Thursday Night Moose

March - August 2018 • New Boston, Michigan
Doubles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Jul 19, 2018 · Top scores
Moose Meadows
Regular tees 2x, 18 holes
-5 49
Jason Adamski
Brian Morba
-5 49
Marcos Aguilera
-4 50
Nate Wheeling
Chance Gallant
Overall standings
1Brian Morba78
1Tyler Macdonell78
3Jason Adamski70
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About this League

Doubles league - 29 all-time players - 0 active players
$10.00 player fee each session
Mixed format Thursday Team Night Moose league is back for another season!!! This year we will hold rounds at various nearby courses such as Moose Meadows, Lakeshore and Willow Metropark. Some weeks the league will be on Wednesdays or Fridays if necessary. If this is the case there will be a minimum of a 1 week notice. 5 or less players and it will be singles. 6 and up will be best shot doubles. All $10 goes to payouts.

League News

Jason Adamski   August 9 at 4:28pm

League end

League has ended for summer season. We will start back up next week on 8/16 and run through the winter.


Jason Adamski   July 29 at 2:29pm

Wednesday this week

League will be on Wednesday this week, normal time at Moose Meadows.


Jason Adamski   July 12 at 3:46pm


League will be at Willow today and we will be back at Moose Meadows next week on the 19th.


Jason Adamski   June 28 at 10:21am

Tee Time Change

We will be at SouthWinds golf course in Southgate today. This is a ball golf course with 9 Chainstars set up. There will be a ball golf league around the normal start time so we will tee between 6-6:30. $14 this week that will cover 18 holes and a golf cart. Any questions please text or call me at 734-635-9596.


Jason Adamski   June 21 at 6:21pm

Return to Moose Meadows

League tonight will tee around 5:45-6. Next week will more than likely be at Southwinds Golf Course.


Jason Adamski   June 14 at 3:40pm


No league today. Schedule will be back to normal next week at Moose Meadows


Jason Adamski   June 6 at 9:22pm


I’m out of town this week so someone will be running league at Willow. Tee at 5:45. Scores will be updated for last couple weeks when I get back.

Jay B   June 7 at 9:42pm

Is anyone playing or what? Im here in the parking lot

Jay B   June 7 at 9:45pm

Was it cancelled and not posted?

Jason Adamski   May 16 at 4:59am

No league 5/17

We will be head back to Pine Creek next week.


Jason Adamski   April 29 at 4:06am


We are going to head back to Willow this week for league. Start time 5:45.


Jason Adamski   April 26 at 2:36pm

Start Time 4/26

We will be starting as soon as all players arrive. The goal is to tee between 5:30-5:45 in order to have time to complete the round. Thanks.


Jason Adamski   March 31 at 4:14pm

Willow 4/5

Headed to Willow this week for league and then back to Moose Meadows on 4/12. We will either be hitting Lakeshore or Pine Creek on 4/19.


Jason Adamski   March 30 at 11:24am

Putting Results 3/29

Tuna came out and was red hot with his Daggers. He went undefeated through 6 rounds to take home the win. Josh and Scott battled it out for second place and Josh was able to edge him out in the last game.


Jason Adamski   March 29 at 8:00pm

Indoor Putting

We will be putting in the barn tonight for league. Less than 8 we will run singles, 8+ doubles.


Jason Adamski   March 25 at 6:57pm

Week #3

The crowd keeps growing larger for league which is awesome to see. We had a Chilly siting this week and it was tight at the top with Gabe and TMac taking the win with -5. We will be back at Moose Meadows this week.


Jason Adamski   March 16 at 11:34am

Week #2

Good turnout and it was great to get most of the round in while still light out. Morba shot a hot round and despite the fact he putts with Bangers he was still able to bring home the W with a hot -9. See you guys next week.


Jason Adamski   March 9 at 1:19pm

Week #1

The bitter cold and strong winds iced any chance of hot scores this week. Great job to Tyler, Chance, BMO and John for battling it out. They decided to split the winnings between them all. Hoping for better weather next week and also an extra hour of light. See ya out there.

Patrick Snay   March 9 at 3:06pm

Next-day score updates? You da real MVP

Jason Adamski   March 1 at 1:05am

League/State Berth News

We will do both a prize and 50/50 CTP for Week #1. What ever player is leader in points at the end of July will get a berth for Michigan State Championships in Ludington. If the player already has a berth or does not plan on playing the berth will go to next person in line.