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March - October 2022 • Livonia, Michigan
Mixed league

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Wednesday, August 17 @ 6:00pm
Lola Valley
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Aug 3, 2022 · Top scores
Boardman Park
The Hill
Long tees 2x, 18 holes
-5 55
Andrew Kirkhart
-5 55
Sean Dietrich
-2 58
Pat Cox
-2 58
Bryce Harrell
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Mixed league - 46 all-time players - 27 active players
No fee to play in this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
Udisc scoring & digital buy in Venmo: @DietrichCreative Paypal: [email protected] or @DietrichCreative Unconventional Disc Golf Rounds Presented by Sh!tty Britches Bag Tag League Reg opens at 5:45pm Roll-call at 6p All rounds are FREE to play round. Optional stuff includes ace pool ($2) / CTPs ($3) We play disc golf for fun with tons of different round styles such as: dice rounds, putter only rounds, Ript Revenge, doubles, match play, caddy challenge, bag swap, and mo ...
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League News

Sean Dietrich   6 days ago

3 Disc Challenge - Northridge 8.10.22

League this week will be a 3 disc challenge at Northridge. The only twist is you don't get to pick your 3 discs.

Tom and Jeff will be your guest hosts this week while Todd and I are at Ledgestone. Please try to be there a bit before 6pm for check in, you can still do venmo if needed, but I'm sure they'd prefer just dealing cash only.


Sean Dietrich   August 4 at 12:47pm

High Low Doubles 8.4.22

Thanks to all who came out and braved the tornado winds last night, I tried to cut off everyone's round at 9 holes and just assume you all parred out for the last 9 to make sense of the scores.

Andrew K / Sean D were 5 down through 9
Pat C / Bryce H were 2 down through 9
Dave/Jeff and Todd/Randall were -1 through 9
Max Z/Jack D were even through 9

Merch - Todd C hole 8 with a Justice blasting through the branches
Cash - Sean D hole 2 with a forehand zone in the crosswind


Sean Dietrich   August 2 at 1:54pm

High Low Doubles - Wednesday at The Hill

This week we are back at The Hill - Boardman Park this week for High Low Doubles

Highest rated or ranked pairs with lowest rated we are playing 9 short and 9 long

Tee off at 6p
Don’t forget we got some new sweet CTPs


Todd Cavender   August 2 at 1:05pm

2 Off the Tee -

We had a gorgeous night last Wed for league. 15 people showed up. We played a DGLO warmup round at Indy West. We had 2 surprise guests from out-of-town show up, Chad Cavender and Ryan Cook. Some old familiar faces made it out as well, Craig & Don. Heck we even went for beers after!

We had 4 CTP's up for grabs!!!! yes 4!

Hole 2 - Mummy Stamped Insanity - GAVIN KING
Hole 7 - Neon Proton Insanity - TOM STAMPER
Hole 14 - Buzz GT - GAVIN KING
Hole 17 - DGA Rift & SB Towel - RYA ... more


Sean Dietrich   July 21 at 1:02pm

Disc Dice 7.20.22

Conditions were perfect for Dice, we had sustained 15mph winds with 30mph gusts. The dice were not kind to our card asking us to throw 6 rollers off the tee and understable discs into the headwind, but we had a blast anyway.

Russell takes home his first win in pro tour style fashion laying up for the drop in par. Congrats!

Gavin K won the straight up throw CTP on hole 3 for cash
Pat C won the soft zone for the dice CTP on hole 4

Next week we are headed to Wagner Park in Royal Oak for a bag swap round! Todd will be running the league and I'll be on vacation with my feet up.


Sean Dietrich   July 14 at 12:39pm

Putter Round 7.13.22

We had two cards for our putter only round at Kensington Green Shorts.
A couple of us found we play better with putters than with our normal bag on that course.

We had a tight one Sean D on the first card took a 6 on hole 18 to give up a bunch of stroke and give Gavin a chance to make a comeback, but due to a snafu on 17 Gavin gave a 2 strokes back and ended up taking second by 1 stroke.

Mike K - took home cash CTP
Jeff G - took home merch CTP - sweet tye-dye Discraft hat.

Next w ... more


Sean Dietrich   July 13 at 2:01pm

Kensington Green Short- Putter Only Round Today!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of our SB members that live up north or east today because we are playing out at Kensington in your backyard.

Check in at 5:30, if you're running late for a 6p tee off let me know. 313-269-5108

(zones are allowed)


Sean Dietrich   July 12 at 12:37pm

Kensington Putter Round (zones included) 7.13.22

On Wednesday we are playing putters only yes I'm a cruel dictator and allowing zones even though the are a 4 speed.

If you have a preference on which Kensington course we play fill out the poll on the facebook page.


Sean Dietrich   July 7 at 12:27pm

Nash Park Ript 7.6.22

We had 10 people out for our first combined Sh!tty Britches round at Nash park. I'd love to get your feedback if you would like to send me an inbox message or text.

Pretty much everyone tried Ript for the first time and if anyone was curious I did feel personally victimized by Regina George.

I don't know if anyone else drove with a mini, but I did 4 times, but fortunately I had some swap lie cards to apply instant karma. I know there were some great park jobs and I hope ever ... more


Sean Dietrich   July 6 at 1:19pm

Nash Park Tonight - Ript Revenge Round

We are playing a Ript Revenge Round, so with your card you'll be playing against them.

Temporary layout will be setup before the round probably by 5pm we have 9 baskets coming, thanks to Tom, Jeff and Chris for bringing some baskets.

Check in at the parking lot by my Blue F-150.

Again free to play $3 CTP and $2 Ace pool optional buy in.


Sean Dietrich   July 5 at 1:25pm

League Is WEDNESDAY - Not Tonight

We are playing Nash Park in Livionia and will be setting up a temporary course.

Todd, Tom and I have 6 baskets between us. Please let me know if you can bring one of the 3 last baskets we need. Thanks.


Sean Dietrich   June 29 at 11:26am

You Guys Are Awesome!

We raised $45 for the Palmer Park Tee Pads thanks to your generosity and desperate need for mulligans, Chris already has the money and they have 14 tee pads framed out so far and your donations help a bunch.

As for our round, we played the Safari Layout for the last time for awhile with 2 new holes, one incorporating the triple mando soccer goal (an homage to Northridge Hole 7) and a lengthened practice hole.

Dave C / Sean D took home first with a scorching -12 and smart use of one mulliga ... more

Tom Stamper   June 29 at 6:22pm

I can bring a basket on Wednesday

Sean Dietrich   June 27 at 2:35pm

Palmer Park Fundraiser Tuesday

Hey everyone so in addition to our Safari Round Tuesday we are going to do a mulligan fund raiser for Palmer Park Detroit Tee Pads.

$5/mulligan all proceeds go to the Palmer Park Detroit Tee Pads

If you see this and just want to donate you can send it as friends and family to PayPal [email redacted] or Venmo @DietrichCreative (Label it Palmer Park Tee Pad Donation)


Sean Dietrich   June 22 at 5:12pm

SB Double 6.21.22

It was a hot one last night and we had some good shooting, we played the Safari Layout with 2 islands and if you didn't get your Ace this week it's only getting tougher next week!

Todd C / Sean D took first with a -7, we had a playoff for second between Randall E/Chris K and Gavin K/Cali and Gavin took home second.

Merch CTP was won by Chris K for a sweet discraft lightweight hoodie
Cash CTP - was untouched apparently the island was too small for anyone to hit this week with t ... more


Sean Dietrich   June 15 at 1:44pm

SB Doubles 6.14.22

We had some new attendees last night with Lauren and Sophie, thanks for coming out last night.

We played the Safari layout with 2 island holes on 12 and 18.

Chris and Gavin King took first with -7
Jeff G and Randall E took second with -6

Randall E took cash CTP
Gavin K took merch CTP which was an upper park bag


Sean Dietrich   June 14 at 3:59pm

Tuesday Doubles

Reminder we start at 6pm tonight and are playing the safari layout again, with 2 new islands.


Sean Dietrich   June 8 at 11:33am

Safari Layout 6.8.22

We had a beautiful night to trounce around Boardman park last night. We had 3 full cards and some great competition as we all played the course for the first time.

Aaron O / Gavin K - took down 1st place with a -10 (Aaron still undefeated when he attends league)

Sean D / Brett M - took second with a -9

ACE HIT - Chris King takes home the first official league Ace for $200

Merch - Jeff G - Bushnell Binoculars
Cash - Pat Cox

Everyone seemed to enjoy the safari layout so we will continue to do it with some tweaks for the next 3 weeks in June.


Sean Dietrich   June 1 at 1:58pm

Leave Udisc Reviews for Melvindale Riverfront

If you have Udisc (which all of you should by now) please leave a review on the app for the course. It will help get more players out once the rating goes up. Thanks.


Sean Dietrich   June 1 at 1:44pm

Glow 5.31.22

First Round at Melvindale Riverfront!

The first timers learned how rough the rough can be, but we had a fun round with a ton of ace runs on the short 12.

We played 12 long / 12 short and had some pretty good shooting, two teams (Sean/Randall) and (Jeff/Gavin) tied at -12 with a CTP for the 1st place cash being taken home by Sean/Randall.

Welcome first timer to league and course originator Keith Lozar as well he and Travis shot -2 taking third place.

Cash CTP - was won by Travis W
Merch CTP - was won by Chris King (Glow Captain and Wubbie)


Sean Dietrich   May 31 at 2:05pm

Glow Tonight at Melvindale Riverfront - DON'T GO TO THE HILL THIS WEEK

Come out tonight and try the new layout at Melvindale Riverfront for our FINAL GLOW ROUND before we move the start time earlier. [First time ladies free to play - can choose to pay in for CTP and Ace pool]

Check in before 7:30p.

Half price app with purchase of drink sponsored by Triple Crown Sports Bar


Sean Dietrich   May 26 at 5:07pm

Last Glow Night 5.31.22

This week will be sponsored by Triple Crown Sports Bar & Grill. They are right around the corner from the Melvindale Riverfront.

Half price appetizer with purchase of a drink, let them know you are playing the disc golf course for league this week and that's why you're there.

Great place to hang out and grab a bite before the round.

Randall Ertman II   May 27 at 5:40pm

Hole 12 basket, pole rusted out and broken from under cage area. Basket sitting at and usable at ground level as a lowered

Sean Dietrich   May 31 at 2:06pm

I repaired this on Sunday, if there's any last second issues let me know.

Sean Dietrich   May 25 at 12:07pm

Glow 5.25.22

Announcements: Next week 5/31/22 will be at Melvindale Riverfront at 7:30p at 4300 S Dearborn St, Melvindale, MI 48122. This will be our last glow round at least for now.

We had a good showing last night and some competitive cards, we played long/short layout.

Sean/Chris took first with -6, with a close second Jeff/Travis came in at -5 and right behind them at third was Gavin and Mike K

Todd - cash CTP
Jeff G - merch - super sweet dynamic discs insulated water bottle
Chris K - merch from last week - tee shirt


Sean Dietrich   May 19 at 2:22pm

Tuesday Glow Feedback Survey

Hey everyone, I wanted to do a survey to make sure we are doing everything we can to make the league a good time and worth coming to.

Please take this 5 question survey and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


Sean Dietrich   May 18 at 11:01am

Glow 5.17.22

We had some more great weather and daylight for about 12 holes tonight. The layout was 18 long which as you all know is pretty challenging. We had a nail biter with 4 holes left to play Gavin and Mike tried to chase down Sean (cali) but just fell short.

Sean (cali) took solo first with -4 and Gavin/Mike were right behind at -2

Chis K - Merch CTP (rain check til next week)
Sean D - Cash CTP


Sean Dietrich   May 17 at 5:25pm

Glow Tonight!

We have some more great weather and clear skies for glow tonight.

Layout tonight is 18 Long, CTPs will be on holes 2 and 6.

Ace pool is $172


Sean Dietrich   May 11 at 11:02am

Glow Dubs Recap 5.11.22

We had good turnout now the weather has finally decided to cooperate and are looking forward to seeing more familiar faces next week.

We played Longs first and Shorts second. I'm told we had some near misses for the ace pot as well. Which is up to $178.

Gavin King / Sean Dietrich took first with -11 and Travis W / Mikey P took second with -5

Cash CTP - Todd C
Merch CTP - Chris King - Discmania Maestro


Todd Cavender   May 10 at 5:26pm

GORGEOUS Night for Glow!!!!!

Hello everyone, we will be back this week. Come on out and enjoy the awesome weather tonight with the rest of us!!! get your glow on! Tee-Off is at 7:30pm


Todd Cavender   May 3 at 6:39pm


Due to the weather we ae canceling GLOW tonight. We will be back next week. :)

Steve Nolff A3   May 3 at 9:00pm

glow scuba???

Sean Dietrich   April 27 at 11:39am

Glow Dubs 4.27.22

Ok this should have been the last cold Tuesday for real. We had two cards last night and some crazy wind. The layout was longs / shorts.

Gavin/Sean took home first with -6, Tom S/Randall E took second with a -2.

Travis - won merch CTP t-shirt on hole 3
Randall - "The Cash CTP Hunter" took home cash on hole 7


Sean Dietrich   April 20 at 12:10pm

Glow Dubs 4.19.22

We had a small crew for the last cold Tuesday (fingers crossed) of the spring. We played Odds long 2x around. We had some incredible putts on hole 6 from Gavin/Mike and a rare birdie on hole 5 Sean/Chris. Coming into the last hole 2 short we had a tie between Mike/Gavin and Sean/Chris.

Chris/Sean won first place with a -6, Gavin/Mike ended with -5 for second and Randall/Jeff ended with a -1 after a few unfortunate bogeys at the end of the round.

Gavin - won merch CTP Teedevil from hole 1 long
Randall- won cash CTP on hole 2 short hitting the pole in the first round


Sean Dietrich   April 13 at 12:07pm

Glow Dubs 4.13.22

What a night, everyone started out on a heater, just like the weather. Beautiful night, we played shorts twice so it was anyone's game.

Mike K/Sean D took down first with -9, and we had a tie for second with Tom S/Travis W and Randall E/Jeff G both at -6. We did a playoff hole from 1 short to 4 basket followed by a CTP hole from 4 basket to 2 basket. Randall and Jeff were able to put it closest for the prize money.

Jeff G - won merch CTP (Addicted T shirt and Discraft Lanyard)
Sean D - won cash CTP


Sean Dietrich   April 7 at 12:25pm

SB Glow Dubs 4.5.22

We had a nice night finally to play some disc golf, the standing water receded and the mulch helped make the course way nicer to play on, as well as Randall and Jeff going through and cutting down the ankle biters that were tripping hazards.

We played Longs/Shorts Mike K/Sean D took down 1st with -4, Todd C/Tom S took down 2nd with -2 and Randall E (Cali) took 3rd with Even.

Randall won the merch CTP on hole 8
Sean D won cash CTP on hole 5

It just keeps getting nicer and I'm lo ... more


Sean Dietrich   March 31 at 4:10pm

Work Day Saturday 4.2.22

I know many of you have offered to help with a work day, Saturday morning at 9am we are going to meetup to spread some mulch provided by the City around the 3 tee pads that really need it and around a couple of the baskets.

Please bring wheel barrows, shovels and rakes to spread mulch. Thanks so much!

Sean Dietrich   March 31 at 4:14pm

Meet at the Pavilion at 9am

Sean Dietrich   March 30 at 11:24am

SB Glow Dubs 3.29.22

It was hopefully out last really cold night as we are finally exiting March and we had a close one. On double shorts it was anyone's night.

Randall E and Sean D led with -5 and there was a 3 way tie for third between Todd C/Tom S, Jake A/Joe T, Travis W/Jeff G. Todd and Tom won the CTP playoff to take 2nd place cash.

Jake A- won merch CTP with a Glow Gator
Randall E - won cash CTP

I'm looking forward to the warmer weather in the weeks to come, thanks all who made it out.


Sean Dietrich   March 23 at 12:02pm

SB Glow Dubs 3.23.22

We had a brave few come out despite the rain and had a first time winner with Travis W this week. We played longs and shorts.

Randall E and Travis W shot -1 to clinch first, Todd C and Ryan C took second with +1 and Mike K and Jeff G came in at third at +3.

Mike K - won merch CTP
Randall E- won cash CTP

Jeff Gorka   March 23 at 1:12pm

I won merch

Todd Cavender   March 23 at 1:30pm

Sorry Jeff, I couldn't tell with the hood up. :)

Jeff Gorka   March 23 at 2:12pm

No worries Todd!

Sean Dietrich   March 16 at 11:36am

SB Glow Dubs 3.16.22

We played 9 short 9 long fortunately the water has receded, so for the first time in league everyone got to play 5 and 9 long, which may have been reflected in the scores.

Quad-ron (Aaron Odea and Aaron Simon) took down first with a -5, Mikey Pilon/Sean Dietrich and Randal E/Jeff Szelag tied for second doing at -4 doing a two hole playoff which Randal/Jeff won for second, bumping Mikey/Sean to 3rd. Honorable mention for Craig/Shane/Tom and Jeremy for shooting -3.

I made the mistake of ... more


Sean Dietrich   March 9 at 1:15pm

SB Glow Dubs 3.8.22

We played longs first and shorts second. Due to water we played 5 short twice and 9 we played from 7 long both times. We had enough to run 4 cards with 15 people.

Sean D and Randal E took first with a -14, Brian M and Jeff G tied for second with Russell T at -7 and did a playoff CTP for 2nd place cash which Brian and Jeff won. Honorary 3rd place went to Ryan M and Aaron S with a -6.

Tom S - won merch CTP
Brian P - won cash CTP

Thanks everyone for coming out, looking forward to next week.


Sean Dietrich   March 2 at 12:25pm

SB Glow Dubs 3.1.22

Thanks everyone who came out it was a blast, the digital buy in and Udisc should go smoother next time.

We played shorts 2x for 18 holes, we had 3 full cards. First place was Brian and Sean with a hot -12 round. Steve and Randall were not far behind with -7. For third place we had a tie between (Todd & Craig) and (Tom S and Mike K) who opted to split the $10 cash.

Mike Kelly, I need a paypal or venmo to send your portion of the winnings.


Todd Cavender   February 22 at 3:27pm

1 week away!!!!

The lights are IN!!! We did a trial run last night and they are working well. The park is VERY WET! If the weather changes it could get really icy. Pads will be salted if that's the case. We are going to do SHORT/SHORT the first night. Be sure to setup your U-disc profile if you don't have one. Can't wait to see everyone next Tues!!!

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