Old Farm Summer League

June - August 2020 • Grand Rapids (Kentwood), Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of July 25

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Saturday, August 8 @ 11:00am
Old Farm Park
Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI


Jul 25, 2020 · Top scores
Old Farm Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
-10 44
Mike Anastor
-10 44
David Ashley
-10 44
Austin Redick
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About this League

Singles league - 189 all-time players - 157 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
This league meets every Saturday. Tee offs will be available anytime between 11:00am-1:00pm. This will be a singles league. After you have 3 rounds you will receive a handicap. Two hot rounds will be awarded each week. One for the actual hot round and one for the handicapped hot round. You are only eligible for one hot round each week. You must be a GRDGU club member to qualify for either hot round. Ace pool will be capped at $500. Non GRDGU members will only be eligible to win half of the curr ...
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League News

Chris Melinn   July 25 at 11:14pm

Week 7

Thanks to the 74 people who came out to try for the $313 ace pool. We had 1 ace today. Club member James Murphy hit hole 5 to win himself $313. There is no league next Saturday as our club is running The River City Open. In two weeks the ace pool will be $79 thank to a $5 donation to the ace pool from Justin Bird. Michael Anastor, David Ashley, and Austin Redick get hot rounds shooting 44’s. Megan Dophal and Elizabeth Szubinski get hot rounds shooting 55’s. Andrew Nguyen gets the ha ... more


Chris Melinn   July 19 at 6:34pm


Just a reminder that on 8-1-2020 The River City Open Am side starts so there will be no league. We will be back 8-8-2020.


Chris Melinn   July 19 at 6:28pm

Week 6

Thanks to the 81 people who showed up for Old Farm Summer League yesterday. David Ashley gets the Hot round shooting a 44. Handicapped hot round goes to Danny Garza. Elizabeth Szubinski and Claribel Martinez both get hot rounds shooting a 55. Nicole Lyn Loetz gets the handicapped hot round. Good shooting everyone. There were no aces so ace pool will be $313 next week. Hole winners as follows. Any hole not specified gets a $5 credit to Great Lakes Disc. Thanks Shea Abbgy.

1 Jeff Turner from T ... more


Chris Melinn   July 12 at 5:54pm

Week 5

Thanks to the 55 people who played Old Farm Summer League yesterday. Lightning John shot well (44) in the wind to get the Hot Round. Elizabeth Szubinski and Claribel Martinez both shot a 54 to get their Hot Rounds. Zack Gnass barely edged out Andrew French for the handicapped hot round and Nicole Lyn Loetz got the women’s handicapped hot round. Good shooting everyone. No aces hit this week so next weeks ace pool will be $232. Hole winners as follows. Hole winners get a $5 store credit to G ... more


Chris Melinn   July 7 at 1:37am

Week 4

Sorry for the late post. I was too busy on the 4th and completely forgot yesterday. Thanks to the 30 people who joined us on our Countries Day of Independence. Kirby Prelwitz Jr. shot the hot round of the day with a -10(44) so he gets his next round at Old Farm free. No aces this week so ace pool will be $177. Hole winners as follows as prizes are $5 credit to Great Lakes Disc unless specified. Thanks Shea Abbgy.

1 Taylor Martin
2 Sancho Valdez
3 Joshua Wingler from Bill Holton
4 Jose Gar ... more


Chris Melinn   July 3 at 1:40pm

Forth of July

I was going to cancel this week because I was playing in the Johnson Park Championship. However since my wife can’t join me there because of restrictions of no caddies or spectators I have withdrawn from the tournament. Because of this I decided to just go ahead and run League this week. Hope to see you all out there.


Chris Melinn   June 27 at 11:40pm

Week 3

A cool breezy start to the day but it sure did warm up when our last group teed off. It became sunny and muggy. Thanks to the 72 people who joined today. No aces today so ace pool will be $145 in 2 weeks. We will not be running Old Farm Summer League next Saturday. We will be hosting the Johnson Park Championship. This weeks hot round goes to Lightning John shooting a -11(43). This weeks women’s hot round goes to Shelby Stremus shooting a -2(52). Congratulations nice shooting. Hole winner ... more


Chris Melinn   June 20 at 9:10pm

Week 2

Thanks to the 68 people who braved the heat and played Old Farm Summer League today. We had 2 aces today. Both were members Claribel Martinez hit hole 3 and Lucas Leaf hit hole 8. They will be splitting the $78 pot. Nice job both of you. I owe Claribel a Women’s Hot round from week 1 shooting a 51 and she won this week also shooting a 54. Hot round this week is Lightning John and Richie Fuller shooting a 42. Good shooting guys.
Hole winners as follows. All holes but those specified are d ... more


Chris Melinn   June 18 at 2:27am

Week 1

So 1st round of Old Farm Summer League is in the books and what a pleasant (if somewhat windy) day for golf. Not sure who gets the hot round yet as I am having trouble accessing the membership file. Zack Gnass has the best round of the day shooting a 43(-11). If he is a member already he will have the free round if not I will announce the Hot Round when we figure it out. All prizes from Great Lakes Disc are $5 in store credit. Hole winners are as follows.
Hole 1 from Great Lakes Disc is Clarib ... more