April - August 2023 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Ace pool

as of May 31

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Wednesday, June 7 @ 7:30pm

About this League

Doubles league - 56 all-time players - 46 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Random draw doubles
$5 weekly buy in
Optional: $2 ace pool, $3 CTPs

League News

Nate Krumm   4 days ago

GLOW RECAP 5.24.2023

We had a smaller turnout at our round last Wednesday despite the amazing weather & great disc golf conditions. There were 26 players that came out for a round of BW+R at Bandemer. Chilson/Perras took solo first cash with the hot score of -14. Second cash went to Sprow/DesJardins with a -12 score. Third & last cash was split between 3 tying teams that included Common/Snyder, Clauder/Brayton & Blansett/Watts, all shooting -11.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 5: Neal (Buzzz & WC Glow ca ... more


Nate Krumm   May 23 at 1:59pm

GLOW RECAP 5.17.2023

34 people came out to play a round at Bandemer last week for league. There was perfect conditions for a BWR + RBW layout that lead to a hot score of -13 from Herron/Riddle, who took solo first cash! Second & third cash was split evenly between Wiedenfeld/Weilacher & Common/Bramble, both teams with -12 scores. There was a tie for fourth & last cash between O’Leary/Thelen & Sprow/Ms.Vick, both teams shooting -11. A disc flip decided that O’Leary/Thelen would take the ma ... more


Scott Sprow   May 19 at 12:49am

Daywalkers Doubles

Still have room for 7 teams for the Doubles event at Independence Lake next weekend (Saturday May 27th). This is a great chance to play a FUN event, make new friends, and throw shots that you can re-live for years to come! Plenty of divisions offered and we have A LOT of teams signed up.


Scott Sprow   May 17 at 3:48pm

Hats & Fundraiser Items

Out new trucker style hat will be available for purchase starting this evening at league - $25. The hats come in like a dozen color combinations, so there is for sure at least one that you will like (I am guessing here, I would like to think we did a good job with color choices). The hat has a sewn on embroidered patch that features our Moon & Stars graphic in great detail.

Our friends at Grit & Grace will also be present selling their Support Women's Disc Golf Shirts, which supp ... more


Nate Krumm   May 15 at 2:07pm

GLOW RECAP 5.10.2023

We had pretty much the most perfect weather we could ask for during our round last Wednesday at Mary Beth Doyle. 32 players came out to throw a round of Odd Long, Even Short pads. Prime conditions lead to a hot score of -16 shot by Herron/Watts, taking solo first cash. Second cash went to Tschirhart/Snyder with a -14 score. Chilson/Wolodkin took third cash with a -13 score. There was a 7-way tie for fourth & last cash. It was decided between the tying teams that the cash would be donated bac ... more


Nate Krumm   May 5 at 1:53am

GLOW RECAP 5.3.2023

The weather was looking nasty all day… until leagues started & we ended up with a beautiful evening for a round at Mary Beth Doyle. We played an Even Long, Odd Short layout & had mid 50º temps with little to no wind. Prime conditions for a hot score of -16 shot by Sprow/Chilson, who took solo first cash. Very nicely done! Second, third & fourth (last) cash was split between Fifer/Trombley, Wittman/Binienda & Watts/Common, all with -15 scores. A disc flip decided that ... more


Nate Krumm   May 3 at 2:12am

GLOW RECAP 4.26.2023

We had a great night for disc golf last Wednesday with mild temperatures & low winds. There were 24 people that came out for a round of BR + W at Bandemer. Top score for the evening was -15 from Trombley/Binienda, taking solo first cash! Excellent shooting you two! Second & third cash was split between Common/Thelen & Brayton/Riddle, both teams shooting -14. Last cash went to Milewski/Wittman with a -10 score.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Thelen (RPM disc)
Hole 2: Clauder (Magnet ... more


Nate Krumm   April 21 at 4:16pm

GLOW RECAP 4.19.2023

27 players came out to enjoy a great evening for disc golf at Bandemer Park this Wednesday night. We played a RWB + BRW layout that lead to a hot score of -14 from Selig/Blansett, taking solo first cash! Second cash went to Thelen/Anderson shooting -13. Riddle/Ms.Vick took third cash with a -11 score. There was a 3-way tie for last cash between Brayton/Gacioch, Common/Sprow & Clauder/Binienda, all shooting -10. A disc flip decided that Braytion/Gacioch would take the cash.

CTPs on the nig ... more


Scott Sprow   April 20 at 11:55am

High Fives and a Pat on the back

I did not mention it during announcements last evening, but can we all give Richard Thelen and Tommy Whittman a high five. Yesterday I pulled into the parking lot and they had already spent a decent amount of time getting some of the wood chips that have been provided out onto the course. These wood chips have been placed in areas that they are needed and make a difference. You may have noticed the areas around tee pads that no longer collect water are are more level, or around the basket where ... more

Russell Taint   April 20 at 3:51pm


Joe Arnet   May 5 at 7:06pm

Great examples, we should all try to help out more, thanks!!

Nate Krumm   April 19 at 2:09am

GLOW RECAP 4.12.2023

We had a rather perfect evening for disc golf last Wednesday. It was warm, clear & mildly breezy. Prime conditions to play a slightly more difficult layout, which lead to a 3-way tie for first, second & third cash. Chilson/Herron, Common/Blansett & Brayton/Trombley all shot -13 scores & decided to split the payout evenly. There was another tie for last cash between Krumm/Monteith & Jones/Redman, both with -12 scores & also deciding to split the cash evenly.

CTPs on the ... more


Nate Krumm   April 12 at 11:56am

GLOW RECAP 4.5.2023

25 players came out to kick off the 2023 Spring/Summer season at Bandemer. With warm but threatening weather, we picked a WR + RW layout in case the storm happened to hit us. The storm moved around us & these rather ideal conditions lead to a very hot score of -17 from Common/Brayton, taking solo first cash. Great way to start fellas! Second cash went to Selig/Thelen with a -15 score. There was a 3-way tie for third & fourth (last) cash between Anderson/DesJardins, Sprow/O’Leary &a ... more


Scott Sprow   April 5 at 6:06pm

League is on

OK folks, hope you all have had a great day.

We are going to proceed with league for this evening. Heavy stuff is mainly through our area and looks like a chance for a little bit of precipitation later but nothing major.

Bring an umbrella and/or rain jacket to ward off the rain, because if you don't....you KNOW it is going to rain on us!

Be safe this afternoon and see you later this evening.


Scott Sprow   April 4 at 8:55pm

Foul weather....please go away!

We are monitoring the weather for this evening and tomorrow's scheduled league night. It looks like we are in for quite the show with the storms that are coming our way.

Safety is important and I want to make sure that we have decent conditions to play our rounds week in and week out.

No formal decision just yet as we want to see how this storm progresses into our area. Update regarding the possibility of having to cancel tomorrow night's round will be made in the early afternoon tomorrow. Will also post this on the club's FB page.

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