Sunnybrook Indoor Putting 2018 - 2019 at 5 Star Lanes

November '18 - March '19 • Troy, Michigan
Putting league

Ace poolDouble Tap (2018/19 Members Only)

as of December 11

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Monday, December 17 @ 6:15pm
5 Star Lanes
Troy, MI


Dec 10, 2018 · Best putters
Matt Oller 87 0
Jay Binienda 81 0
Michael Fisher 81 0
Gary Hutchinson 80 0
Jason Sullivan 78 0
Daymon Pugh 75 0
Ron Jacobs 74 0
Jim Stack 71 0
Tyler Alfano 67 0
Rob Dahmen 66 0
Chris Grogis 65 0
Mike Benno 64 0
Jake Klapko 64 0
Breon Coleman 61 0
Nicholas Cooke 60 0
Brad Fuelling 60 0
Brian Hurley 60 0
James Kim 59 0
Michael Cook 59 0
Justin Lohr 58 0
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About this League

Putting league - 85 all-time players - 85 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$10.00 ace pool entry
Season 10 Sunnybrook No touching of the hair or face Double Tap Spank the Monkey 5 Star HopSlam All of the above may not be part of what we do today but they ARE a part of our past that has shaped us into what have become. As I type this I am amazed that we have reached 10 years old now and I continue to see other putting league form in our own local areas, around the state, and nationwide. You are all trendsetters and I cannot thank you enough for the support! Here is 5 Star Lanes ...
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League News

Rob Dahmen   1 day ago


We are looking for a head count for who will set up at the Flymart this coming Monday 12/17 to give Donna a heads up for set up.

So far we have:
Paul Kenny (Discraft Disc Golf)
Samantha Socia (Mitten Bags)
Will Greenway (Small City Disc Golf)
Jay Binienda
Ziggy Bierekoven
Michael Lee Cook
Jake Turner
Matt Oller
Nate Buban

If you (or someone you know) wants to set up as well hit us up!

Samantha Gilbert   1 day ago

Dub and I will be in the poker room selling Double Tap tickets and discs. ALSO...Dubs daughter, Ava, will be with us selling/fundraising her famous cookies and brownies for an upcoming school trip to Boston!

John Minicuci   21 hours ago

Me likeee coooookeeee!

Rob Dahmen   5 days ago

Dec 10

53 people tonight for our Pizza Party!!

Michael Paul Fisher and Ron Jacobs both missed both their putts for double tap. $760 carries over to next week. We should be approaching $1,000 next week! Come out everyone! Unlimited Tickets!

Added raffel sponsered by your own John B Minicuci:
Paul Kenny Carlstrom won the Ted Lindsay and Dino Ciccarelli Discs.
Samantha Gilbert won the Todd Bertuzzi and STAR WARS Yoda Discs.

Ron Jacobs and @Aaron Anderson defeated Jason Sullivan and KayCee Rae C ... more

Jay B   4 days ago

I will need a spot

Matt Oller   4 days ago

I will need a spot also. I'll bring vintage rocs, aviars and drivers in all blends. PLAYERS!! Let me know if you are looking for a specific type of disc, I just may have it!

John Minicuci   6 days ago

Monday, December 10, 2018 ...

FlyMart at 5 Star will be on 12/17
With the wide variety of interests from out group I'm sure everyone can find something they are interested in. I even hear there may be some of those new Discraft Star Wars Discs available...

Comment here or let us know if you need a table.

Exciting News: DISCRAFT will be there themselves with some goodies. If you have any special request let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Andy Bawol   4 days ago

Swirly ESP Surges and then someone mail them to me!

John Minicuci   4 days ago

And before Christmas, right?

Andy Bawol   3 days ago

ASAP! But seriously, if they actually have them, I want them.

Rob Dahmen   November 27 at 3:17am

Nov 26

A little less tonight with just 47 ppl. Where is everyone?!

Brandon Dub and Brad Fuelling both missed both their putts in Double Tap so $420 carries over to next week.
Dave Tomlinson and Brad Fuelling held off Gary Hutchinson and Colleen Boreo in the finals. (what a night it could have been for Brad...)
Top putters for the night were once again Matt (88%) and Jay (84%)

FYI: in 2 weeks (Dec 10th) we will have a FlyMart) Let me know if you want space for a table to sell stuff.

John Minicuci   6 days ago

FYI: Plans have changed. December 10 will be the Putting League Christmas Party and December 17 will be the Fly Mart.

Rob Dahmen   November 20 at 3:34am

Nov 19

Another good turn out tonight. 50ppl!
Matt Oller and Chef Schulte both missed one putt for the Double Tap so the pot carries over.
Krystal Fromm Cody Vanhevel won the finals over Jake Turner and Ty Alfano.
Top Putters were: Jay Binienda (89%), Matt Oller (86%)

Matt Oller   November 20 at 2:52pm

Krystal and Cody played awesome in the playoffs!

Rob Dahmen   November 13 at 3:32am

Nov 12

We had a great turn out this week! 51 ppl.
Jay Binienda went 100% this week (until the playoffs).
But he still pulled it off with Scott Kuechle against Mike H and and John M in the finals to pull it off for the win!
Thanks everyone, please come back again for more!


John Minicuci   November 6 at 2:47am

Nov 5

It's still nice out so we had a small showing this week. Only 36.
Good times though had by all (I hope).
Matt Oller was 100% going into the Double Tap and drained them both taking home last years carry over and the new pot this week for a total of $440.
Matt Oller and Shaun Adkins were the top players in their respective pool so they were favored to win. They did it, going undefeated the whole night and winning over Jake Turner and Diana Stojkovic in the finals.

Matt Oller   November 6 at 2:59pm

4 misses on the night including playoff rounds, I'll try to clean that up for next time...

John Minicuci   November 6 at 8:18pm

You were on fire!

Daymon Pugh   November 6 at 8:24pm

Move up

Rob Dahmen   November 3 at 2:24am

You ready?

This coming Monday! We're back!
Feel free to hit me up letting me know your coming!

David Tomlinson   November 3 at 9:47pm

I'll be there for show

Matt Oller   November 5 at 2:42pm

Mark and Matt Oller will be there..

Rob Dahmen   October 24 at 2:09pm

New season

Welcome to the 2018/2019 season of Putting League at 5Star Lanes!
Read through the about section on the league and let me know if you have any questions.
For the 2017/2018 season stats see the below link.