Flight Path Spring/Summer 2019

March - September 2019 • Willow, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of September 22
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Singles league - 30 all-time players - 0 active players
$8.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Are you ready to "takeoff" from your typical everyday dystopian reality and land in a DiScTOpiAn TrEeALiTy???

There is a flight path for you to follow every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
Check Disc Golf Scene for schedule, location and format of upcoming rounds.

Flight Path Disc Golf 2019 league rounds will include various formats such as singles, doubles, mixed doubles (Night Moose Open doubles format).

Open, Amateur, Womens, and Junior divisions.

100% payout, standard top 40%

First time attendees are eligible for 50% of the ace pool. 75% payout for repeat attendees.

League News

Ben Ciccarelli   September 17 at 8:57pm

Mallards Hideout Doubles 9-22-19

This week we will be heading back to my place for some good old doubles. It is the last day of the summer so fittingly I will be ending this season of the league. I will link the fall league soon. The plan is to get into the mdgo and dgla and all that and get some berths.
Free round CTP for a disc this coming week, also, Ace pool is looking pretty nice. I'm streamlining the layout be about 20 holes with several par fours should be pretty fun.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 11 at 1:08am

Rolling Hills 9-15-19 Singles

Good old rolling hills this week. I'm thinking 19 holes (using the practice basket for the extra hole).


Ben Ciccarelli   September 5 at 7:17pm

Willow singles Sunday 9-8-19

Willow this week. I'm thinking evens long, odds short tees.


Ben Ciccarelli   September 1 at 1:18pm

Today's round is postponed until 1:30 p.m.

To avoid the rain. Sorry for any inconvenience. All are welcome. Text me for directions (734) 474-1014


Ben Ciccarelli   August 27 at 7:28pm

Mallards Hideout 9-1-19

Good luck to all of you going to States this weekend. If you happen to be staying in town, league will be at my place Sunday 9-1. 11:00 tee. Mallards Hideout is a private course just north of Belleville. If you need directions please text me at (734) 474-1014.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 21 at 2:25am

Cass Benton singles 8-25

Singles, at Cass Benton, 8-25. That is the plan.


Ben Ciccarelli   August 13 at 10:11pm

Willow Singles Sunday 8-18

The moose Meadows round has been postponed, so by popular demand, this week's location will be Willow metropark. Meet at the acorn knoll parking area.

Ben Ciccarelli   August 14 at 6:43pm

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a pre-round CTP this Sunday 8-18 for a berth to the Michigan State Championships.

Ben Ciccarelli   August 6 at 7:12pm

Sandra Richardson 8-11-19

This week we heading to York township to check out Sandra Richardson park. The brand new course is 5 minutes from rolling. I know I know, it only has four holes, but, I checked them out and they're pretty fun. Also, they all offered long and short tees. I'm thinking we could do five loops, two from the longs and three from the shorts. That would be 20 holes and should play decently fast. The following week on the 18th sounds like we're going to be going to moose Meadows


Ben Ciccarelli   July 31 at 12:40am

Lakeshore 8-4-19

Who wants to throw a round of disc while Jets do acrobatics over their heads? Me. It's air show time baby. We'll be playing singles on a short tee layout with a couple modified holes. You know the deal.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 24 at 4:51pm

Willow 7-28-19

This Sunday we are heading to willow for some singles. Im thinking just regular short tees, no combo holes.

Dave Lassen   July 24 at 8:37pm

Ben Ciccarelli   July 17 at 3:12am

Riverview Grasslands 7-21-19

Where do bad folks go when they die...? They don't go to heaven where the angels fly.. Go to Riverview Grasslands, maybe you'll stay alive.. see you there on the 21st of July.

Its going to be hotttttt this weekend, so lets take it easy, eh? Riverview Grasslands 7-21, singles


Ben Ciccarelli   July 14 at 1:35pm

Park at the ice arena. Meet by hole 1.

It is looking gorgeous out today. I will be parking at the ice arena and meeting by hole 1. Hope to see you out there


Ben Ciccarelli   July 10 at 1:53am

Mclouth 7-14

This Sunday we will be at Mclouth park, in Trenton, for singles.


Ben Ciccarelli   July 3 at 2:37am

Mallards Hideout 7-7-19

My place has finally dried out. It is mowed and manicured. 7-7 singles. 20 hole layout all baskets. If you need directions text me at (734) 474-1014. Mallards Hideout is a private course on my property in Van Buren township. If features some open bombs, some tight wooded holes and water hazards.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 29 at 7:34pm

Willow singles 6-30

Last minute change of plans, sorry. We will be heading to willow metropark tomorrow, 6-30. The word is conditions at willow are good, unlike previously anticipated, and it will be hot and sunny, so staying in the shade at willow will be favorable over the openness of Mclouth.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 19 at 12:59am

Lakeshore 6-23

Summer is officially here, and we're kicking it off at beautiful sunny Lakeshore. This week I'm switching up the format. If enough people show up, I will randomly assemble cards for night moose open style dubs. I have a 21 hole layout in mind. It is the normal 24 hole layout with the front letters from shorts, but with three combo holes. (4-5,11-12,16-17). Trade partners every 7 holes, so if you're in a foursome you'll end up playing with all of your cardmates. Individual scores will be recorded for payouts. Should be a blast, hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 16 at 12:40pm

6 - 16 Concordia round postponed until 2 p.m.

I am postponing today's round until 2 p.m. to avoid the rain. Sorry if this may be an inconvenience for you. I felt this to be the best move given the situation.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 12 at 7:25pm

6-16-19 Concordia University!

I'm setting up a temp course at Concordia University in Ann Arbor this week. It is going to be epic. If you are a fan of fun you should come on out.

T Pills   June 12 at 8:03pm

Will there be valet parking?

Ben Ciccarelli   June 15 at 2:18am

haha yes i will valet the cars

Ben Ciccarelli   June 5 at 12:45pm

Rolling Hills 6-9 Singles

Im hearing the new course at Rolling (Rolling Meadows) is still very rough. I don't know if any work will be done by Sunday. I figure sunday morning we can take a consensus with whomever shows up and decide whether we want to play the new course or the original, as it stands we will likely play the original. Hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   June 4 at 6:46pm

Rolling Meadows singles 6-9-19

Congrats to Nate Wegryn taking the w out at Northridge last week. I really enjoyed the redesign of the course and highly recommend checking it out, I'll definitely be headed back soon. This week 6-9 we are heading to Rolling Hills to check out the new course, Rolling Meadows. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fruits of all of Foz's hard work. Hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   May 29 at 3:20am

Northridge Church 6-2-19

Next week 6-2 Northridge Church singles. Last time I was out there they made some really nice changes to the course, I heard even more changes have been made since then. I can't wail to check it out out hope to see you out there.

Ben Ciccarelli   June 2 at 1:24pm

We will meet at the westernmost parking section

Ben Ciccarelli   May 21 at 5:16pm

Lakeshore Singles 5-26-19

Ben Calhoun continues his colonization of Lakeshore's property with new holes w1, and w2. These new holes will be included our singles layout this coming Sunday 5-26. The layout includes holes 1,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,W,W1,W2,X,X1,X2,Y,Z,16,17,18. About half of the holes are universal tees so i figure well play longs on the holes that have long tees. Should be fun hope to see you out there.


Ben Ciccarelli   May 14 at 7:41pm

Willow singles Sunday 5/19/19

Let's give Willow some love this week before the skeeters hatch. I'll get out there early Sunday to give the course a walkthrough and observe the conditions to decide an appropriate layout. Hope to see you out there.


Dave Lassen   May 12 at 11:00am

League Canceled 5-12-19

I will not be able to run the league today....sorry about the late notice.


Ben Ciccarelli   May 7 at 10:52pm

Willow Sunday 5/12

Dave will run things in my absence this week. 10 hole loop at Willow played 2x to make a 20 hole layout and avoid the wet holes.

Dave Lassen   May 10 at 11:57pm

Holes 1-3 and 18-24 played 2 times alternating shorts and longs

Ben Ciccarelli   April 29 at 5:06pm

Waterworks 5/5

Down by the river, I shot a birdie.....
Well, hopefully.
Waterworks next Sunday mixed format:
We will pair up for doubles and play 18 holes from the blue (long) and white (mid) tees, then finish with singles on the red (short) tees for your cumulative 27 hole score.

Cinco de Mayo bonus challenge; In honor of Cinco de Mayo, any player who plays the final 9 short tees with only 3 discs; one red, one white, and one green, will have one stroke subtracted from their final score.

Weather forecast looks good as of now, should be a great day. See you out there ;)


Ben Ciccarelli   April 23 at 8:33pm

Lakeshore singles 4/28

Thanks to those who came out last week to shoot in some absolutely perfect weather. Congrats to Jim Daniels and Steve Simison for shooting the hot rounds.
Next week we will attempt to keep our feet dry by heading back to Lakeshore. The planned layout is 28 shorts modified down to 24 holes by combining A-B, 11-12, X-Y and 16-17 (Same layout as the NMO dubs we played a few weeks ago). I'll prepare some cards to help folks keep on track. See ya out there ;)


Ben Ciccarelli   April 16 at 8:19pm

Easter Sunday singles at Lakeshore.

For those of you not busy with eggs and bunnies, come on put for some short tee singles at Lakeshore.


Ben Ciccarelli   April 14 at 1:12pm

League cancelled 4/14

The Doppler is not looking good and Willow is flooded as it is.


Ben Ciccarelli   April 8 at 7:07pm

Willow singles Sunday 4/14/2019

Thanks to Dave, Jim, and Nate for coming out Saturday for some NMO format dubs. It was a blast. I managed to squeeze out the W with a one stroke advantage over Jim who only lead Nate by 1. It was a tight race all the way through the final hole.

Next Sunday 4/14 we are heading to Willow for singles. We will play a modified short tee layout. The traditional 24 hole layout will be altered to 21 holes by combining 5-6, 11-12, and 21-22. See you out there!


Ben Ciccarelli   April 2 at 7:00pm

night Moose Open style dubs Lakeshore Saturday 4/6/19

3 souls came out to lakeshore to brave the snow and wind last week. Tyler M proved himself impervious to the indian winter conditions and shot the hot round.

Next Saturday 4/6/19 we are heading to lakeshore to play a Night Moose Open style dubs format.

For those not familiar, Night Moose Open dubs is played like normal dubs except you will change partners halfway through the course. Cards of 4 players each will be randomly assembled. Players of each card will flip for partners on the 1st ... more


Ben Ciccarelli   March 30 at 5:19pm

Spinning it Around

Sunday 3/31/19
Lakeshore singles, layout TBD.