The League @ Far Hill

May - August 2021 • Sparta, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of August 9
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Singles league - 62 all-time players - 0 active players
$25.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
The League @ Far Hill Dates: Thursday League, May 6 through August 5 (14 weeks) Time: Flex start from 4 - 6pm; we will be trying an additional 11am tee time the first 4 weeks to see if there is some 2nd shifters that want to join. Will review this tee time after the 4 weeks to determine whether or not we continue it. You may only participate in 1 time slot per week. Staff: Bryan Earvin (11a tee time) Brandon Darling and Chad Gromko (4-6pm) Format: Singles Cost: $25 for the ...
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League News

Bryan Earvin   August 9 at 2:59pm

Season Finale

35 people participated in the final week of the inaugural season of The League @ Far Hill. Sam Vandergraaf continued his torrid pace and took home Hot Round for the 3rd consecutive week with a -11 (45).
No aces, so see you at the League party for that.
Jeff Smith "parks" Hole 4 to take home the 50/50 and $52.50.

Reminder, only paid members of the league will be allowed to participate at the League party. League party is Sunday Aug 22. Check in starts at 9am. See you there!!

H ... more


Bryan Earvin   July 31 at 1:11am

Week 13

37 competitors on the 2nd to last week of The League @ Far Hill. Sam Vandergraaf birdies the last 6 holes and goes back-to-back Hot Round winner with a -7 (49). We did have an ace this week on Hole 1 by Jason Storm, but cause he was not fully paid up nor a league member his efforts go unrewarded. 50/50 winner is Brandon Darling with a CTP on hole 16.

Next week will be the 14th and final week of The League at Far Hill. League party set for Sunday 8/22, 9-10a check in.

Hole Prize winners:
H ... more


Bryan Earvin   July 25 at 5:30pm

Week 12

We had 31 people participate this week. Hot Round honors goes to Sam Vandergraaf with a -7 (49). Great shooting!! We also had the 2nd league ace. Josh Diaz hit hole 9 and collects the maxed out ace pool 1 of $500. Ace pool 2 continues on and is well over $300. 50/50 winner of $46.50 goes to Chris Thorsgard for CTP on hole 13.

2 weeks remain of the league. Reminder that the League party is Sunday August 22 check in from 9-10am.

Prize hole winners:

Hole 2 (DB $10 GC): Jared Rittersdorf
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Bryan Earvin   July 17 at 11:35pm

Week 11

Another 28 players made it out for the final week in the Blue layout. Adam Reuss, with a killer deuce on 16, pulls out the Hot round for the week.
Chris Lozen pick up the 50/50 CTP win for $42.
Player packs were starting to be distributed this week. If you still need to pick yours up, see the fellas next week.
Looking ahead, I (Bryan) will not on hand next week, so for the morning round, Josh Diaz will be collecting money and getting the flags out.

Also, date of the League party has be ... more


Bryan Earvin   July 9 at 11:55am

Week 10

28 player this week. Chris Lozen emerges on top to take home Hot Round honors.
No Aces. Ace Pool 1 capped at $500. Ace Pool 2 is at $195 and climbing.

50/50 Winner is Marc LaFleur and $42 for his efforts.

The rest of the Hole winners as follows:

Hole 3 (DB $10 GC): David Behro
Hole 4 (DB $10 GC): Chris Lozen
Hole 6 (Disc): James Tipkey
Hole 8 (T-Shirt): Chris Thorsgard
Hole 11 (Can Cooler): Ray Crosby
Hole 12 (50/50 - $42): Marc LaFleur
Hole 14 (T-shirt): James Tipkey
Hole 15 ... more


Bryan Earvin   July 2 at 5:07pm

Week 9

Week 9 of The League @ Far Hill has concluded. Morning round holds strong 2 weeks straight with Sam Vandergraaf’s hot round of -7 (51).

No aces to report, so Ace pool 1 sits maxed out at $500, ace pool 2 is at $115.
Nick Kohn picks up the 50/50 CTP on Hole 10 ($52.50).

Prize hole winners listed below:
Hole 1 (T-Shirt): Jordan Ginebaugh
Hole 2 (DB $10 GC): Jess Westman
Hole 7 (DB $10 off $20): Steve Sereday
Hole 9 (DB $10 GC): Eric Smith
Hole 10 (50/50 - $52.50): Nick Kohn
Ho ... more


Bryan Earvin   June 25 at 2:09pm

Week 8

It was a very soggy week 8 for The League @ Far Hill. 15 souls completed their rounds in waves of heavy rain. Josh Diaz takes Hot Round honors with an even par round.
No aces. Ace Pool 1 has capped at $500 and Ace Pool 2 has begun.

Here are the hole prize winners:
Hole 2 (DB $10 GC): Jessica Westman
Hole 4 (DB $10 GC): Jordan Ginebaugh
Hole 8 (50/50 - $27): Adam Reuss
Hole 9 (T-shirt): Nick Kohn
Hole 11 (can cooler): Robert Peuler
Hole 12 (DB 10 off 20): Mike Lokers
Hole 14 (T-Shirt): Steve Sereday
Hole 16 (DB 10 off 20): Brandon Ellis
Hole 17 (Disc): Chris Thorsgard


Bryan Earvin   June 11 at 11:46am

Week 6

Week 6 has come and gone!
Hot Round winners shooting a -7 (49) are Jared Rittersdorf and Brandon Ellis. Both get chips towards the Hot Round Throwdown. No aces this week which moves the ace pool to $334. Tristan Gromko hit the 50/50 CTP for $57.

Prize hole winners:
Hole 1 (DB $10 GC): Josh Diaz
Hole 3 (T-Shirt): Adam Reuss
Hole 6 (Disc): Tristan Gromko
Hole 10 (DB $10 GC): Ezekiel Richmond
Hole 11 (Can cooler): Adam Reuss
Hole 14 (T-shirt): Jared Rittersdorf
Hole 16 (50/50 $57): Tristan Gromko
Hole 18 (DD Hat): Glenn Monroe


Bryan Earvin   June 4 at 1:18am

Week 5

Week 5 of The League has concluded. Tie for hot Round goes to Chris Lozen and Chris Thorsgard with a 49. Nice work fellas! Pick up your chip for the Hot Round throwdown next week.
50/50 winner of $58 goes to Nick Kohn

Prize hole winners:
Hole 3 (DB $10 GC): Chris Hey****
Hole 6 (T-Shirt): Ray Crosby
Hole 7 (Disc): Adam Shearer
Hole 9 (Disc): Adam Reuss
Hole 11 (can cooler): Nick Kohn
Hole 13 (50/50 - $58): Nick Kohn
Hole 15 (T-Shirt): Benn Fales
Hole 17 (DB $10 GC): Nick Kohn


Bryan Earvin   May 28 at 1:24pm

Week 4

Week 4 of The League @ Far Hill is a wrap! Hot Round winner for the first White layout round went to Adam Reuss (50). Congratulations!!!
50/50 winner goes to Eric Smith ($51).

Week 4 prize winners:
Hole 2 (t-shirt): Chris Thorsgard
Hole 4 ($51 - 50/50): Eric Smith
Hole 7 (Disc): Adam Merritt
Hole 9 (Disc Baron $10 GC): Eric Smith
Hole 11 (can cooler): Adam Merritt
Hole 14 (T-shirt): James Tipkey
Hole 16 (DB $10 GC): Adam Reuss
Hole 18 (Hat/Towel): Robert Peuler


Bryan Earvin   May 27 at 1:31am

New Sponsors

Pleased to announce that Bryce Balcer Realtor w/ Icon Reality Group and Adroit Builders are our newest sponsors of the league. They will be providing gift cards to Disc Baron as hole prizes for the remainder of the season.

Thank you for your support!


Bryan Earvin   May 22 at 8:33pm

Week 3

Week 3 is in the books! James Tipkey continues his assault on Far Hill winning hot round (52) for the third week. Brandon Darling wins the 50/50 for $54.
no aces this week, so $72 carries over to next week.
Next week the layout shifts over to the White layout.

This weeks prizes:
Hole 2 (Disc): Adam Shearer
Hole 4 (Disc): Mike Lokers
Hole 6 (T-Shirt): Brandon Hillfar
Hole 8 (Disc): Jared Rittersdorf
Hole 11 (Can Cooler): Chris Thorsgard
Hole 12 (50/50 - $54): Brandon Darling
Hole 14 (T-Shirt): Nick Kohn
Hole 18 (Discraft Hat & Mask): Brandon Darling

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