Early Bird Disc Golf 2022

May - November 2022 • West Chicago, Illinois
Singles league

Ace pool #2Back-up

as of September 19

Ace pool

as of September 19

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Sunday, October 2 @ 7:30am


Sep 25, 2022 · Top scores
Shady Oaks Park
Alternate tees (white), 18 holes
+3 57
Jeremy Meisinger
+5 59
Tom Nelson
+5 59
Adam Wilson
+5 59
Matt Tasharski
+8 62
Hector Rivera-Melo
+8 62
Sean Zieche
+8 62
Ryan Zieche
+8 62
Doug Fick
+9 63
Ryan Russell
+11 65
Chris Manze
+11 65
Will Surdynski
Overall standings
1Rory Doyle438.79
2Chris Manze399
3Ryan Russell341.7
4Hector Rivera-Melo336.04
5Doug Fick332.75
6Ryan Zieche294.2
7Kiel Doyle274.67
8John Dieckmann273
9Jeremy Meisinger271.75
10Matt Tasharski196
11Adam Wilson181.17
12Charles Metoyer179.2
13Corey Lamping165
14Will Surdynski142.75
15Connor Doyle113.33
16Tom Nelson112.67
17Wilson, Eric102.67
18Rick Jones98.5
19Sean Zieche96
20Justin Gerhardstein83.67
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Leaderboard updated 9/27/22

About this League

Singles league - 53 all-time players - 37 active players
$15.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 player fee each session
$3.00 ace pool entry
Bag tag league based out of the Western Suburbs. Teeing off at different local courses around 7am every Sunday.

Join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/165305698376653/ for updates regarding tag matches and general league news.

We can also be found on Udisc here https://udisc.com/leagues/earlybirddiscgolf/11-Sep-Bya5?tab=info

League News

John Dieckmann   September 15 at 8:49pm

Round #21- Kress Creek DOUBLE POINTS

We will be at our home course Kress Creek in West Chicago this Sunday. Don't forget it is double points so you will definitely want to be there.


John Dieckmann   September 12 at 4:01pm

Round #20- Wheeler Park

What a crappy day for disc golf. Sorry about the weather out there guys but at least you only had to play one round in it. I was competing at IOS #114 in Oswego playing through the worst of the weather until about 5pm. YUCK


John Dieckmann   September 8 at 7:34pm

Roound #19- 50 Acre Park

What a treat it was to play at 50 Acre Park last weekend. Big shout out to Mike Walsh for coming out and prepping the course! What an amazing individual he is. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. See you guys at Wheeler park this Sunday.


John Dieckmann   August 18 at 4:14pm

Round #18- Campton Hills DGC @ 8am (PUTTERS ONLY)

August 28th we will be at Campton Hills Disc Golf Course at 8am for a PUTTER only round. Any disc classified as a 3 speed or lower is acceptable. The round will also count for double league points so make sure you show up.

John Dieckmann   August 22 at 3:32pm

Please note that an ace on hole #2 will only get you HALF of the ace pot.

John Dieckmann   August 18 at 3:27pm

Round #17- Knock Knolls (Naperville)

This upcoming league round will be held at Knock Knolls in Naperville. The grass is usually extremely wet at 7am so plan ahead and bring plenty of extra socks and or shoes. We are playing from the white tees to the 'B' pin locations.


John Dieckmann   August 18 at 3:25pm

Round #16- The Oaks in Mokena

What an absolute gem of a course The Oaks is. I love playing here and had tons of fun last Sunday. I hope everyone else did too.


John Dieckmann   August 3 at 4:01pm

Round #15- Kress Creek DOUBLE POINTS

This Sunday 08-07-22 we will be at Kress Creek in West Chicago for DOUBLE POINTS! The gate is usually locked until 7am so plan for a slightly later start than usual.


John Dieckmann   July 25 at 4:05pm

Round #14- Sunrise Park (Bartlett)

We will be playing Sunrise Park in Bartlett this Sunday 07/31/2022. I like this course a lot and used to play here A TON! Looking forward to getting back out there this weekend.


John Dieckmann   July 25 at 4:01pm

Round #13- Walnut Hollow

Well, that was fun! Glad the rain slid by us and allowed us an entire fun filled round. There is a reason we only play this course once per year and to those who showed up, now you know why. There will be an IOS tournament up at Fairfield next week so we will be playing Sunrise Park in Bartlett. See you all there at 7am.


John Dieckmann   July 25 at 3:58pm

Round #12- Eagle Ridge

Great round up at Eagle Ridge! Chris with a HOT round finishing up at -8 takes home the #1 tag (again).


Rory D   July 10 at 7:01pm

A New Future Disc Golfer Has Joined Our Midst!

On July 1st, the Tasharski's welcomed their second child Zachary Daniel Tasharski to the world! I can't wait to watch him kick his dad's butt on the course in the future! Congratulations!!


John Dieckmann   July 5 at 8:05pm

Round #11-Fel-Pro RRR (Cary, IL)

This Sunday we will be up at Fel-Pro RRR in Cary, IL @ 7am. I will personally be playing in the Illinois Disc Golf Championships so depending on my tee time I may not be there. Look for Rory in the parking lot near the practice basket for sign-ins. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. I ONLY HAVE 9 TAGS LEFT FOR SALE! Once they are sold out we will not be accepting new members until our 2023 season. If you've been meaning to join us but have not been able to make it out yet, now might be your last chance. Do not miss out.


John Dieckmann   July 5 at 8:02pm

Round #10-Black Bear

Congrats to Hector for hitting the ace on hole #9 and taking home the #1 tag. Great shooting out there Sunday to everyone else. What a sweet little technical and fun course Black Bear is. I really enjoy getting out there for a round or 2. See you guys next week up at Fel-Pro in Cary.


John Dieckmann   July 5 at 8:00pm

Round #9-Rolling Knolls

What a great course, man I had fun playing here. Glad to see some new faces, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.


John Dieckmann   June 14 at 1:58pm

Round #8-Shady Oaks

REMEMBER we will be at Shady Oaks this SATURDAY 6/18/2022 @ 7am in observance of Fathers Day on Sunday.


John Dieckmann   June 8 at 7:58pm

Round #7-Wheeler Links

Good shooting up at Kress Creek. Jeremy takes the lead in overall points! See you guys at Wheeler Sunday morning.


John Dieckmann   May 31 at 7:19pm

Round #6-Kress Creek (Manville Oaks) DOUBLE POINTS

Well, The Canyons never fails to disappoint. I have to admit I personally have a love/hate relationship with that course. But, the beauty and challenges it offers paired with an amazing on site Pro Shop really make it stand out as one of the top courses around. Rory Doyle will be running sign-ins this weekend as I will be competing in the IOS #100. Lastly, don't forget that every league round played at our home course in West Chicago will be double points!


John Dieckmann   May 24 at 7:52pm

Schedule Changes

Please be sure to check our schedule as I have made a couple of course changes. You can also find us on Udisc Leagues or on the Udisc Events page.


John Dieckmann   May 23 at 4:35pm

Rund #5-The Canyons at Dellwood

FINALLY we had a member hit an ace during a league round! Congrats Doug on the $500 ace pot. Had a lot of fun playing Highland, it is such a beautiful course. See you guys next week up at The Canyons!


John Dieckmann   May 17 at 7:43pm

Round #4-Highland Park

Great seeing everyone out at Knock Knolls. Next time we play there I am debating pushing tee times back an hour to give the morning dew a chance to dry out. I was SOAKED after the first hole!! Can't wait to get out to Highland for our fourth league round this weekend. I have not played Highland in a while and I miss the course and the beautiful shot shapes it offers. So far we have collected $53 from our entry fees every week. I am debating allocating these funds to our top 3-5 point holder ... more


John Dieckmann   May 10 at 6:11pm

Round #3-Knock Knolls

Great round last week up at Eagle. Glad to see some new faces coming out too. Next Sunday we will be at Knock Knolls in Naperville at 7am sharp. FAT ace pot still rolling and the secondary ace pot is also getting up there. See you all Sunday Morning.


John Dieckmann   May 2 at 5:42pm

Round #2-Eagle Ridge

GREAT round Sunday! I was happy to see many familiar faces from last season as well as some new ones. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next week. Remember we will be playing SATURDAY morning at 7am @ Eagle Ridge in Oswego.


John Dieckmann   April 6 at 6:08pm

by 7am

Please be on time if you plan on coming, we call ourselves the Early Birds for a reason! Tee off will be as close to 7:15am as possible after card/hole designations and a brief players meeting.

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