June - August 2020 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of September 11

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 59 all-time players - 39 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
No information has been posted.

League News

Scott Sprow   September 9 at 3:47pm

BRATS Round Recap

FINALLY posted the round from BRATS. My apologies as my life has been CHAOS since trying to get ready for school. Lots of details, but will not bore any of you with that.

Big thank you to Andrew Herron for donating a UV light and batteries for the pre-round CTP. I think that went to Chilly if I recall. Also to Brooke Plantz and Phil Common for donating some discs for the CTPs on the night.

Hot score on the night was a -14 by Boucher/Neal. That was followed with a -12 by Magner/Common, and ... more

Bill Chapman   September 9 at 5:20pm

Great league Scott and Nate! Thanks for all the hard work this Summer.

Scott Sprow   August 26 at 2:33pm

Reminder: BRATS Tonight

Reminder that we are at BRATS tonight for the final league round for Spring/Summer.

Let me know if you need the address for BRATS. Since it is located on a residential property, I am not posting it here publicly on DGS.


Scott Sprow   August 24 at 12:04pm

Change in Venue

For the this week's round, we have been cleared to play at a private course in the Ann Arbor area. Many of you are familiar with the course called B.R.A.T.S. We are going to take this opportunity to play one of the truly unique courses in SE Michigan, which is located outside the Ann Arbor city limits.

There will be a few guidelines that we have been asked to follow by the Property owners. The biggest one is the presence of masks for check-in process and when we are getting ready to star ... more


Nate Krumm   August 21 at 3:36am

GLOW RECAP 08.19.2020

Great turnout of 30 people for one of the last two rounds of the season at Bandemer. We played a B3, W3, R3 + R3, B3, W3 layout in near perfect weather. A hot score of -16 from Common/Gacioch took them to the top cashing spot. A four way tie with -11 scores between Herron/Selig, Chilson/Ritchey, Ballios/Lee & Neal/Thelen took the remaining cash spots.

Week number 5 with aces during leagues!! TWO aces during this round. Josh Gustafson hit Hole 1 Blue and Drew Herron hit Hole 5 Blue. Josh k ... more


Nate Krumm   August 13 at 4:18pm

GLOW RECAP 08.12.2020

18 players came out to play our last round at Mary Beth Doyle for the SPRING/SUMMER season. We played a long odd/short even pad layout with an alternate hole 3 tee pad. The alternate tee used the abandoned pad adjacent to 4 longs pad, throwing down to the hole 3 basket. A beautiful clear summer evening for disc lead to a hot score of -17 from Boucher/Chapman taking first cash! Crazy good shooting guys! Second & third cash was split evenly by Krumm/Common & Selig/Young, both with -16 scor ... more


Nate Krumm   August 7 at 12:57am

GLOW RECAP 08.05.2020

Smaller turnout than we’ve had the past few weeks, but 21 players came out to Mary Beth Doyle to play Long Even & Short Odd pads. The weather was perfectly cool & calm all evening.

First cash went to Fifer/Common shooting -15. Second cash going to Anderson/Ritchey with a -14. Third cash to Sprow/Taint at -13 & last cash going to Howard/Thelen with a -12.

Ron Howard threw a frozen rope to the chains on hole 3, making it the third week in a row with someone hitting an ace! ... more


Nate Krumm   July 30 at 2:45pm

GLOW RECAP 07.29.2020

A great summer night for disc golf last night! There were 30 players that came out to shoot a round of BWR - RBW tee pads at Bandemer. Hot score of -15 from Gacioch/Selig took first cash. Second cash went to Chilson/Common shooting -14. Third cash went to Rusinek/Thelen with a -13. Anderson/Trombley took last cash after a disc flip decision was made do to a tie with Sprow/Watts, both shooting -10.

Second week in a row with aces! Congratulations to Andrew Rusinek for getting the ace on hole 6 ... more


Nate Krumm   July 23 at 8:18pm

GLOW RECAP 07.22.2020

Clear, calm & hot weather brought out 31 players to shoot a mixed layout of WBR + BRW tee pads at Bandemer. Taking first cash with a -14 score was Perras/Bates. Second cash went to Crouch/Chilson with a -13 score. Third, fourth & fifth cash was split evenly between Fifer (Cali), Krumm/Anderson & Trombley/Thelen, all with -12 scores.

Next time you see Lindsey Watts, make sure to congratulate her on getting her first ever ace!! She hit a straight laser beam ace with her Insanity on ... more


Nate Krumm   July 16 at 7:35pm

GLOW RECAP 07.15.2020

There were 24 players who came out to throw a round from the long tees at Mary Beth Doyle. The weather was pretty warm with some mild wind & turned out to be a great evening for disc. A pair of -15 scores from Selig/Perras & Neal/Chilson took first & second cash, which they split evenly. Third & fourth cash was also split evenly by Gustafson/Chapman & Thelen/Common who tied with -13 scores.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3 - Ladies only: Wiedenfeld (merch)
Hole 5: Perras (cash) ... more


Nate Krumm   July 9 at 5:20pm

GLOW RECAP 07.08.2020

Another painfully hot & humid night brought out 27 players to play a round of long tee pads at Mary Beth Doyle. Taking first cash with a -15 score was Fifer/Boucher. Second, third & fourth cashing spots were split between Gacioch/Anderson, Frame/Common & Chilson/Plantz all shooting -13.

Brook Plantz cashed in with the first ace of the Summer/Fall season on Hole 8. He took home $186 from the ace pool! Fantastic shot, Brook!

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1 - Ladies only: Trombley (me ... more

Jason Wilkins   July 15 at 4:00pm

If I wanted to join the league, would I need to bring a partner tonight? Or could I show up without one? I’ve never been in a league before.

Nate Krumm   July 15 at 6:15pm

It's random draw doubles. So, you can come by yourself & still be able to play. $5 entry fee, $3 CTP & $2 ace pool ($10 all in)

Jason Wilkins   July 15 at 7:16pm


Nate Krumm   July 2 at 2:06pm

GLOW RECAP 07.01.2020

A hot & humid summer evening brought 31 players out to shoot a Red/White then White/Red alternating pad layout at Bandemer. Top score of -16 from Fifer/Thelen took first cash. Second cash went to Fairchild/Brayton with a -15. There was a three way tie for third, fourth & fifth cashing spots with -14 scores between Chapman/Anderson, Boucher/Selig & Taint/Common. They decided to split the cash evenly among the teams.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Taint (cash)
Hole 5: Binienda (march) ... more


Nate Krumm   June 26 at 1:53pm

GLOW RECAP 06.24.2020

29 players in attendance for our first round at Mary Beth Doyle in quite some time. The weather turned out perfectly after the winds calmed down around tee off time.

We played the long tee pads & had some great scores as a result. Demolishing by himself (Cali), Danny Fifer took first cash shooting a -15 score. Excellent shooting, Danny! There was a tie for second & third cash between Anderson/Brayton & Common/Tschirhart with -14 scores. They split the cash evenly. Final cash was ... more


Scott Sprow   June 18 at 4:18pm

Glo Recap 06.17

A great night for league with 20 players in attendance. Park was packed with casuals to start the round. Great to see a lot of players out playing. Course opened up a bit after our first nine.

Thank you to all who continue to support the league and WC Glow as a whole. Whether it is buying apparel, discs, or tossing in items for our CTPs, we appreciate seeing you each week and your support allows us to continue to bring opportunities to the disc golf community.

We played the RBW-WRB layout. ... more


Scott Sprow   June 11 at 2:39pm

Glo Recap 06.10

It was a day yesterday. An intense storm rolled through prior to league, bringing high winds and rain to much of Lower Michigan. Course took it pretty well, there were a few down trees (hole 1 and Hole 9 in particular). Glad to see no major damage to the course occurred. More importantly, glad to see all our friends are safe. Was REALLY great to see all of you out at league last night!

Thank you for bearing with me with some new procedures are in place for checking in. Trying to make sure tha ... more


Scott Sprow   June 10 at 9:28pm

Rain now, play later

Rain is coming down now. and will until 6:30/6:45. Forecast looks to clear up after that.

Still planning on playing league tonight, and want all of you to be safe. Will understand if you do not want to come out this evening.

We will continue to monitor conditions and refresh the radar every 10-15 min or so.


Scott Sprow   June 10 at 12:17am

New discs

Planning to bring Discraft Tour Series discs as well as Innova, which features a new stamp from Nate Krumm. They will be available tomorrow at league. First come, first serve. I should be there around 6 to get some throws in. See you then.


Scott Sprow   June 9 at 4:06pm


Alright, which one of you is upsetting the weather gods?

Looks like we may have a chance of some intense weather tomorrow. While I am hoping that it starts and ends early, there is a chance the league is going to be rough tomorrow.

Please take a look at the forecast/current conditions. I would rather play in rain than miss another week, however playing in a storm/lightning is not the smartest idea (although we may have done that once before as well).

Hope you all are well.

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Bill Chapman   June 9 at 6:38pm

Wind around 7-10 is forcasted to be 20+ mph...should be interesting lol

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   June 9 at 7:08pm

Severe weather between 8-9pm, storm motion is about 40mph and if we get hit, winds 70mph with hail, and perhaps a tornado (not likely, but not zero).

Scott Sprow   June 9 at 7:52pm

So, I think we will go under the impression that we will have to play it by ear a little bit for tomorrow. Please check in here tomorrow, will make a determination about league tomorrow after we see what path this takes and if we are in the line of fire. I REALLY want to see all of you again, but not at the cost of potential injury.

Scott Sprow   June 7 at 8:42pm

Registration/Check-in Procedures

Alright, I am going to try and keep this simple (it probably will not work).

With league starting up this week, I would like us ALL to keep in mind respect for space and distance from one another. I am sure there are PLENTY of opinions about what is acceptable, I just want us all to keep in mind that not everyone may share your view or level of comfort regarding space.

A few things I would like to ask of you:

1. Payment - Electronic payments are available in the form of:
PayPal - [ema ... more


Scott Sprow   June 2 at 12:37pm

League Start: June 10th

We will be starting summer league next week on June 10th. A few new things/procedures will be in place to help address COVID concerns. Those will be coming in a seperate post in the coming days.

We are going to start the league season at Bandemer. Be safe and stay healthy.

See you next week.


Scott Sprow   May 4 at 5:51pm

Innova Order - New Stamp

We were able to place an order with Innova that features a new mini stamp. Nate was great and worked with us to create a mini stamp that is placed at the 2 o'clock position on the discs for us.

We have the following discs that were included in our order:

DX: Flat Top Roc, Flat Top Glow Roc, Glow Aviar,
Pro: Glow JK Aviar
Champion: ThunderbirdStar: RocX3, Shryke, Wraith
Splatter Star: Destroyer, Teebird

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of these items. I ... more

Scott Sprow   May 4 at 5:52pm

I put a photo of the new stamp in the Pictures tab.

Scott Sprow   May 4 at 1:17pm

League Created/Posted

Alright, lets talk about how much we miss playing together!

I miss seeing my DG friends on Wednesday nights. I have not set a start date (not officially anyway) as I kind of want to see how this thing plays out over the next few weeks. One thing is for certain is that we will need to change some things as far as check-in, play, social distance, etc.

I have some ideas in place and have reached out to some other people who run leagues to discuss how they might be making changes too. Any idea ... more

Bill Chapman   May 5 at 12:56am

Can't to see everybody! Stay safe and work on those putts people!