Garfield Summer League

April - August 2018 • Grand Rapids, Michigan
Singles league

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as of July 16

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Monday, July 23 @ 4:00pm
Garfield Park
Grand Rapids, MI


Jul 16, 2018 · Top scores
Garfield Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
-14 40
Willie Prince
-6 48
David Laughtner
-8 46
Zach Heerema
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About this League

Singles league - 263 all-time players - 186 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
This league will meet every Monday. Tee offs will be available anytime between 4pm-6pm. This will be a singles league. After you have 3 rounds you will receive a handicap. Two hot rounds will be awarded each week. One for the actual hot round and one for the handicapped hot round. You must be a GRDGU club member to qualify for either hot round. Ace pool will be capped at $500. Non GRDGU members will only be eligible to win half of the current ace pool. GRDGU club membership fee will be $50. Eac ...
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League News

Andrew R   2 days ago

Week 16

Week 16 Garfield Summer League. We had 75 people tonight. No aces so next weeks ace pool will be at $144. Hot round and best of the year goes to Willie Prince shooting a 40 (-14) he also took the handicapped hot round. Ladies hot round had a tie Amy Shassberger and Susan Stephens both shooting 56. Ladies Handicap round goes to Elizabeth Szubinski.

1. Seth Rockey

2. Justin Westhuis

3. Amy Shassberger

4. Victor Wahl

5. Jessica Johnson

6. Zack Gnass

7. Jake Szymanski

8. ... more


Andrew R   July 10 at 2:02am

Week 15

Garfield League Week 15 was a little slower with 69 players. We had one member ace Josh Eisengruber (2nd ace in 3 days) winning $90. Next weeks ace pool will be at $69

Hot Round goes to Dan Baker with a 43. Handicap Hot Round goes to Victor Wahl. Ladies Hot Round was a tie between Amy Shassberger and Charlotte Dearmond both shooting 56. Sarah Morris would have had it shooting a 55 but isnt paid in yet :( Handicap Hot round for ladies goes to Jennifer Kuehle

1. David Feutz

2. Josh ... more


Andrew R   July 3 at 9:35pm

Week 14

Week 14 Garfield Summer League bought out 90 people. We had 2 aces Derek Straayer and Seth Rockey both members. They both earn $125.75. Next weeks ace pool will be at $90.Club Hot round goes to Jeff Kuehle and handicapped round goes to Otto Holton. Ladies hot and handicap round goes to Jennifer Kuehle.

1. Derek Straayer--ACE

2. Chad M Hutchison

3. Jennifer Kuehle

4. Matt Charles (Lavarier)

5. Sarah Morris

6. Mitch Cross

7. Aaron Patt-50/50

8. Ian Hamilton

9. Luke B ... more


Andrew R   June 26 at 1:59am

Week 13

Garfield Week 13. We had 92 people show up this evening. We had 2 non member aces both on hole 14. Edwin Teeple and Josh Tobias. both getting $79.75--Next week the ace pool will be at $251.50. Hot and Handicap round goes to Ian Hamilton shooting -11 (43). Ladies Hot Round goes to Abby Smith and Hadicap for the ladies goes to Kimberly Niblock

1. Willie Prince--from Fallasburg

2. Ian Hamilton

3. Ian Hamilton

4. Brad Feagans

5. David Ashley

6. Jessica Johnson

7. Mike Mccolley ... more


Andrew R   June 19 at 1:30am

Week 12

Garfield Week 12. Was a wet ending to the night. 61 people came out and there was no ace!!!! Next Week ace pool is at $319. Pay into the club before the round so you can win that full amount (cough Peter Montalvo cough). Jon Perry shot a 44 (-10) tonight. Club Member hot round and Handicap hot round goes to Derek Straayer shoting 45 (-9). Ladies hot and Handicap hot goes to Elizabeth Szubinski with a 60.
1. Will Oostdyk
2. Jeffery D. Cortright
3. Tone Powell
4. Sarah Morris
5. Mike Ana ... more


Andrew R   June 12 at 2:27am

Week 11

Week 11 Garfield Summer League had 95 people come out..We had a Non Member hit an ace on hole 18 Jake Szymanski $163. Next weeks ace pool is at $258. Club hot round had some ties at -8(46) Drew Rhuland, Nick Bosovich and Nathan Bivins. Handicap round goes to Mitch Cross. Ladies Hot round and Handicap round goes to Jennifer Kuehle
1. John Benson--from Aaron Kirsch
2. Chase Couturier
3. Jennifer Kuehle
4. James Murphy
5. Jason Gervais
6. Luke Burroughs
7. Chris Mielke
8. Mike McCol ... more


Andrew R   June 5 at 2:20am

Week 10

Week 10 Garfield Summer League. We had 80 people tonight. Hot round was Jon Perry shooting a 44 (-10) Club Hot Round goes to Nick Bosovich shooting a 46(-8) Ladies Hot round goes to Jennifer Kuehle 62. Hot handicap rounds to to Robert Mohnke and Abby Smith There were no aces so next weeks ace pool will be $326 (there was a spreadsheet error this weeks number was a little higher)

1. Jake Szymanski

2. Randy Crawford--from Bill Holton

3. John Benson----(not SR) :)

4. Ryan Scarbor ... more


Shea Abbgy   May 29 at 12:54am


Thanks to David Ashley, Mitch Cross, Robert Mohnke, and Mark Heimbecker for donating to the Garfield Summer League


Shea Abbgy   May 29 at 12:53am

Week 9

Thanks to everyone that came out and played Garfield Summer League tonight. This weeks hot round winner was Jeff Kuehle. Our handicapped hot round winner was Aaron Kirsch. This weeks women's hot round winner was Jennifer Kuehle. Nice shooting! Here were the rest of this weeks winners...

Hole 1 CTP - Travis Lee Tol
Hole 2 LP - Michael Zylstra
Hole 3 CTP - Claribel Martinez
Hole 4 LP - Shane Timmerman
Hole 5 LP - Tyler Moore
Hole 6 CTP - Jeffrey Jaglowski
Hole 7 CTP 50/50 - Nat ... more


Andrew R   May 22 at 1:14am


Thank you to Drew Rhuland, David Ashley, Aaron Kirsch and 616 Disc for donating to Garfield Summer League.


Andrew R   May 22 at 1:13am

Week 8

Garfield week 8 was a damp one. That didnt stop the 23 people who came out. Chad M Hutchison with the hot round 43 (-11. Jeff Kuehle had the handicap hot round. Sarah Bruha got both hot and handicap for the ladies with a 56.

1. Drew Rhuland

2. Jeff Kuehle

3. Austin Redick

4. Kevin Cook

5. Jeff Kuehle--from Fallasburg

6. Sarah Bruha--from John Triezenberg

7. Sarah Bruha

8. Drew Rhuland--From Bill Holton

9. Chad M Hutchison

10. Matt Witham

11. Sarah Bruha

12. ... more


Andrew R   May 15 at 1:38am

Week 7

Thank you to all who came out to Garfield Week 7. We had 86 players tonight. Club hot rounds go to Drew Rhuland Mrr Martinez and Dan Baker all shooting a 48. Ian Hamilton shot a 47. Handicap hot round goes to Bob Morales. Ladies Hot round and Handicapped hot round goes to Jennifer Kuehle shooting a 55.

1. Joey Cupp

2. Ezequiel Garza

3. George Martinez

4. Mason Przybysz

5. Eddi Benson

6. Aaron Kirsch---50/50 $43

7. Matt Petter--from Bill Holton

8. Austin Redick

9. M ... more


Andrew R   May 15 at 1:05am


Thank you to John Triezenberg and Matt Witham for donating to Garfield Summer League.


Andrew R   May 8 at 2:36am

Week 6

Garfield Week 6 went off with a bang. 96 people came out to smash the ace! 4 people were successful. Willie Prince and Drew Rhuland hit hole 16 Kris Kares hit hole 14 all member aces, each getting $100 and Peter Montalvo hitting hole 5 for the non-member ace $43. Next week ace pool will be at $96. Member hot round and handicap round both went to Willie Prince shooting a 42. Ladies Hot round and handicap round went to Sarah Bruha with a 57.

1. Jordan Powell

2. Brice Kosten from Bil ... more


Andrew R   May 1 at 2:30am


Thank you Bill Holten for donating more discs to the league!!


Andrew R   May 1 at 2:30am

Week 5

Week 5 Garfield Summer League. 91 players came out for this amazing night of disc golf. Club Hot round goes to Willie Prince with a 44. Hot Handicapped round goes to Jake Herrington. Ladies hot round and Ladies Handicapped Hot round goes to Sarah Bruha shooting a 54. No ace so next week will be at $344
1. Brad Orszula
2. Dan Baker
3. Matt Alofs --50/50 $45.50
4. Susan Morris
5. Nathan Mollema
6. Dominick Passarelli
7. Ryan Scarborough
8. Dominick Passarelli
9. Ted Suykerbuyk
... more


Andrew R   April 24 at 2:57am

Week 4

We broke the record tonight with 102 players. 12 Ladies came out to play!! Club Hot Round goes Nick Bosovich with a 46. Ladies club hot round goes to Sue Stephans. Handicaps Started this week. Mens is Nick Comdure and Ladies is Jen Kuehle. No aces so next week we will be at $253.
1. Derrick Andrews
2.Chase Courtier--From Fallasburg Winter League
3.Daniel Tornow
4.Aaron Kirsch
5. Ian Hamilton
6. Bill Holton
7.Ryan Scarbourough
8. Elizabeth Szubinski
9. Nick Comdure
10.Dominci Pa ... more


Andrew R   April 24 at 1:51am


Thank you to Bill Holten for donating a disc to Garfield Summer League. Also, Matt Crawford for adding $10 to our ace pool.


Andrew R   April 17 at 1:18am

Hot Round News

We will be starting Ladies Hot Rounds. Must be a club member.
Elizabeth Szubinski is tonights winner with a 62


Andrew R   April 17 at 1:06am

Week 3

Week 3 of Garfield Winte...Summer League..... Brisk 33 degrees and snow.. Is it April? Wehad 39 players out with 6 ladies. Club member hot round goes to Jeff Kuehle with a 49. Non member Matt Jackson shot a 46(free round if you were a member) No aces so next week the ace pool will be $141.

1. Chase Couturier

2. Eddi Benson

3. Zach Heerema

4. Bob Morales

5. Ian Hamilton

6. Amy Shassberger

7. Stephen Porter

8. Ian Hamilton--From Fallasburg Winter League

9. Alex Goobz ... more


Andrew R   April 10 at 12:55am

Week 2

Garfield Week 2. It was a little cold but we still had 67 people come out. 10 ladies this week!!! Next week we will add a ladies CTP and Long Putt. League Hot Round goes to Lee Crandall with a 45 (-9)

1. Mario Martinez

2. Chip Youmans

3. Douglas VanOost II

4. Mario Martinez

5. Nick Bosovich

6. Mario Martinez

7. Matt Jackson

8. Jason Gervais

9. Austin Vanderlaan

10. Mike Anastor

11.Eddi Benson 50/50 $33.50

12. Lee Crandall

13. Daniel Tornow

14. ... more


Andrew R   April 3 at 2:13am


Thank you to Danny Garza for donating to Garfield League this year!


Andrew R   April 3 at 2:12am


Thank you to Amy and Chris Markel and Fallasburg Winter League for donations again this year!!!!


Andrew R   April 3 at 2:12am

Week 1

Garfield Summer League started out with a bang. 70 people on opening night is fantastic. We had 1 ace Nicole Lyn Loetz got hole 3 which was also the 50/50. Non league Member so $35 for the ace and $35 for the 50/50. Next week Ace pool will start off at $35. No handicaps yet so the member hot round goes to Drew Rhuland with a -10. Non Member Matt Jackson also shot a -10.
Remember unless other wise noted all prizes are a $5 store credit to Great Lakes Disc. This will be at the shop so just ask w ... more

Ryan Ely   April 3 at 2:21am

Thanks! Had a great time for my first league, everyone was super helpful, and I look forward to playing again with ya'll!