April - August 2018 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of September 6
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 68 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
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League News

Scott Sprow   September 6 at 10:51pm

Sorry Folks

Apparently I did not post the last round from Spring/Summer....That has been posted. My apologies on the huge delay.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who came out this spring/summer. We enjoyed some pretty good weather as well as some fun rounds.

Fall/Winter will start up on Wednesday Sept 19th. We will start off at MBD. I will create the league and post all the necessary info for you.

Hope you are enjoying the week. Maybe you all can get out and play some this weekend.


Scott Sprow   August 17 at 2:10pm

Glow Recap 08.15

Quick glow league night with 14 players. Top scores of the night were -16 by Fifer/Rolfe-Chin and Wykes/Gacioch. Last cash was taken by Common/Ritchey in a flip-off/CTP over Perras/Brayton.

CTPs on the night went to the following:
Hole 5: Neal (Merch)
Hole 11: Common (Cash)
Hole 15: Gacioch (Cash)

We are at Bandemer next week for the final league night of this season. Mixed tees will be played. Someone brought up playing 27 holes for the final night. I think a good compromise would be to play the 18 as normal, with the extra 9 being available for anyone who wants to.....thoughts?

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   August 17 at 2:29pm

Oh god don’t remind me of that night. So so so sorry Sprow

Scott Sprow   August 17 at 2:31pm

I drove to GR the next morning for a conference. Think 18 is the better choice.

Bo Fought   August 17 at 3:02pm

I would be down for Red/White/Red or some version of that for 27 holes, more ace runs to end Summer. If Blue/White/Red I would vote for just 18 holes as that would be a long night.

Scott Sprow   August 7 at 12:41pm

Glow for 08.08

Hope you all had a great weekend and that this week is off to a good start.

I am out of town and Shane will be handling league for me this week (Thanks Shane). My apologies for not getting scores up from last week before I left on vacation. I will be back on Saturday and get them posted.

Enjoy the round this week. Have fun.


Scott Sprow   July 26 at 9:00pm

Glow recap from 07.25

A great night for league with a few holes being dark enough for glow discs or LEDs. 19 players in attendance for the round and we played the Patriotic layout (BWR for first 9, RWB for the 2nd 9). Top scores and cashing scores for the night included Jopps/Perras with a -13, Gacioch/Matthews with a -12, and in a throw-off with -11, Common/Herron defeat Trombley/Sprow.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 4: Trombley (cash)
Hole 5: Gacioch (merch)
Hole 7: Chilly (cash)

Jopps in his FIRST Spring/Summer ... more


Scott Sprow   July 21 at 1:34pm

Glow Recap 07.18

Pretty much a perfect night. We had 20 payers join us for league at MBD. Top score on the night went to Brayton/Sprow with a -16. 2nd place score was turned in at -14 by Fifer/Piziali, and 3rd place went to Gacioch/Perras with a -13.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 6: Sailler (cash)
Hole 14: C. Gustafson (merch)
Hole 17: Sprow (cash)

Also had 2 aces. Congratulations to Andrew Herron for getting Hole 8 and Chris Gustafson for getting Hole 14.

We return to Bandemer next week. We will be thr ... more


Scott Sprow   July 18 at 11:48am

Glow recap 07.11

22 players for league tonight with some great weather continuing to make play enjoyable. A big thank you to Bo Fought who donated 2 discs for CTPs, a glow Buzzz (featuring a Colorado based stamp) and a Glow Thrasher.

We played MBD Longs with top scores being turned in by Gacioch/Chapman and Arnet/Wykes. Gacioch/Chapman won the throw off. Last place saw another throw-off between Sailler/Neal, Sprow/Reslock, and Piziali/Thelen. Throw-off was won by Sailler/Neal with Sprow/Reslock taking last c ... more


Scott Sprow   July 11 at 9:36pm

Glow Recap 07.04

What a good 4th of July. We had 13 players join us for the round. We tried a new layout incorporating the Red, White, and Blue tees. Seemed like folks enjoyed the variation so we will try to do more of that going forward.

Top scores on the night were Gacioch (cali) and Sprow/Brayton at -12. They split cash. Last cashing spot went to Common/Ritchey.

CTPs on the night included the following:
Hole 3: Sailler (cash)
Hole 5: Gacioch (merch)
Hole 6: Gacioch (merch)
Hole 7: Gacioch (merch)
Hole 9: Trombley (cash)

Hope everyone had a great holiday and week.


Scott Sprow   July 3 at 12:08pm

4th of July league

After inquiring last week, it seemed like nearly everyone was still available to play this week. So in honor of the 4th, we are going to have a Patriotic round tomorrow evening.

We will still play our 18 holes of golf, however, tees will rotate each hole and will utilize Red, White, and Blue tees. We can mark the tees for each hole on the scorecard to make things easier if that is needed. Not trying to make it too complicated, but would like to add a little something different.

See you tomorrow evening.

Scottie Reslock   July 3 at 12:28pm

Awesome idea! Gonna be a blast!

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   July 3 at 1:09pm

I’ll be there!

Scott Sprow   June 22 at 12:21am

Glow Recap 06.20

DGLA double points night saw 19 players in attendance. A few new faces, welcome.

Thank you to Scottie Reslock & 24 Chains as they donated a CTP for the evening: a Jawbreaker Ringer and 24 Chains patch. Very much appreciated.

We played the Blue-White layout and saw Fifer/Crouch turn in the top score on the night with a -14. taking 2nd was Gacioch/Sprow with a -13. Last cash was Brayotn/Boucher with a -11.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 6: Thelen(cash)
Hole 7: Sailler(24 Cha!ns donated mer ... more

Scottie Reslock   June 22 at 5:27pm

CHAAAAAAAAAA!! No Prob, glad I could finally get a Summer WC Glow round in!

Scott Sprow   June 15 at 4:52pm

Double Stack!

Well, we had some early FIREWORKS on Wednesday. Nicole Proehl recorded her very first ace! Nicole aced hole 14 at MBD. If that was not enough, about a minute later, Jen Trombley aced hole 14 as well. It was the 2nd ace for Jen. But the truly unique part: they were PARTNERS for the round! This is like the 3rd or maybe 4th time the league has seen multiple aces on the same hole.

Now, on to the rest of the stuff. Top scores for the night at -12 included Sailler/Fifer and Boucher(played cali). Th ... more

Jay B   June 15 at 7:13pm

Wow! Well thats some girl power there!! 2 aces same hole, partners and both female...those odds have to be astronomical...they should be playing the same lottery numbers too! Lol

Jen Trombley   June 17 at 10:12pm

Haha! Thanks JB, it was insane in the membrane!

Scott Sprow   May 30 at 2:10am

Rain for 05.30

Rain and potential for some nasty stuff in the forecast. Let’s take a look at it tomorrow and see what changes take place. Severe weathe, specifically thunderstorms are possibile. Safety is important.

Scott Sprow   May 30 at 5:27pm

We are going to try and make a go of it. Looks like ~50% or so most of the evening during league hours. Please make sure that you take the steps to be prepared for tonight.

Scott Sprow   May 24 at 3:41pm

Glow Recap 05.23

18 players for league tonight. Not a bad turnout but hopefully we can start to have bigger numbers. Homework: bring a friend next week. We had Delacie join us for his first ever discgolf round. He did pretty well (and nearly aced hole 6 from the reds). Hoping that he joins us for future rounds.

Top scores on the night: -13 by Plantz/Sailler and Fifer/Crouch (they split 1st & 2nd place). Last cash was a -12 by Herron/Gacioch.

CTPs were earned by the following:
Hole 3: Brayton (cash)
H ... more


Scott Sprow   May 22 at 3:30am

Glow 05.16

We had 20 players in attendance for our round at MBD. 2 new faces, thanks for coming out Drew and Todd.

Hot scores on the night include a pair of -16 by Trombley/Gacioch and Scobie/Redman. Trombley and Gacioch won the throw-off and 1st place cash. Last cashing saw position a pair of -15s by Crouch/Piziali and Christian/Common. Crouch/Piziali take the cash in a throw-off win for of last cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 7: Moorehouse (merch)
Hole 15: Redman (cash)
Hole 18: Gacioch (cash)

... more


Scott Sprow   May 11 at 2:04am

Glow Recap 05.09

A pretty good night at MBD. Rain held off until well after our round.

19 players in attendance tonight. Top score on the night was turned in by Common/Plantz with a -18. A tie in the last two cashing sports with Brayton/Arnet and Sprow/Moorehouse. Brayton/Arnet win the flip to take home the extra cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Sailler (cash)
Hole 8: Sailler (Common 2 disc donation)
Hole 11: Common (cash)
Hole 13: Christian (merch)

Pizali also hit an ace on Hole 14. It happened to ... more


Scott Sprow   May 9 at 4:16pm


We are at MBD tonight.

This will be the first week that we have been at MBD. Please DO NOT show up at BANDEMER.


Scott Sprow   May 5 at 7:50pm

Glow Recap 05.02

Good weather for the round and we even beat the rain/storms. 16 players for the evening with Neuman/Fought, Perras/Rolfe-Chin, and Chilson/Ritchey taking top scores and cashing spots at -13. Neuman/Fought take the throw off for the extra $5.

CTPs were earned on the night by:
Hole 2: Trombley (merch)
Hole 3: McPherson (cash)
Hole 7: Rolfe-Chin (cash)

We move to MBD next week; first time this year. Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Wednesday night.


Scott Sprow   April 30 at 3:47pm

Glow Recap from 04.25

Good turnout as the weather is starting to look more like spring. Had 28 players for league on April 25th. Taking home first place was the team of Ballios/Fifer shooting a -13. Taking second with a -12 was Christian/Sailler, and cashing in the last two payouts were Piziali/Moorehouse and Common/Thelen both shooting -11.

CTPs on the evening:
Hole 4: Neal (cash)
Hole 6: Arnet (merch)
Hole 8: Christian (cash)

We will be at Bandy this week. Forecast looks pretty good for this week as it stands right now. Have a great day and I will see you for league on Wednesday.


Scott Sprow   April 19 at 3:55pm

Glow Recap 04.18

12 players in attendance during an OK weather night. A pretty light snow/rain mix for the night.

Taking top honors for the night was the team of Plantz/Sprow with a -17. Taking 2nd(and last) cash was Brayton/Common with a -15.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Ritchey (cash)
Hole 5: Plantz (cash)
Hole 9: Sprow(merch).

We will be back at Bandemer next week. Looking to start mixing in some MBD, but need to see how wet the course still is. Hopefully we can get over there in the early part of May.

Have a great weekend. Get out and enjoy the predicted sunshine and warmer temps!


Scott Sprow   April 15 at 12:03pm

Glow Recap 04.11

A good night for glow with warmer temperature and little to no wind. We had 18 players come out for league. We played the Blue-Red layout with top scores at -13 by Common/Trombley and Sailler/Fought, who split. Last cash at -11 saw a throw-off by Neal/Sprow and Arnet/Gacioch, which was won by Neal/Sprow.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Frame (cash)
Hole 6: Frame (cash)
Hole 8: Frame (merch)

Enjoy what is left of your weekend. Stay warm and dry if possible. See you at Bandemer on Wednesday.


Scott Sprow   April 6 at 3:50pm

Glow Recap 04.04

On a cold opening night of Spring/Summer, we played the Red-Red layout. We had 12 players in attendance.

Taking top scores at -15 was Sprow/Ritchey. In a throw-off for 2nd at -13 (and for last cash spot), Phipps/Perras edged out Arnet/Gacioch.

CTP winners on the night:
Hole 3 - Pizi (cash)
Hole 6 - T Pills (merch)
Hole 9 - Brayton (cash)

Thank you all for coming out to start the Spring/Summer season. Hope to have better weather conditions next week. Enjoy your weekend, be safe, and hope you get out to play. See you next Wednesday.


Scott Sprow   April 1 at 10:04pm

Spring/Summer Glow Starts

We are back at it on Wednesday this week. We will start at Bandemer, but will get over to MBD as soon as it dries up a little (not sure exactly how soon, but will keep our eyes on it).

Have some LEDs, and hopefully we can break out that glow plastic and let it fly.

See you on Wednesday night.