Old Farm Summer League

April - August 2024 • Grand Rapids (Kentwood), Michigan
Singles league

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as of July 13

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Saturday, July 20 @ 10:00am
Old Farm Park
Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI


Jul 6, 2024 · Top scores
Old Farm Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
+2 56
Zack Kelly
E 54
Maxwell Spanklemaker
-9 45
Heath Rougeau
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About this League

Singles league - 246 all-time players - 163 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
This league meets every Saturday. Tee offs will be available anytime between 10:00am-12:00pm. This will be a singles league. After you have 3 rounds you will receive a handicap. Two hot rounds will be awarded each week. One for the actual hot round and one for the handicapped hot round. You are only eligible for one hot round each week. You must be a GRDGU club member to qualify for either hot round. Ace pool will be capped at $500. Non GRDGU members will only be eligible to win half of the cur ...
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League News

Rueben Brown   6 days ago

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 13

Shout out to the 60 players that came out to play past week! No Aces hit, giving us the start to another streak. Hot Rounds go to Nathan Labine and Brandy Rebecca Johnson and Handicap Hot Rounds go to Eric Algerheim and Christa Studebaker!
This week's flag winners:
Hole 1 - CTP Greg Getschow
Hole 2 - CTP Nicco Sheeter
Hole 3 - 50/50 Juan Lopez
Hole 4 - LP Greg Getschow
Hole 5 - CTP Mike Osweiler
Hole 6 - LP Zack Gnass
Hole 7 - CTP Simon Vernon
Hole 8 - CTP Jeff Turner
Hole 9 - ... more


Rueben Brown   6 days ago

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 12

Thanks to the 70 people that came out to run Ace's last week! Many attempted to take the pot but only one managed to do it, so Congrats to Nathan Bivins on taking the whole $345 pot after his clean ace on Hole 9. With that, the pull has been reset and pot is now $70. Congrats to our Hot Round winners: Daniel Guzman IV and Brandy Rebecca Johnson. As well as our Handicap Hot Round winner: Brandon White and Manda Ashley
Flag winners:
Hole 1 - LP Eric Algerheim
Hole 2 - CTP Jeremy Anderso ... more


Rueben Brown   June 22 at 4:49am

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 11

First thing, first:
One more huge shout out to Travis Tol for taking over last week! It looks like we should have him out here more, y'all really showed up.
We had 71 players come out and play while RCO Ams was going on, so thank you all so much for continuing to support the league!
No Aces again so pool grows once more! We're now up to $345!! Competition is definitely going to start heating up, so casual reminder for those Ace Hunters out there: If you want to take home the FULL Ac ... more


Rueben Brown   June 21 at 4:18am

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 10

Thanks to the 73 people that came out to show the pros as RCO how this game is really played! Still no Aces hit, so pot going into week 11 will be $275! Aaron Meeuwsen and Macey Zinck are our Hot Round winners this week with Brandon White and Shelley Carden taking Handicap Hot Rounds.
The flag winners from this week:
Hole 1 - LP Gabriel G Hernandez
Hole 2 - CTP Alex Kellogg
Hole 3 - CTP David Ashley
Hole 4 - LP Ted Suykerbuyk
Hole 5 - CTP Steve Prindle
Hole 6 - LP Brad Patera
Hole ... more


Rueben Brown   June 21 at 4:17am

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 9

Big thanks to the 65 people that decided to try and beat the weather last week! No Ace hit so pot continues to grow! Hot Rounds going to Alex Kellogg, Matt Lemaitre and Reina McCarthy! Handicap Hot Rounds go to Mike Scott and Brandy Rebecca Johnson!
Flags breakdown:
Hole 1 - LP Matt Lemaitre
Hole 2 - CTP Greg Getschow
Hole 3 - 50/50 Chris Underwood Sr.
Hole 4 - Ladies CTP Margo Coon
Hole 5 - CTP Kai Licatessi
Hole 6 - LP Roy Ahola
Hole 7 - CTP Isaac Ghareeb
Hole 8 - CTP Nathan Hagerty-M ... more


Rueben Brown   June 1 at 11:18am

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 8

Shout out to the 69 (nice) people that came out to play last Saturday! Hot Rounds going to Alex Kellogg and Kaila Nycole. Handicap Hot Rounds go to Drake Anderson and Shelley Carden. No Ace hit, so pot grows to $136.

Flags as follows:
Hole 1 - CTP Jarad White
Hole 2 - CTP Nathan Bivins
Hole 3 - CTP Drake Anderson
Hole 4 - Ladies CTP Brandy Johnson
Hole 5 - LP Mike Scott
Hole 6 - LP Lamar Hardges
Hole 7 - LP Brady Fanco
Hole 8 - CTP Richie Fuller
Hole 9 - LP Matt Block
Hole 10 - ... more


Rueben Brown   May 27 at 5:10am

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 7

Shout out to the 67 people that kept Brandon Braisted company while I was away! Looking through the scores, I can see I wasn't the only one on my A game last week ????. Spencer Gee and Shelley Carden took hot rounds with a ???? -14 and +1 respectively! Handicap Hot Rounds go to Mike Scott and Brandy Johnson! Ace was hit by Christopher Melinn! The pot has been reset to $67.
Flags breakdown below:
Hole 1 CTP: ACED Chris Melinn
Hole 2 CTP: Aaron Meeuwsen
Hole 3 50/50: Matt Lemaitre
Hole 4 ... more


Shea Abbgy   May 20 at 2:05pm

Week 6

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 6
Welcome back to another midnight update and thanks to the 57 players that came out to play! No ace hit this week. Hot Rounds going to Richie Fuller and Brandy Johnson.
Handicap hot rounds: Devon Smith, Reina McCarthy, and Shelley Carden
Flags breakdown:
Hole 1 - CTP Rich Fuller
Hole 2 - CTP Reina McCarthy
Hole 3 - CTP Taylor Meeker
Hole 4 - LP Robert Alvarez
Hole 5 - CTP Chris Underwood Sr.
Hole 6 - LP Drake Anderson
Hole 7 - LP Devon Smith
Hole 8 - ... more


Shea Abbgy   May 13 at 1:12pm

Week 5

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 5
Huge Thanks to the 75 players that showed up last week, making it the most attended Old Farm week this Season! Hot Rounds for members Charlie Janho and Zack Gnass who both tied with a - 9????, and Ladies Hot Round for returning member Shelley CARDEN! An Ace was also hit by non member Tanner Powell on hole 7! Ace pot is now $105.50
Flags as follows:
Hole 1 CTP: Conner Kreider
Hole 2 CTP: Clayton James
Hole 3 50/50: Freddy Toppel
Hole 4 LP: David Burian
Hole 5 ... more


Shea Abbgy   May 6 at 5:59pm

Week 4

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 4
Thanks to the 61 people that came out to play last Saturday! Congrats to no member Ron Collins for his incredible Ace on hole 16! Hot Round and Lady's Hot Round going to members Conner Kreider and Elizabeth Szubinski respectively.
Flag breakdown as follows:
Hole 1 - LP Conner Kreider
Hole 2 - CTP Chris Underwood
Hole 3 - 50/50 Elizabeth Szubinski
Hole 4 - CTP Andrew Cervantes
Hole 5 - LP Dirk Smith
Hole 6 - CTP Nick J Anastor
Hole 7 - LP Nathan Lab ... more


Shea Abbgy   May 6 at 5:58pm

Week 3

GRDGU Old Farm League Week 3
Bet y'all thought I'd forgotten to make this post... Well, you right. I did.
Thanks to the 58 people that came out last week while I was away (one final shout out to Brandon Braisted for running for me)! No aces hit, so Ace pool will be starting at $131. Unfortunately, there wasn't an eligible player for Ladies Hot Round (casual reminder that only paid GRDGU members can qualify hot rounds), but member Matt Lemaitre took mixed hot round with a respect ... more


Shea Abbgy   April 22 at 12:56pm

Week 2

Old Farm League Week 2
Thanks to the 73 folks that came out to play on another gorgeous Saturday morning!
Elizabeth Szubinski and John Triezenberg shot respective Hot Rounds.
No Aces were hit this week.

Flag Breakdown:
Hole 1 - CTP Justin Bird
Hole 2 - CTP Anna Pillen
Hole 3 - CTP Drew Simington
Hole 4 - CTP Jacob Roossien
Hole 5 - LP Peter Jones
Hole 6 - LP Simon Vernon
Hole 7 - CTP Justin Bird
Hole 8 - Ladies CTP Elizabeth Szabinski
Hole 9 - CTP Michael Scott
Hole 10 - LP Steve ... more


Shea Abbgy   April 15 at 12:18pm

Week 1

Huge shout out to the 66 players that came to kick off week 1 of #GRDGU at Old Farm! We had 2 Aces hit by club members Nathan Labine and Jared Ypma! All cash prizes for ace pool and 50/50 can be picked up at league, or shoot me a message and we can arrange a pick up at Great Lakes Disc.
Hot Rounds go to members Nicholas George Fucinari and Carie Rockey
And flags are as follows:
Hole 1 - CTP Christopher Tammie Melinn
Hole 2 - CTP Seth Rockey
Hole 3 - 50/50 Matt Lemaitre
Hole 4 - Ladies CT ... more

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