The Breakers

June - August 2019 • West Olive, Michigan
Singles league

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as of August 12
This league has ended.
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Aug 11, 2019 · Top scores
The Breakers
Regular tees, 18 holes
-6 50
Shane Robinson
E 56
Al Haaksma
-4 52
Jory Koopman
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Singles league - 14 all-time players - 0 active players
$100.00 one-time player fee for this league
BASIC LEAGUE INFO: Register at this link. Limit 120 players Players pack will consist of a Discraft disc and teeshirt. League Play: June 2 - Aug 25 Sign Up by May 31st Kids under 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult unless a waiver is signed. Sunday Tee off's between 3-5pm - Everyone starts at hole ONE. All League Members Invited for Introductions & League Rules on June 2 @ 2:30PM Divisionals on July 14 ...
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League News

Chad Cole   August 12 at 4:16am

Week 11 Results

For the second week in a row, both the best overall and best adjusted score were held by the same player. Shane Robinson, you da man.

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 12 / 50/50 = Shane Robinson
Hole 14 / Disc Baron = Brian Fitz
Hole 16 / Blue Gill = Shane Robinson
Hole 18 / Black Falcon = Brian Fitz


Chad Cole   August 11 at 7:05pm

Week 10 Results

I think this is the first time this has happened this season, but the best adjusted and best overall score was had by the same player, as Alex Yost tore it up shooting an adjusted score of 45.4 (50 actual score). Nicely done!

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 3 / 50/50 = Alex Yost
Hole 4 / Disc Baron = Alex Yost
Hole 8 / Black Falcon = Shane Robinson
Hole 9 / Blue Gill = Will Lipscombe
hole 14 / Shore Acres = Alex Yost


Chad Cole   July 31 at 1:13pm

Week 9 Results

It was a great day for disc golf and an even better day for Brandan Fredricks shooting the best adjusted score of a 51 (63 actual score). Raven Lockard once again crushed the field with an impressive 49, nearly taking both best score and best adjusted.

As a reminder, we will be teeing off from now on at 4:00 PM from now on. Our league isn't quite big enough for us to offer the 2 hour window for teeing off, and we felt that this was a needed adjustment so that Al and myself don't hav ... more


Chad Cole   July 28 at 6:40pm

Week 8 (Divisionals)

Nothing like waiting until an hour before league kicks off to announce winners.

Alex Yost won our first ever divisional shooting a nice 52. Raven Lockard took 2nd in a shootout with Shane Robinson, both shooting 53.

And the ace pool was won by Raven on hole 8!!! Nice shot Raven! You've won $78!!! Acepool restarts tonight!

Additionally, we added a few CTP's, with a few to be paid out this week.
Hole 7 / Blue Gill = Al Haaksma
Hole 9 / 50/50 = Chad Cole
Hole 13 / Disc Baron = Brandan Fredricks
Hole 14 / Black Falcon = Brandan Fredricks
Hole 16 / ALnonymous = Raven Lockard


Chad Cole   July 15 at 4:07pm

Week 7 Results

It was a hot one out there this past weekend, and our numbers dwindled a little bit in the heat. Still, we had 7 league members do there best, and the best of the adjusted scores belongs to Brandan Fredricks with an adjusted score of 48.6 (62 actual score). Raven once again took the best overall score with a 53.

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 3 / Blue Gill = Raven Lockard
Hole 4 / (LP) Black Falcon = Alex Yost
Hole 6 / 0/50 = Al Haaksma
Hole 8 / Disc Baron = Will Lipscombe
Hole 9 / ... more


Chad Cole   July 14 at 1:30pm

Week 6 Results

Will Lipscombe took home the best adjusted score, with a 47 (actual score was 60). Raven Lockard once again crushed it with a 49 actual score. Nice job guys!

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 2 / Black Falcon = Alex Yost
Hole 6 / (LP) 50/50 = It says Ron Sampson, but he's not a league member. Sorry Sampson. 50/50 and Ace pool are only available for members.
Hole 8 / Blue Gill = Raven Lockard
Hole 11 / Disc Baron = Ben Houinsa
Hole 17 / Shore Acres = Raven Lockard

Due to timing ... more


Chad Cole   July 7 at 4:40am

Week 5 Results

Sorry for the late post... again... busy having a baby and all...

Anyway... We had our first tie for best score of the week with Shane Robinson and myself (Chad Cole) both shooting 54.

This week introduces our first best adjusted score (handicap) with Joseph Till shooting an adjusted score of 42.7 (62 actual). Nice job, Joseph!

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 4 / 50/50 = Chad Cole
Hole 5 / (LP) Disc Baron = Al Haaksma
Hole 8 / ALnonymous = Alex Yost
Hole 9 / Bluegill = No Name ( ... more


Chad Cole   June 29 at 6:59pm

Week 4 Results

Sorry for the delay in posting once again. Having a baby any day now has me sort of forgetting a lot of other stuff.

Anyway, big props to the NEW best scorer for the week of Craig Pluger, shooting a 50 and finally dethroning Raven (who shot a 51).

As an FYI, I will probably not be present this week either as my wife is ready to pop any day. Al will continue to cary the load in my absence. The lack of disc golf is KILLING ME!!!

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 3 / ALnonymous = Shane ... more


Chad Cole   June 21 at 4:28pm

Week 3 Results

Sorry for the delay in posting scores. I had to recount Raven's incredible 46 several times as it still amazes me. Nice job, Raven! Easily the best score I've ever heard of on this course, and taking the top score for the 3rd week in a row. One more week before we start adding in handicaps.

We've also added two new players to the roster in Craig Pluger and Jory Koopman, making the league much more difficult for us average Joe's.

CTP and LP awards as follow.

Hole 4 / ... more


Chad Cole   June 12 at 2:53pm

Week 2 Results

Week two brought on the rain, but the league still showed up. Great to see you guys battling the course and elements. Hot round once again went to Raven Lockwood, shooting a 54. Jory Koopman did shoot a 53, but until he joins the league, we'll just have to see him be content playing for fun.

CTP awards are as follow.

Hole 3 / Bluegill = Shane Robinson
Hole 4 / Cole Dawg Illustrations = Raven Lockwood
Hole 8 / 50/50 = Chad Cole
Hole 9 / Black Falcon = Chad Cole
Hole 12 / Disc Baron = non-league member

Ace pool is currently at $21.00.

Chad Cole   June 12 at 3:01pm

Jory Koopman won the CTP on hole 12.

Chad Cole   June 3 at 3:38pm

Week 1 Results

We've kicked off the season with week one in the books! The hot round was an impressive 51, held by Raven Lockard. Nicely done, sir. I'll be giving a disc from my personal collection to the leader each week to sweeten the pot, but don't worry. Handicaps will be accessed after 4 weeks of play so Raven doesn't just run off with all my beauties. ;) Though if he keeps shooting like this, he might just do it anyway.

CTP awards are as follow.

Hole 3 / Bluegill = Raven Lockard ... more