Sunnybrook Indoor Putting 2018 - 2019 at 5 Star Lanes

November '18 - March '19 • Troy, Michigan
Putting league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Putting league - 106 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$10.00 ace pool entry
Season 10 The Turkey Open is Saturday, November 3rd so we will begin the 2018 / 2019 season the following Monday on November 5th. Here is 5 Star Lanes' address if you do not know where it is and wish to Google it: 2666 Metro Pkwy Sterling Heights, Michigan (586.939.2550) Please allow adequate time to get to league or contact me if you are stuck in traffic. - Rob Dahmen (517.775.0801) or Messenger via 5 Star Internet presence: - http://www.fiv ...
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League News

Rob Dahmen   March 30 at 4:18pm

Season Summary

The season has come to an end. Thank you everyone who came! I have done some number crunching and have some stats to share:

106 Unique Players
355 Unique Teams

Average 49 players Nov-Dec
Average 37 players Jan-Mar
Average 42 players whole year

6 players participated each of the 18 weeks

Most improved:
- 12.7% - Scott Kuechle
- 11.1% - Josh McCool
- 10.2% - Julie Gauthier
- 10.1% - Brent Moreno

61.4% was the best night as a group during week 1.
58.1% average overall f ... more


Rob Dahmen   March 26 at 1:53am

March 25th

We had our final putting league for the season tonight. 31 people showed up and we love them all!

Early Bird Special:
- Daymon Pugh beat Michael Paul Fisher to win entry to tonight's league

Double Tap:
- Robert Cade Dahmen won the final oppertunity for the season for $75

$2 Doubles:
- Michael Henry won with 14 doubles

Poker Doubles:
- Gary Hutchinson won with a full house

Top Putters:
- 86% - Michael Henry
- 78% - Jason Sullivan

- Jim Stack/Ben Jackson too ... more

David TomlinsonTBS   March 27 at 2:03pm

Whoohoo! Good job everyone.

Mark Oller   March 27 at 2:45pm

Thanks Rob

Rob Dahmen   March 19 at 1:30am

March 18

Well, it must be getting nice out. Only 27 players tonight. So we only had 2 flights and were done with playoffs by 9pm

Early Bird Special:
- Robert Cade Dahmen took down Gary Hutchinson to win entry to tonight's league

Double Tap:
- Michael Henry was called once again and calmly sank his two putts for $170. (Sorry no video)

$2 Doubles:
- Matt Oller won (once again) with 15
- Robert Cade Dahmen took second with 12

Poker Doubles:
- Robert Cade Dahmen won with 4 of a ... more

John Minicuci   March 19 at 9:15pm

FORCED OPEN! (inside joke ;-) )

Rob Dahmen   March 12 at 2:00am

March 11

Only 35 people tonight. The weather is getting nice out so less people show up. This means we will only do putting leagues for 2 more weeks: 3/18, 3/25.

Double Tap:
$95 - Roger Blanton got called again, but only made 1 of 2.
$70 - Josh Dziengel came to his first putting league and got called. The pressure got to him and he missed both.
Josh Dziengel won though when he got his ticket pulled for a custom Phil Fisher miniature "Putting Pkwy" sign.

Top Putters:
85% - Matt Oller
... more


Rob Dahmen   March 5 at 3:27am


We just reached 100 unique players for the league this year!
Congrats to everyone!

Shaun Adkins   March 5 at 2:02pm

You make us sound like snowflakes.

Brian Fahnestock   March 5 at 6:16pm

Your welcome!!!

Rob Dahmen   March 9 at 1:02pm


John Minicuci   March 5 at 3:11am

Mar 4th

37 players tonight. We had some new comers, and some people come back for the first time this year!! Get your friends out!!!

Double Tap:
Michael Henry made 2 for a cool $135

Top Putters:
87% - Jay Binienda
85% - Chef Schulte

$2 Doubles:
$25 - Jay Binienda
$5 - Daymon Pugh

Brandon Redmond/David Banninger took down Chef Schulte/Chris Grogis in a close match down to the final putt.

See everyone next week. Lets have a good showing, only a few weeks left.


Rob Dahmen   February 26 at 2:57am

Feb 25

40 players tonight. I want to see 48+ again to start using 4 courts!

Double Tap:
Roger Blanton went 2 for 2 to win $340!

Top Putters:
83% - Matt Oller
78% - Breon Coleman
78% - Brent Moreno

$2 Doubles:
$29 - Matt Oller
$5 - Brent Moreno

Michael Schlimgen/Ben Caverly took down Ron Jacobs/Chris Bongiorno in a long but even match.

See everyone next week!


Rob Dahmen   February 19 at 3:22am

Feb 18

42 people tonight. Getting more, but never enough!

Double Tap:
Brandon Redmond got called for the 4th time this year. Going for $740 but only made one.
Kevin Williamson became a member tonight and sunk 2 putts under pressure for $555!

Kevin Williamson won and Envy and a MCCG patch
Michael Henry won a couple Double Tap putters
Katie Banninger won a Double Tap Buzzz
Diana Stojkovic won a Tyler Bertuzzi signed Buzzz
Michael Lee Cook won a McBeth Luna donated by Paul Kenny Carls ... more

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Shaun Adkins   February 19 at 12:55pm


Rob Dahmen   February 20 at 11:16pm


Rob Dahmen   February 20 at 11:20pm

I had no idea, I just did a quick search. They are uncle and nephew and both play(ed) for the Red Wings. Honest mistake!

Rob Dahmen   February 12 at 3:10am

Feb 11

40 people tonight. Good, but we can do better!

Double Tap:
$560: Matt Oller - only made one
$420: Ty Alfano - missed both
$550 carries over

Top Putters:
84%: Brent Moreno
83%: Matt Oller

Matt Oller/Ben Caverly beat Mark Oller/Roger Blanton

We had some technical difficulties we hope to work out for next week. Get your friends out here. We had 2 new poeple this week!


Rob Dahmen   February 5 at 6:36pm

Feb 4

Only 36 people tonight. Light crowd. Please bring some people out! We miss you!

Brandon Dub was generous enough to pass on his entry tonight since he was a little late and keep us from going to a Cali, ghost, and 4 courts! What a guy!

Double Tap:
Michael Henry missed one putt
Brandon Redmond missed one putt
$405 carries over

Ty Alfano/Kevin Williamson took down Chris Grogis/@Michael Shlemgen in the finals

Top Putters:
94% Jay Binienda
86% Daymon Pugh

See you next week!


Rob Dahmen   January 28 at 8:29pm

Jan 28

We are not having putting league tonight due to the weather.
See you next week.


Rob Dahmen   January 23 at 2:48pm

Jan 21

46 ppl tonight. Good showing. All done before 10pm!

Double Tap:
Robert Barker for $280 but only made one
Daymon Pugh for $210 but missed both

Top putters for the night:
Jason Flowers for 84%
Brent Moreno for 79%

Robert Dahmen/David Banninger took down Gary Hutchinson/Michael Cook


Rob Dahmen   January 15 at 3:08am

Jan 14

38 players tonight. Talk to your friends and get more people out here! More people means higher payouts!

Double Tap:
Brandon Redmond went for $160 but only made one
Jake Turner went for $120 but only made one (of 4 due to interference)

Top Putters for the night:
Jay Binienda - 90%
Ty Alfano - 81%

In the finals Jay Binienda/Jake Klapko took down Brandon Redmond/John Minicuci


Rob Dahmen   January 8 at 2:59am

Jan 7

Only 40 people tonight, we miss more people!
We kept pulling for Double Tap until someone won.
- John Minicuci missed both
- Jay Binienda miss both
- Rob Dahmen missed one
- Shaun Adkins missed one
- Jay Binienda finally made both for $140

Top putter for the night were Rob Dahmen (82%) and Gary Hutchinson (78%)

Jay Binienda/Nick Cooke took down Rob Dahmen/Krystal Fromm in the finals

We are happy to be back after a couple weeks off. See everyone next week.


Rob Dahmen   December 18 at 3:36am

Dec 17

56 people tonight for a new record.
Thanks everyone who came out for our Flymart.

Jay Binienda was pulled for Double Tap and made both for $1000!!!!

Top putters for the night were Brent Moreno 85% and Ryan Herzog 82%

Michael Schlimgen/Mike Benno took down Michael McGinnis/Wayne Jodway in the finals.

We will be taking a couple weeks off for the holidays. See everyone when we are back on January 7th.


Rob Dahmen   December 14 at 6:21pm


We are looking for a head count for who will set up at the Flymart this coming Monday 12/17 to give Donna a heads up for set up.

So far we have:
Paul Kenny (Discraft Disc Golf)
Samantha Socia (Mitten Bags)
Will Greenway (Small City Disc Golf)
Jay Binienda
Ziggy Bierekoven
Michael Lee Cook
Jake Turner
Matt Oller
Nate Buban

If you (or someone you know) wants to set up as well hit us up!

Samantha Gilbert   December 14 at 6:50pm

Dub and I will be in the poker room selling Double Tap tickets and discs. ALSO...Dubs daughter, Ava, will be with us selling/fundraising her famous cookies and brownies for an upcoming school trip to Boston!

John Minicuci   December 14 at 9:25pm

Me likeee coooookeeee!

Rob Dahmen   December 11 at 3:44am

Dec 10

53 people tonight for our Pizza Party!!

Michael Paul Fisher and Ron Jacobs both missed both their putts for double tap. $760 carries over to next week. We should be approaching $1,000 next week! Come out everyone! Unlimited Tickets!

Added raffel sponsered by your own John B Minicuci:
Paul Kenny Carlstrom won the Ted Lindsay and Dino Ciccarelli Discs.
Samantha Gilbert won the Todd Bertuzzi and STAR WARS Yoda Discs.

Ron Jacobs and @Aaron Anderson defeated Jason Sullivan and KayCee Rae C ... more

Jay B   December 11 at 11:35am

I will need a spot

Matt Oller   December 11 at 3:04pm

I will need a spot also. I'll bring vintage rocs, aviars and drivers in all blends. PLAYERS!! Let me know if you are looking for a specific type of disc, I just may have it!

John Minicuci   December 10 at 5:07am

Monday, December 10, 2018 ...

FlyMart at 5 Star will be on 12/17
With the wide variety of interests from out group I'm sure everyone can find something they are interested in. I even hear there may be some of those new Discraft Star Wars Discs available...

Comment here or let us know if you need a table.

Exciting News: DISCRAFT will be there themselves with some goodies. If you have any special request let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Andy Bawol   December 11 at 2:52pm

Swirly ESP Surges and then someone mail them to me!

John Minicuci   December 11 at 8:36pm

And before Christmas, right?

Andy Bawol   December 12 at 8:22pm

ASAP! But seriously, if they actually have them, I want them.

Rob Dahmen   November 27 at 3:17am

Nov 26

A little less tonight with just 47 ppl. Where is everyone?!

Brandon Dub and Brad Fuelling both missed both their putts in Double Tap so $420 carries over to next week.
Dave Tomlinson and Brad Fuelling held off Gary Hutchinson and Colleen Boreo in the finals. (what a night it could have been for Brad...)
Top putters for the night were once again Matt (88%) and Jay (84%)

FYI: in 2 weeks (Dec 10th) we will have a FlyMart) Let me know if you want space for a table to sell stuff.

John Minicuci   December 10 at 5:02am

FYI: Plans have changed. December 10 will be the Putting League Christmas Party and December 17 will be the Fly Mart.

Rob Dahmen   November 20 at 3:34am

Nov 19

Another good turn out tonight. 50ppl!
Matt Oller and Chef Schulte both missed one putt for the Double Tap so the pot carries over.
Krystal Fromm Cody Vanhevel won the finals over Jake Turner and Ty Alfano.
Top Putters were: Jay Binienda (89%), Matt Oller (86%)

Matt Oller   November 20 at 2:52pm

Krystal and Cody played awesome in the playoffs!

Rob Dahmen   November 13 at 3:32am

Nov 12

We had a great turn out this week! 51 ppl.
Jay Binienda went 100% this week (until the playoffs).
But he still pulled it off with Scott Kuechle against Mike H and and John M in the finals to pull it off for the win!
Thanks everyone, please come back again for more!


John Minicuci   November 6 at 2:47am

Nov 5

It's still nice out so we had a small showing this week. Only 36.
Good times though had by all (I hope).
Matt Oller was 100% going into the Double Tap and drained them both taking home last years carry over and the new pot this week for a total of $440.
Matt Oller and Shaun Adkins were the top players in their respective pool so they were favored to win. They did it, going undefeated the whole night and winning over Jake Turner and Diana Stojkovic in the finals.

Matt Oller   November 6 at 2:59pm

4 misses on the night including playoff rounds, I'll try to clean that up for next time...

John Minicuci   November 6 at 8:18pm

You were on fire!

Daymon Pugh   November 6 at 8:24pm

Move up

Rob Dahmen   November 3 at 2:24am

You ready?

This coming Monday! We're back!
Feel free to hit me up letting me know your coming!

David TomlinsonTBS   November 3 at 9:47pm

I'll be there for show

Matt Oller   November 5 at 2:42pm

Mark and Matt Oller will be there..

Rob Dahmen   October 24 at 2:09pm

New season

Welcome to the 2018/2019 season of Putting League at 5Star Lanes!
Read through the about section on the league and let me know if you have any questions.
For the 2017/2018 season stats see the below link.