Mixed formats March - November 2014 Kansas

Ace Pool total is

as of April 2

Next league day

Sunday, April 20 @ 4:00pm
Centennial Park
Lawrence, KS

About this League

Mixed league - 18 all-time players - 18 active players
No fee to play in this league
$1.00 ace pool
a league for all levels of players. the name of the game is to throw, drink some beers, have fun, and hit those chains. the only rule is booze two's. if you get a birdie your taking a shot. and giving people **** when there throwing is more than ok! if someone aces everybody does a shot. (only happened once)

League News

Dustin Pope   4 days ago


If you want your scores associated with your account I need your email that you used to set up your Disc Golf Scene profile.

Thanks in advance!


Dustin Pope   March 15 at 4:39pm

The Season Begins

Beer league starts tomorrow!!!!! Be there at 5:00pm. We tee off at 5:15pm. @Centennial Park

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Dustin Pope   April 2 at 3:37pm

You can just show up at Centennial on Sunday. We are actually starting at 4:00 until the days get longer. There is an optional 1$ ace fund. Otherwise it is free to play.

Gary Bingham   April 2 at 3:50pm

Perfect, thank you for the quick response.

Dustin Pope   April 2 at 3:51pm

No problem. See you ou there!

KawValley BeerLeague   September 29 at 9:56pm


Great league today guys!!! I hope to further expand the league and keep you guys coming out. The ACE FUND is on and going so come out and win some cash!!! Bag tags will be in soon!! The point system is also up and running so hit it and win it!!