Old Farm Summer League

Mixed formats May - September 2015 Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI

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Aug 24, 2014 · Top scores
Old Farm Park
Doubles, 18 holes
-30 24
Josue Vasquez
Matt Schultz
-29 25
Josh Spars
Paul Sella
-29 25
John Benson
Juan Vasquez
Overall standings
1Zach Leon94
2Drew Vandentoorn84
3Eric Karloski83
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Leaderboard updated 8/26/14

About this League

Mixed league - 99 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
Introducing The 2015 Old Farm Summer Disc Golf League! - League begins on May 3rd and runs 18 consecutive weeks, ending September 6th with an end of the year league tournament - League days: Sundays @ 3pm! - Each week is a $5 random flip doubles match with an optional $1 ace pool. 100% of the money will go towards weekly payouts! - We are especially excited about the style of play. Each week will rotate between different types of play, including Best Shot Doubles, Worst Shot Doubl ...
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League News

Eric Karloski   March 5 at 9:36am

Old Farm Summer League meeting

Plans for the 2015 Old Farm Disc Golf League are underway! Sunday, March 8th @3PM I would like interested/league players to meet at the Fleetwood Diner on 44th St. to talk about this year's league.

All I can confirm right now are as follows:
1. More league days
2. More sponsors = more CTP and LP prizes
3. League Discs with graphic
4. A better Alt Long course

Jonah Potter   3 days ago

Shoot, I was on a work trip to Florida and missed it. Anything exciting I should know about?

Eric Karloski   August 24 at 11:09am

Last league day for league points!

Today's league play will be the last day for league points. Next week we will hand out league standing prizes and have a rip-riotous time with our end-of-the-year tournament!

For our tournament we will be playing the alternative course with minor changes to holes 5, 7 and 9 per Lightning John's suggestion.

I will be there today - let's do this!!!


Eric Karloski   August 16 at 9:45am

Beefy Ace Jordan Cassady!

Nice ace Jordan Cassady on hole 13 at JC! That would take a beefy throw on a beefy hole. Jordan takes the pot gentlemen! We are back down to ZERO.

Tomorrow is worst-shot doubles at Old Farm. I again will not be there, and I apologize for this. However GAME ON!


Eric Karloski   August 16 at 9:44am

League is almost over... so let's do this!

After tomorrow we only have one more league day, then our end of the year tournament on August 31st. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and possibly 4th will be rewarded overall at the tournament. Juniors will also be rewarded for 1st and possible 2nd.

Pay-outs at this tournament will include any ace pool money still in the ace pool.

All prizes (discs) will be from Play It Again Sports of Kentwood.


Tyler Frisbie   August 8 at 7:49pm

Dont forget!!!

We will be playing this sunday at Jaycee park. Meeting by hole ones pad and twos basket. Thank you!


Eric Karloski   July 29 at 10:06pm

The "Ace Pool" is now empty!

Congratulations Dan VanOost on taking all our (ace pool) money this week (over $110)! Way to go!

Nathan Nifong   July 30 at 11:03am

The birdie bash was fun.

Eric Karloski   July 20 at 7:12pm

1 big ace pool + doubles Birdie Bash = someones gonna get an ace!

Next week is the double Birdie Bash at Old Farm Park at 3pm. The ace pool is $93 dollars and all the "longer" holes are shortened. Let's do this!


Eric Karloski   June 9 at 6:45am

Congratulations Josue Vasquez for an incredible ace!

Josue took an impressive $81 from the ace pool yesterday with an ace on our alt long course hole 3 at Old Farm Park. He also took CTP on that hole and one other yesterday, earning him a Vibram Birdie Bash Players Pack and a Westside Hatchet. I now call him the "Magic Missile".


Eric Karloski   June 7 at 8:45pm

League leaderboard is updated.

The leaderboard is updated but might seem wonky because in order to enter the Birdie Bash points I had to enter a score. So the group that got 8 total points is recorded as shooting a -46. The points are more important then the scores.



Eric Karloski   May 30 at 5:27pm

June 1st is our first Doubles Birdie Bash. What is a Birdie Bash?

Sunday is our first Doubles Birdie Bash! A Vibram Birdie Bash is designed to help your approach game. The rules are as follows: 1. The goal is to get the most points. 2. You only get two throws per hole. 3. Points are awarded as follows: a. 1 point for hitting metal anywhere on the basket on your first and/or second throw b. 2 points for getting a birdie c. 5 points for an Ace Ours is a double version of the Birdie Bash. Both partners are trying to get points. The best of both throw ... more


Eric Karloski   May 26 at 6:57pm

The Leaderboard should be up-to-date!

Minus the names which still have no last name next to them, the leaderboard should be up-to-date. Please comment if you think your scores do not represent reality.

Thank to everyone who played "worst-shot" doubles! What did everybody think of it? Should we play it again?


Eric Karloski   May 25 at 8:47am

The leaderboard does not yet represent league standings

Here is the current leaderboard standings: Name Place Points Drew Vandertoorn 1st 10 Joel B. 1st 10 OHM (?) 2nd 9 Zech 2nd 9 Eric Karloski 2nd 9 James Russo 2nd 9 Juan Martinez 3rd 8 Wayne Mason 3rd 8 Mike Hawley 4th 7 Tim Hall 4th ... more

Eric Karloski   May 25 at 8:48am

If you have a DGS account, please give me your e-mail address or PDGA# so I can get you registered.

Eric Karloski   May 4 at 3:41pm

Frisci Disc Golf Pro Shop is now an official sponsor

Pam and Rick at Frisci Disc Golf Pro Shop have graciously agreed to sponsor our league in the hopes of building the community of disc golf in Kentwood!

Both sponsors have put up huge amounts of discs, gift cards, scorecards, and other disc golf products to encourage and boost our league.

If you are on the westside of town, visit Fricsi's at 2323 Lee St SW

Wyoming, Michigan 49519. If you are on the eastside of town, check out the large selection of discs both new and used at Play It Again Sports of Kentwood (3734 28th Street SE Kentwood, Michigan 49512)!


Eric Karloski   March 15, 2014 at 9:27am

Play It Again Sports is now an official sponsor

Good news, Play It Again Sport is now our official sponsor! They will provide this league with 15 free discs and 15 $5 gift cards for our weekly CTP and LP prizes. Please visit them at 3734 28th St SE Kentwood, MI to thank them for being so awesome.