September '20 - March '21 • Ann Arbor, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of March 18

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 85 all-time players - 38 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
OPTIONAL Ace Pool - $2. CTPs - $3....this makes $10 the all-in price.
Typically 2 Cash CTPs are awarded each round, as well as a merchandise CTP. Additional CTPs are offered on occasion as well (donations or suggestions are welcomed). Ace Pool pays out 50%

League News

Nate Krumm   March 18 at 7:42pm


We had excellent weather for our final round in the Fall/Winter season, which brought out 33 people to play a round of Whites then Reds at Bandemer. Shooting the hot score & taking first cash was Sprow/Underhill with a -15 score! Great round guys! There was a tie for second & third cash with -14 scores from Common/Wiedenfeld & Selig/Trombley who decided to split the cash evenly. Fourth cash went to Binienda/Green with a -13 score & last cash went to Chapman/Ritchey who had a -12 ... more

Bill Chapman   March 18 at 8:07pm

Thanks Sprow and Nate for running a great league

Nate Krumm   March 11 at 3:08pm

GLOW RECAP 3.10.2021

A very warm night with a good amount of wind brought 28 players out to shoot a round of RW + WR alternating tee pads at Bandemer. A tie for first & second cash with -14 scores was Frame/Trombley & Sprow/Binienda, who split the cash evenly. There was also a tie for third & fourth cash between Tommy Magner/Gacioch & Herron/Walker with -12 scores, who split the cash evenly.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Chilson ($10 donation cash)
Hole 3: Binienda (WC cash)
Hole 4: Gacioch (merch ... more


Nate Krumm   March 4 at 3:49pm

GLOW RECAP 3.4.2021

The evening started with some of the warmest weather we’ve had in a long time, but quickly turned to a chilly & clear night after sunset. We had 25 players come out to shoot a round of Red then White tee pads at Bandemer. Taking first cash with a -15 score was Common/Magner (Mike). Great shooting guys! A tie for second, third & fourth cashing spots all with -13 scores was Sprow/Frame, Chilson/Wiedenfeld & Selig/Gonzales. The cash was split up & the extra $10 was decided by ... more


Nate Krumm   February 25 at 6:20pm

GLOW RECAP 2.24.2021

The warmest evening we’ve had in several weeks brought out 16 players to shoot a round of Whites then Reds at Bandemer. Some wind & slippery snow lead to a top score of -13 from Frame/Perras taking first cash. There was a 3-way tie for second & third cash spots between Thelen/Ritchey, Chapman/Pilon & Krumm/Binienda, all with -11 scores. A throw off from Hole 1 Blue resulted in Thelen/Ritchey taking second cash & Chapman/Pilon taking third cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3 ... more

Nick Pacific   February 25 at 6:57pm

How wet is it out there? Is 7/8 left side a swamp?

Scott Sprow   February 25 at 8:49pm

It is certainly wet in spots. Mostly around the baskets and your high traffic areas. For example walking from hole to hole. Some of the fairways were very wet. Left side of seven is very wet but not a swamp, at least not last night.

Nick Pacific   February 26 at 1:46pm

Thanks Scott

Nate Krumm   February 19 at 5:48pm

GLOW RECAP 2.17.2021

An odd number of players showed up to play a round of Red-Red at Bandemer with near or over a foot of snow on the ground & below freezing temps. Ballios/Ritchey & Krumm (Cali) tied for first place, both shooting -15 scores. They decided to split first & second place cash evenly. There was also a tie for third place cash between Plantz/Arnet & Common/Jopps. A disc flip decision decided who took the cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Sprow (cash)
Hole 4: Sprow (merch)
Hole 6: F ... more


Nate Krumm   February 11 at 5:01am

GLOW RECAP 2.10.2021

Below freezing temps with several inches of snow on the ground still brought out a good group of shooters to play a round of Red - Red at Bandemer. A tie for first place between Sprow/Perras & Chilson/Thelen with -17 scores took the first two cash spots. Great shooting guys! Third place cash went to Balios/Arnet with a -16 score. There was also a tie for last cash between Krumm/Herron & Common/Jopps with -15 scores. A disc flip decision was made to see who took the remaining $10.

CTPs ... more


Nate Krumm   February 4 at 7:19pm

GLOW RECAP 2.3.2021

Last night was another great frigid night for disc golf, luckily there was little to zero wind. We ended up having an odd number of players come out for a round of Whites then Reds at Bandemer. There was a three-way tie between Wykes/Trombley, Krumm/Herron & Chapman (Cali) with -13 scores. The cash was split evenly & the bonus $10 was decided with a disc flip decision.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 4 - Ladies only: Trombley (reg fee)
Hole 5: Bramble (Tesla)
Hole 6: Perras (Raptor)
Hole ... more


Nate Krumm   January 28 at 3:54am

GLOW RECAP 1.27.2021

A wonderful frozen evening for disc golf tonight with temps well below freezing. 16 players in attendance for a round of Red - Red at Bandemer. TWO ACES resulted in a tie for first & second cash with -17 scores. Krumm/Ritchey & Magner/Binienda with hot scores + an ace on both cards. Taking last cash was Sprow/Herron with a -16 score.

Tommy Magner hit an ace on hole 5 & Mark Ritchey hit an ace on hole 6! Congrats to both you guys. Great shooting!

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Har ... more


Nate Krumm   January 23 at 3:20am

GLOW RECAP 1.20.2021

Sorry for the delay in score posting. This past Wednesday was a cold winter night with below freezing temps, light winds & some snow on the ground. It was a good night for a Red-Red shootout which lead to a three-way tie for first place. Harrell/Jopps, Krumm/Wykes, Herron/Thelen all with -16 scores decided to split the cash & flip for the bonus $10. Sprow/Ritchey snagged last cash with a -14 score.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Ballios (cash)
Hole 4: Wiedenfeld (Trace)
Hole 5: Herron ... more


Nate Krumm   January 14 at 5:06am

GLOW RECAP 1.13.2021

Excellent turnout for tonights round at Bandemer. We had mild winter weather to play a round of R3, W3, R3 + W3, R3, W3. Shooting the hot score of -15 was Ritchey/Gonzales, taking first cash. Second cash went to Chapman/Tschirhart with a -14. Third & fourth cash was split evenly between Chilson/Harrell & Binienda/Wykes, both shooting -12 scores.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1 - Ladies Only: Ms. Vick (merch)
Hole 2: Thelen (merch)
Hole 4: Sailler (cash)
Hole 6: Carmen (Hopslam 6-pack)
... more


Scott Sprow   January 12 at 4:02pm

MDGO LE Disc Order Reminder

I am submitting the MDGO LE disc order in the next day or two. A few limited items available to clubs. This year they are making the following available:
-LE Swirly Zone
-Glow Rubber Blend Challenger
-Rubber Blend Banger

Payment needed to include you on the order. Message me if you have questions or to place your order with me.

samuel smith   January 18 at 2:08am

How much are they zone

Scott Sprow   January 19 at 3:24pm

Sam, just sent you a message

Nate Krumm   January 7 at 3:18pm

GLOW RECAP 1.6.2021

A great winter evening with mild temperatures & little to zero wind brought out a solid group last night. We played a RW + WR alternating tee pads layout at Bandemer. Winning score of -15 was shot by Sprow/Chapman. Second cash went to Harrell/Ms. Vick with a -14 score. Taking third cash with a -13 was Binienda/Chilson. A tie for last cash between Krumm/Frame & Ritchey/Thelen with -12 scores called for a disc flip decision.

CTPs on they night:
Hole 3: Gonzales (league cash)
Hole 5: P ... more


Scott Sprow   December 31 at 2:50pm

Glo Recap 12.30

A decent night in terms of weather and our last league night in 2020 saw us play Red-Red Shootout format. Burke/Sprow and Frame/Jones tied with -15 and split cash. We had a tie for the last two cashing spots as well at -14 by Binienda/Herron and Perras/Ballios.

Thank you to CTPs donated by Richard Thelen (he donated $20 that was used on 2 different CTPs) and Tommy Walker who donated the 2 gift cards to Vault of Midnight.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Merch (Jay B)
Hole 2: $10 (Frame)
Hole ... more


Scott Sprow   December 29 at 10:12pm

MDGO LE Goodies

This year MDGO (Michigan Disc Golf Organization) is offering 3 different molds that can be purchased by clubs. These items are offered each year by Discraft as a way for clubs to raise funds, get something unique into the hands of players, and are rather limited. According to the order form, this year, they are offering the following:
-Swirly Zone
-Glow Rubber Blend Challenger
-Rubber Blend Banger

Please message me if you are interested in any if these. I will need money up front before in ... more

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peter kunoff   December 30 at 9:28pm

happen to know how firm that rubber blend is for the bangers?

Scott Sprow   December 30 at 9:36pm

@Peter, I do not know as they have not been run just yet. If I were to guess, it would likely be in line with the current run of rubber blend stuff (I do not have any insider information to confirm or deny this)

peter kunoff   January 4 at 9:26pm


Nate Krumm   December 24 at 7:14pm

GLOW RECAP 12.23.2020

The Christmas Eve Eve round brought out a great group of people to throw from the White & then Red tees. We had a relatively warm evening for December with some rain & some gusty winds. Tying for first & second cash was Sprow/Chapman & Kerns/Wiedenfeld, both shooting -13 scores. Third cash went to Thelen/Ballios with a -12 & last cash went to Binienda/Gacioch with a -11.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1 - Ladies Only: Brakel (donation cash)
Hole 2: Common (merch)
Hole 3: Split ... more


Scott Sprow   December 24 at 4:33pm

Thank you!

Before Nate gets to the formal post, I want to take a moment to express my sincere thanks. Hosting a league and running events are my way of giving back to all the wonderful people that I see on the course. Those of you that come to league each week are some really amazing people. I appreciate seeing your faces each week, cracking jokes, and socializing....albeit at a distance now...thanks Coronavirus :(

I appreciate the kind words, gifts presented last night, and overall community that you b ... more


Scott Sprow   December 20 at 4:03pm

Holiday Disc Exchange Fun

You have the opportunity to participate in the Secret Santa disc exchange at next week's league (Dec 23rd). Completely optional.

Bring a item, choose an item:

Bring a new disc golf related item approximately a $15-20 value (typical new disc value is around $15)....wrapped/bagged of course. Discs should be new, non-inked, and unthrown. Other items are welcome as well (such as towels, chalk bags, minis, shirts, etc).

If you do not have something on hand, I will have club inventory on ... more


Nate Krumm   December 17 at 7:03pm

GLOW RECAP 12.16.2020

Snow covered ground & slick tee pads were the perfect combo for us to play a Red + Red shootout at Bandemer. Very surprising that nobody hit an ace, but shooting the hot score of -16 & taking first cash was Sprow/Chapman. Great shooting guys! There was a 4-way tie for second, third & fourth cash between Perras/Thelen, Plantz/Trombley, Briggs/Ballios & Frame/Gacioch. A throw off resulted in the cash being distributed in that order.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 5: Chapman (merch)
H ... more


Nate Krumm   December 10 at 6:19pm

GLOW RECAP 12.9.2020

A mild winter evening brought out a group to play a round at Bandemer. We played a B3, W3, R3 + R3, B3, W3 layout that resulted in Sprow/Chilson taking first cash with a -14 score. Second cash went to Selig/Ballios with a -13. Third cash was taken by Common/Turner with -11 and there was a tie for final cash between Krumm/Frame & Splittstoesser/Chapman with -10 scores.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 1: Snyder (cash)
Hole 2: Walker (meat)
Hole 3: Wiedenfeld (merch)
Hole 5: Selig (cash)
Hole ... more


Nate Krumm   December 3 at 4:18pm

GLOW RECAP 12.2.2020

A cold & clear night brought out a good group of players to shoot a round of RW + WR alternating tee pads at Bandemer. First cash went to Krumm/Thelen with a -15 score. Second & third cash was split evenly between Ballios/Plantz & Frame/Jopps, both teams shooting -14 scores.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Ritchey (merch)
Hole 4: Magner (cash)
Hole 6: Splittstoesser

We’ll be back at Bandemer for next weeks round (Dec. 9th). Hope everyone has a great & safe weekend.


Scott Sprow   November 27 at 8:23pm

Glow Recap 11.25

Cold and minor rainy night for our pre-thanksgiving round. We played the red-red layout with the players in attendance. Hot score was a -14 by Magner/Arnet takes first cash. Other cashing position was a -13 by "Team Scott" Sprow/Jones.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Arnet (merch)
Hole 5: Thelen (cash)
Hole 7: Thelen (cash)

We also had an ace on Hole 1 by Sprow.

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you back at Bandemer next Wednesday.

Please remember that we are trying to maint ... more


Scott Sprow   November 19 at 5:16pm

Glow Recap 11.18

Everyone did really well with respecting space and wearing masks tonight.. Thank you for thinking of everyone in this challenging period of time we are experiencing. I heard several of you ask others how you could respect boundaries, which was awesome!

As for the round itself, we experienced cool temperatures and some wind from time to time for the round this week. Taking top honors with a -13 was "Mr. Cali" Richard Thelen. Close on his heels and coming up just short with a -12 was ... more


Scott Sprow   November 18 at 2:23pm

League Wed Nov 18

Trial Run:

We are going to hold league this evening. As it should be to this point, masks/face covering needed for registration and in ANY instance where maintaining appropriate social distance from others is difficult.

We are ALL living in a time where things are different and challenging (regardless of our viewpoints on our current situation). Let do whatever we can to help insure a safe environment for everyone.


Scott Sprow   November 17 at 8:14pm

Future League Rounds

New stuff coming down from government and health departments are bringing A LOT of changes to our everyday lives. Still looking through all the details and how this impacts us (other parks have already put a stop to events planned for the next few weeks). More details and formal announcement will be coming soon about how we will approach this challenging time.


Scott Sprow   November 12 at 2:33pm

Glow Recap 11.11.20

Colder temps brought a smaller group out this week. We played the RW/WR alternating layout at Bandemer. Tops scores on the evening were Ritchey/Thelen with a -14. From the sound of it, their putters were ON FIRE all night. Remaining cashing spots were Trombley/Sprow and Ballios/Boucher both with -13....they decided it on a flip of the disc....Trombley/Sprow take the additional cash.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 3: Common (merch)
Hole 4: Trombley (Ladies only CTP)
Hole 6: Boucher (cash)
Hole 9: ... more


Scott Sprow   November 8 at 11:28pm

Great Weather, but cooler temps are coming

We are enjoying some great weather right now. However, cooler temperatures are on the horizon.

I have fleece-lined winter hats available and bring them with me on Wednesday to leagues. I am selling them for $20. The hats feature our newer circle style logo front and center.

I ordered a total of 40 hats:
- 35 Oxford Grey, and
- 5 Orange


Nate Krumm   November 6 at 2:24am

GLOW RECAP 11.5.2020

We had a crew of players come out to Mary Beth Doyle last night to shoot a round of even holes from long pads & odd holes from shorts. The weather was close to perfect for a late fall evening which lead to a tie for first & second cash between Sprow/Walker & Brayton/Magner, both shooting -14. Third cash went to Perras/Scobie with a -12 score. Fourth & fifth cash was split evenly between three teams. Gacioch/Kalowick, Fifer/Boucher & Neuman/Oid, all with -10 scores.

CTPs on ... more


Nate Krumm   November 4 at 3:09pm


I misspoke in my round recap post last week about what park we will be playing. Tonights round will be at Mary Beth Doyle NOT Bandemer. See you all at MBD tonight!


Nate Krumm   October 29 at 1:34pm

GLOW RECAP 10.28.2020

Another nice fall evening at Bandemer brought out a good group to play a BRW + RWB layout. Taking first cash was Taint/Ballios with a -14 score. Second cash went to Brayton/Binienda shooting -13. Third cash went to Frame/Briggs with a -12. Last cash went to Selig/Common after a disc flip decision with Sprow/Thelen, both shooting -11.

DOUBLE ACE NIGHT! Both Jay B & D-Rail hit aces last night. Jay B got hole 1 from the red pad & D-Rail got hole 6 from the white pad. Great shots guys! En ... more

Scott Sprow   October 29 at 1:39pm

Small change... We will be at MBD next week. Changed on the schedule as well.,

Joe Arnet   October 30 at 2:42pm


Nate Krumm   October 22 at 3:39pm

GLOW RECAP 10.21.2020

A perfect fall evening for glow golf brought a solid group out players out to play a WBR + BRW layout at Bandemer. Splitting first & second cash with -14 scores was Common/Trombley & Fifer/Thelen. Third cash went to Brayton/Boucher shooting -13. Last cash went to Perras/Ritchey after a disc flip decision was made between them & Chilson/Tschirhart, both with -11 scores.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Crouch (merch)
Hole 6: Frame (cash)
Hole 7: Frame (Glo Buzzz)
Hole 9: Frame (cash ... more


Nate Krumm   October 15 at 5:55pm

GLOW RECAP 10.14.2020

We had a good group of players show up to BRATS private course last night. The newly dubbed Sprow’s Special layout was… interesting, but fun nonetheless! The weather was clear with some wind, but very dark out there.

Taking first cash was Brayton/Chilson with a great score of -11. Second & third cash was split evenly by Sprow/Gacioch & Thelen/Briggs, both with -9 scores. There was a four-way tie for last cash & a disc flip decision resulted in Frame/Ballios taking it. ... more


Scott Sprow   October 15 at 11:25am

BRATS in the Dark

So, league last night was a bit confusing. My apologies for the mix-up on the scorecards regarding hole numbering. Clearly it could have gone a little better and that is 100% on me. On a private course, it is tough to navigate in the dark. I hope you did not walk away disappointed.

Thank you again to Terry and Sheila for hosting us last evening. Always a treat to play BRATS. Hopefully you enjoyed it in a glow environment. You walked and played probably 20% of the property last night. Seeing it all during the day makes it more impressive.

Return to Bandemer for next week's round.

Russell Taint   October 15 at 10:46pm

Anybody come across my purple pig out there? Apparently left it last time I was out there a couple weeks back.

Scott Sprow   October 14 at 4:57pm

Course Reminder

We are at BRATS tonight. Terry and Sheila are opening the course to us this evening and we want to honor their requests.

1. Face Coverings should be in place during check-in.
2. There are areas that are roped/taped off around the house...you CAN NOT go into those areas.
3. Pack it in, pack it out (do not litter or leave items on the course).
4. Keep noise levels to a minimum when possible. Everyone is welcome to cheer and congratulate for aces, however keep in mind the Calhoun's have ... more


Scott Sprow   October 13 at 4:08pm

It is Hoodie Season!

I had a player ask me about hoodies last week. So lets talk hoodies.

Who is interested in getting a WC Glow Hoodie? I have a few made up already. I will bring some hoodies as examples tomorrow night for league. If you are interested, bring some cash and we will get started on yours ASAP.

Depending on the hoodie material and size needed, cost will be between $25 and $35.

I even have some Glow Vinyl that looks really good on darker color items.

Bill Chapman   October 13 at 6:05pm

I will def take a glow vinyl hoodie if they are they sport fits like last year

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   October 14 at 11:19pm

Orange hoodie with glow vinyl?! Sounds wonderful!

Nate Krumm   October 11 at 1:19am

GLOW RECAP 10.07.2020

Sorry for the delayed score posting. We had a great turn out with great weather this past Wednesday. We played a RWB + BRW layout at Bandemer. Jay B shot the hot round by himself (Cali) taking first cash with a -11 score. Second & third cash was split between Sprow/Brayton & Jopps/Arnet both shooting -10. Last cash was taken by Chilson/Splittstoesser after a throw off with Thelen/Vincent & Ballios/Howard who all shot -8.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Jopps (cash)
Hole 4: Common (ca ... more


Scott Sprow   October 10 at 7:35pm

League Night: Wed Oct 14th

Great News.....We have received permission to come back to BRATS to play our league round this next week, Oct 14th.

We will be a little limited in areas, needing to stay on the western side of the property, but will come up with a 9 hole loop that works. We will try to make it a little shorter as rounds there tend to go a little later into the night.

Looking forward to seeing you all at BRATS next Wednesday. Enjoy your weekend.

Scott Sprow   October 10 at 7:38pm

BIG thank you to Terry & Sheila for allowing us to come out to enjoy their property. Please message me if you need the address. As it is a private course, I do not want to make that information public.

Nate Krumm   October 1 at 3:20pm

GLOW RECAP 09.30.2020

We kicked off the Fall/Winter season last night with 12 players in attendance. The weather was rainy to begin, but the sky cleared up & the full moon came out for a great ending to the round. Taking first cash with -15 score was Krumm/Sprow & second cash went to Common/Frame with a -13 score.

CTPs on the night:
Hole 2: Splittstoesser (merch)
Hole 4: Common (cash)
Hole 6: Ritchey (cash)

Week two (Oct. 7th) of the season will be back at Bandemer. Hope everyone has a nice weekend & we’ll look forward to seeing you all next week!


Scott Sprow   September 29 at 6:05pm

League on 09.30

Alright folks, here we go.

We are resuming league tomorrow night at Bandemer. It looks like it might be wet, so come prepared for the potential for some rain.

The cities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti still have a 25 person gathering limit in effect. Please remember to maintain social distance guidelines and other safety precautions.


Scott Sprow   September 21 at 4:12pm

FALL/WINTER....and challenges

OK, new fall/winter league created....check

Glow discs and LEDs on hand.....check

Ready to go.....well, sort of.

The city of Ann Arbor and Ypsi have a 25 person gathering limit imposed which started just as we finished the summer season. I am a little concerned that we might draw attention with our numbers and certainly do not want to ruin anything or paint disc golfers in a bad light in the public eye.

With that being said, you are welcome to shoot me some ideas in a PM regarding wh ... more

Jay B   September 21 at 5:28pm

Contact miles Lawrence via fb messenger, he started running Sunday doubles by e-payment only and drawing numbers the day of up to 1-2 hrs before tee off then just having one person on the card grab a scorecard and everyone just goes straight to their hole

Scott Sprow   September 21 at 5:35pm

Thanks....good ideas for sure