The More You Day/Glow

September - November 2019 • Jackson, Michigan
Singles league

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Nov 26, 2019 · Top scores
Ella Sharp Park
Long tees, 18 holes
E 54
Paul Adamisen
+2 56
Casey Cook
+4 58
Curtis Green
Overall standings
1Casey Cook77
2Paul Adamisen63
3Curtis Green58
1Rob Titler55
2Shannon Havens48
3Stephanie Lafferty10
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About this League

Singles league - 13 all-time players - 7 active players
$3.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
League begins September 10th at 5pm. The first 8 weeks will be played in daylight. The last 4 weeks will be glow rounds. This singles league is run on a point based system. You receive 1 point for attending. 1 point for each player you beat in your division, and points for where you place each round. Division 1 is for anyone Division 2 is set for players with less than 3 years experience. So if you shoot better than a +8 this is NOT your Division. Don't be a bagger! Points awarde ...
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League News

Paul Adamisen   November 28 at 1:07am

Iron Bark Brewery December 3rd 5pm

The points will be adjusted this week and the winners will cash out when we all meet at the bar. Make sure to enjoy some beers from one of Rocpiles sponsors and food next door.

I'm on the edge of my seat wondering how the points will jump around in Pro/AM. My bet is Casey Cook will be picking up the tab lol.

We all gathered at hole 16 for the ace throw off. A bunch of smooth drives yesterday for the ace pot. Congratulations Casey Cook! He cashed 94 bucks!


Paul Adamisen   November 6 at 11:34pm

Week 9


Pro/Am total= $147

Novice total= $60


Paul Adamisen   October 30 at 9:12pm

First glow of the league

Glow league is in full effect! Most definitely used the lights on Tuesday.

We had 10 players yesterday. A new face even. Always nice meeting new golfers.

Casey Cook and Rob Titler took the wins. Bryce Harrell donated a nice disc for a double ctp.


Pro/Am total= $132

Novice total =$54


Paul Adamisen   October 23 at 9:47pm

Week 7


Pro/Am total= $114

Novice total= $48


Paul Adamisen   October 10 at 5:02pm

Week 5

Apologies for the delay. I am sick.

Now those points are starting to move around a little.

Congratulations to Shannon Havens for his first ace! That was a sweet line to watch man.

Rockwell took a huge cash CTP with 42 bucks! It was a doubled ctp due to miscommunication. Thanks for bringing last weeks cash back Jeff.


Pro/Am total= $87

Novice total= $36


Paul Adamisen   October 2 at 10:22pm

Week Four

We got lucky with the weather for sure. No rain!

Both cards had a blast for sure! Timed right too. Both cards of four finished pretty dang fast and almost the same time.

Congratulations T-Pills with the win today in Pro/Am. Took down us all with a -4. I still can't get that score.

Rob and Shannon tied with +7! Didnt I say +8 or move up? Lol Baggers jk.

T to the Pills took the cash CTP on hole 13.

Casey Freeland almost aced hole 14! So he took the swag.


Pro/Am To ... more


Paul Adamisen   September 25 at 10:04pm

As of now


Pro/Am Total= $45

Novice Total= $24


Paul Adamisen   September 22 at 9:22pm

In question...

Check it out. Thinking of keeping 8 of your best rounds and dropping the 4 worst. That way new players that are just hearing about this have a chance...


Paul Adamisen   September 18 at 9:08pm

Week 2

Man are these temperatures feeling good! Light wind yesterday at Ella Sharp. We started with 5 players and after a hole Shannon jumped in. We Mobed 6 deep. Good times guys!

Congratulations to Mikey and Rob for the wins. Mikey swooped in with a -3 and Rob with another +8.

The island hole was hiding 12 bucks for the CTP. Mikey also took the cash.

Back to Portage next week!


Paul Adamisen   September 11 at 8:33pm

First Day

First off thank you to you all for coming out yesterday! I had a good time out there. I did have to edit the scores today. On DGScene the course par is 55. NOPE! Sorry Titler.... But regardless it changed no points.
It seems like we may want to be prepared for some glow before the scheduled time so keep that in mind.

Congratulations to Joey and Rob for the wins.Joey with a -2 and Rob with his best at Portage witha +8!

I went with hole 2 for the CTP Cash. Joey won the $12! 100% CTP payout! ... more