at 3:52pm


Good afternoon from your new Scorekeeper in Training! We had a perfect night for disc last night (besides the mosquitos). 16 players in attendance for playing a WRB, BRW layout.

Tops scores on the night included a pair of -12 by Thelen/Krumm and Frame/Selig... Thelen/Krumm won top payout after a throw off on Hole 1 from Blue. Coming in 3rd place & taking last cash was Sprow/Perras.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Gacioch (merch)
Hole 3: Krumm (cash)
Hole 9: Frame (cash)

The plan is to return to Bandemer next week since this recent weather has been unpredictable & wet.


Scott Sprow   May 9, 2019 at 10:55pm


A windy night at MBD (but no rain or snow). Had 22 players in attendance for the long tee layout. We played the long tee with 2 modifications: Alternate hole 1 (from the merge in the sidewalk path near the parking lot), along with hole 3 played from hole 2's teepad.

Tops scores on the night included a pair of -14 by Common/Fifer and Boucher/Thelen....they split the 1st/2nd place cash. We also saw a tie for 3rd/4th cash (they also split money) at -10 by Peters/Selig and Frame/Gacioch.

... more


Scott Sprow   May 3, 2019 at 10:06pm


Pretty good night for glow as the rain pushed away and we stayed dry all night. Only 16 players in attendance for league as we played the WBR+BRW layout. We did have to play hole 7 from an alternate tee-pad as the existing tee pads were covered or surrounded by water. Thank you to Pete Boucher for coming up with the alternate pad near the fire pit behind 8 White tee pad which provided a nice righty hyzer or lefty forehand to 7's basket.

Top score on the night was a -15 by Frame/Sprow. Ne ... more


Scott Sprow   April 30, 2019 at 11:49pm

Glowe Recap 04.24 & Glow This Week

Reminder: League this week is at BANDEMER due to wet & sloppy conditions at MBD.

Glow Recap 04.24:
25 players in attendance. Top scores on the night were a pair of -15 by Fifer/Brayton and Selig/Christian....they chose to split 1st place and 2nd place money. Close on their heels were a pair of -14 by Wykes/Trombley and Chapman/Neal....they also chose to split 3rd/4th place cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Frenette (merch)
Hole 7: Fifer (cash)
Hole 14: Common (cash)

Again, we are at BANDEMER for league tomorrow night (MAY 1). Tell your friends!


Scott Sprow   April 29, 2019 at 6:04pm

Glow this week

Wanted to be at MBD this week, HOWEVER, with the rain that we have received and will continue to receive (along with the Bandits moving from MBD Monday night because it was muddy) we will be returning to Bandemer this week.

Please pass the word along to everyone else as well....BANDEMER this week. League has been posted on the home page as well as updated in the league schedule.



Scott Sprow   April 22, 2019 at 4:15pm

Glow this Week

Updated the schedule for this week's round. As discussed last week, we are heading to MBD this Wednesday. April 24. We wanted to make sure it had time to dry out before heading over there.

Will get scores entered for last week this evening as well. Busy last few days prepping for the 2-day split event we just ran.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday night at MBD.


Scott Sprow   April 12, 2019 at 9:37pm

Glow Recap 04.10

A cooler night brought out 18 players for league this week. Top scores on the evening of -12 were turned in by Neal/Krumm and Brayton/Sprow. They split the cash for 1st and 2nd place. 3rd place and last cash went to Selig/Frenette at -11. No aces this week, but it sounded like there were some close runs during the round.

CTPs on the evening:
Hole 3: Sprow (cash)
Hole 4: Common (cash)
Hole 8: Sprow (merch)

With some rain in the forecast for next week, we are going to stay at Bandemer. We ... more


Scott Sprow   April 10, 2019 at 9:00pm

Glow Recap 04.03

Delayed getting scores posted, my apologies folks.

Great night for league and glow. 26 players in attendance, including a few new faces. Welcome! Big thank you to Ron Howard for a donated disc to CTP.

Hot scores on the night included a -15 by Selig/Boucher for top payout. 2nd place was a -14 by Redman/Sprow. Third place was a -12 by Ritchey/Crouch. Last cashing spot was -11 by Krumm/Brayton.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Common(merch)
Hole 4: Sprow (cash)
Hole 7: Walker (cash)

Thank ... more