No Bounds Weekly Fall 2022

October - December 2022 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
Mixed league

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Friday, December 2 @ 8:00pm


Nov 25, 2022 · Top scores
Rolling Hills County Park
The Foz
Short tees, 18 holes
-10 44
Tom Chrobak
-10 44
Steve Nolff
Nick Pacific
E 54
Brian Gentz
Ben Pierce
Overall standings
1Nick Pacific111
2Jeff Fraser96.5
3Tom Chrobak95
4Bill W93.5
5Bryce Harrell78.5
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About this League

Mixed league - 44 all-time players - 30 active players
No fee to play in this league
You need a UDisc account to play each week (free one is fine). You have from 8 am Saturday until 8 pm on Friday to play the course, alone or with friends. Record your score in the UDisc app and you can check how you stack against others throughout the week. I'll post everyone's scores on here on Friday night. There is no charge to play and no ace pool. Just show up and play your round. You can play 2 rounds a week and we'll keep your best score. Players will get 1 point for pla ...
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League News

Benjamin Pierce   4 days ago


I had the last week set up to play as Rolling Hills so if you played today but didn't see the league send me your scorecard and I'll add it. As for those of you who did play, I did delete your scorecard and canceled the event and created a new event for MBD and put your scores in there.
Right now the hot round is -15.


Benjamin Pierce   5 days ago

Last week Mary Beth Doyle

Tomorrow starts the last week of the year and we're at Mary Beth Doyle. We'll be playing 1-18 from the shorts. You can play as a team or as Cali. There will be no OB this week. We'll see if any teams can go -18.

Congrats to Nick/Steve and Tom for all shooting -10 at the Foz this week. Those are some great scores there.

It's been a good year and I hope everyone had a good time. We'll be back in April to start next year up.


Benjamin Pierce   November 23 at 1:15pm

The Foz & Last week coming up

I have posted scores from the last couple of weeks. Nick/Steve and Bill/Jeff tied at the Ponds with a score of 45. And Nick/Steve had the hot round again playing the Longs at Rolling Hills with a score of 54. Right now they are tied with Tom for the hot round at the Foz with a score of 44. Still a few days to get out there to play it from the shorts.

Saturday will begin our last week of the year until we're back in April. We'll be playing Mary Beth Doyle from the shorts. There will be no OB next week and we'll see if any teams or any solo (playing Cali) can get a -18.


Benjamin Pierce   November 5 at 1:24am

Week 6 The Ponds

Congrats to Nick and Bryce as they shot the hot round of 43 (-11). Congrats you two. 3 other teams were hot on their heels shooting 44. Another week another Ace this week was Tom getting Hole 11.

Tomorrow we'll be at Lakeshore to play the Ponds. OB is in effect all over. Over the fence, over the rock wall, and inside the sand traps marked by the white stakes (Yes even the thin section on Hole 7).

Have a good week.


Benjamin Pierce   October 30 at 2:25am

Week 5 Willow

I have finally updated the scores for the last 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay.

At Hudson Mills there was a tie between the teams of Nick & Bryce and Bill & Jeff. Both teams shot 42 and Bill hit another ace that week on hole 5.

Last week at Bandemer with all 27 tees was close with the top 5 being separated by 3 strokes and the team to pull out the win were Mikal and Tom shooting a -18. Hole 8 from the Whites and Blues were the only holes that teams weren't able to card a birdie ... more


Benjamin Pierce   October 21 at 1:03pm

Week 4 Bandemer RWB

Hi Everyone,

Starting tomorrow morning we will be at Bandemer to play all 27 tees. The scorecard should be Reds as 1-9, Whites as 10-18, and Blues 19-27. Play them however you like just score them like that.

I'm pretty sure that the main entrance to Bandemer is closed so you will need to use the parking lot at Lake Shore drive and then walk the path to get to the course. You can see a picture of the map on our facebook page. I'll have scores for this week posted some time this weekend.

Have a great week!


Benjamin Pierce   October 17 at 10:30pm

Schedule rest of the season

Here is the schedule for the rest of the season:
10/22 - 10/28 : Bandemer Vote on Red & White or RWB
10/29 - 11/4 : Willow 1-18
11/5 - 11/11 : Lakeshore the Ponds
11/12 - 11/18 : Rolling Hills LONG
11/19 - 11/25 : Rolling Hills the Foz
11/26 - 12/2 : MBD Can any team shoot -18?


Benjamin Pierce   October 15 at 2:16am

Week 3 Hudson Mills Monster

It's been a busy week for me and this weekend is just as busy for me. I know the schedule on DGS says Willow but it's actually going to be Hudson Mills Monster 1-18. I'll have scores posted from this week posted some time this weekend. Sorry for the late change this week. Have a great week!


Benjamin Pierce   October 8 at 12:39am

Week 2 Rolling Hills

Week 1 was a blast so we're going to keep the doubles thing going. Tomorrow we'll be playing Rolling Hills from the shorts (I think we'll come back here later this season and play from the Longs). You can split your throws, you can partner with different people, and we'll have a blast.

Last week we had winners Nick and Chris at -12, then 4 teams at -9, and 2 teams at -8. It was a close round all week.

Scores won't be updated until this weekend sometime as I have ... more


Benjamin Pierce   September 30 at 6:58pm

Week 1 starts tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow will begin our first week of the fall season. I did a little change and we'll be at Lakeshore to play the Woods. I'm going to give it a try this week to see how doubles work. Leave a comment on here or facebook this week with any issues or if you liked it. I haven't decided if we'll keep it doubles for all of the fall or just a one time thing.

Only OB this week will be the parking lot on Hole 18.

Have a great week.

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Benjamin Pierce   October 3 at 3:54pm

1) Good Question and I think this week it'll be whichever is preferred by your group. I'll clarify it for next week but I think we'll go with allowing the split. 2) This is something I'm not sure about what will happen. You should be able to play with different people or on a tea ... more

Floyd Hampp   October 3 at 5:45pm

Thanks Ben! The split situation only came up once, and it wasn't a huge "uncomfortable" shot or anything. It will be interesting to see how the points would work with people potentially playing on different teams. Could even spark a few "rivalries" within our groups of friends. :)

Jesse Mullins   October 7 at 8:29pm

Doubles was great. Looking forward to playing more in the fall session.

Benjamin Pierce   September 21 at 11:45pm

Week 1 Rolling Hills

Hello everyone,

We will be back beginning October 1st at Rolling Hills. I'm going to try something different in Week 1 and set it up as Doubles. You can play as a team or you can play as a Cali. If you play Cali then you only get 1 extra throw per hole and it doesn't carry over per hole. I'm going to allow two attempts.

This is new to me so if doesn't work in Week 1 we'll tweak it and or go back to singles for week 2. I played around in UDisc and if you have 3 pe ... more

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