Northridge Summer Sanctioned League

August - October 2020 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace poolAce pool max 500

as of October 15
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results available at


Oct 8, 2020 · Top scores
NorthRidge Church
Temp hole A & 2-17 long, 18 holes
-14 43
Geoff Bennett
-8 49
Kyle, Ritter
-7 50
Adam McPherson
-4 53
Zachary Smith
-1 56
Jay Frankina
E 57
David Pugh
E 57
Monty Wonnacott
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About this League

Singles league - 64 all-time players - 0 active players
$1.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Singles Sanctioned League Thursday nights.
No League fee to join
Ace pool max $500 100% payout
$1 League fee for a sanctioned round
$2 Ace Pool
$3 50/50 CTP half going to raise funds for tee pads and course maintenance
$4 for Cash payout

League News

Brian Sweet   October 9 at 1:53pm

October 15 unsanctioned

Thank you everyone for a fantastic season. It's been a lot of fun and we hope that you have enjoyed yourself. Look for more posts about work days this fall 'cause we have bigger and better plans ahead for the course.

Those that have played at least one league round this year qualify: ((($5 buy in)))

Next week October 15 at 5pm unsanctioned. ***MEET BY HOLE 2&3 PARKING LOT***

We will be doing holes 3-12 (no need to putt) each hole CTP worth $25.
- I will make a temp line w ... more


Brian Sweet   October 3 at 1:36pm


Next week (October 8th) 5pm start time rain or shine we will be playing. ;)

And if no one hits an ace we will all meet on Thursday 15th at 5pm.
We will play holes 3-12 every hole CTP worth $25. I'll be putting in temp pad on 5 and playing short on 8,9,11 and 12. Totaling ctp's at $250.

Then we will set up a throw off ctp for the other $250.

I'm thinking $5 buy in going directly to course equipment.

Brian Sweet   October 3 at 1:37pm

Only people that have played in the league will qualify for this ctp day.

Brian Sweet   October 2 at 1:46am

October 8 start time 5:00pm

Last week of leagues. Start time will be 5:00. It's just getting dark too early now.

We will do temp A to practice basket since hole 1 is still closed.
Hole 14 still double mando.

Sorry that we didn't get to play today, October 1st. Weather dissipated and the multiple forecasts and radars ended up being wrong.


Brian Sweet   October 1 at 7:00pm

Leagues cancelled today Oct. 1st

Doesn't look good for the weather today from 4-7:30PM looks like rain and possible thunder and lightning. So we will have to CANCEL the league for today Oct.1st at Northridge. I'd rather everyone not be miserable out there. See you all next week.

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Geoff Bennett   October 1 at 9:23pm


Brian Sweet   October 2 at 12:35am

Go complain somewhere else. There was hail, thunder and lightning and multiple radars showed it would be there. Don't boo me. It's a difficult decision to make. Do I make everyone show up then when the first lightning strike go to my car and honk my horn? Or just not take that chance? Seriously, you cannot be upset about this.

Brian Sweet   October 3 at 10:06am

So.... Seeya next week then ha ha

Brian Sweet   October 1 at 12:05pm

October 1st layout:

Same layout as last week. All longs with temp A instead of hole 1. Double mando on 14 still in play.

5:30 tee off

Real feel today should be around 50 with chance of rain, so just be prepared. ;)


Brian Sweet   September 23 at 10:15pm

Layout for Sept 24

Hole one is closed for the next few weeks, they have hydroseed see down, so for tomorrow I created a temp pad to the practice basket called hole A. 310'. I know it's not ideal but at least it is the plan for tomorrow.


Brian Sweet   September 9 at 11:32pm

Sept 10th layout

All longs with double mando on 14 forcing the player to go up the gut. I cleared up both tunnels.

Re tee if missed the mando. You shouldn't it's pretty close to the tee pad.

Tee at 5:30


Brian Sweet   September 2 at 9:37pm

Sept 3rd

All longs with hole 9 short.


Brian Sweet   August 28 at 2:34am

Ace pool reminder

The only ace pool you can hit right now is for the $500. If there are two aces hit then that $500 will be split. The second ace pool is simply a second pot that is building up so that the week after the first ace pool is hit, we will have another good chunk of change.

All payouts are 60/30/10 when we have 10 or more people in a division. If there is a three way tie for third, I get it, it might suck to only get a couple dollars each, but that's how it breaks down. We decided to add a thi ... more


Brian Sweet   August 27 at 4:44pm


Today Aug 27th teeing at 5:30
We will be doing hole 11 short.

Ace pool at $500

Seeya up there.

JayBird Snyder   August 27 at 6:44pm

Thanks BRY!

Brian Sweet   August 28 at 2:27am

Lol you're welcome

Brian Sweet   August 21 at 3:06am

Aug 27th time change

Great shooting tonight. Adam Mcpherson with another hot round, and some awesome shooting in the AM division by Steve P. And Josh M.
We will be teeing at 5:30 for the remainder of the season.

Ace pool has now created a second pot. We have capped the ace pool at $500 and will continue to build up a second. That way when we have a week where the ace is hit, the second pot has already built up a bit.

See you all next week.


Brian Sweet   August 19 at 12:58am

Week three Aug 20

This Thursday Aug 20th. I've decided the layout will be all longs with hole 8 short.


Brian Sweet   August 12 at 10:54pm

Week two Aug 13

We will be doing all longs this week


Brian Sweet   August 5 at 1:43pm

First of ten weeks starts this Thursday Aug 6 at 6pm

Leagues start back up tomorrow, Thursday August 6th at 6pm. Ace pool is up to $378, so I figured why not add an ace run hole.
Layout: All longs with hole 9 short.

Please decide if you want to play am or mpo. Once you pick for week one, you'll need to remain in that division for the duration of the 10 weeks. Thanks.