Doubles At The Den 2019

March - September 2019 • New Hudson, Michigan
Doubles league

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as of June 18

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Wednesday, June 19 @ 5:15pm


Jun 5, 2019 · Top scores
Independence Lake County Park
Red Hawk
2013 Chuck D Black Tees, 24 holes
-16 59
Jake Asel
Jay Binienda
-15 60
Sean Morgan$10
-13 62
Jason Kirkaldy
Derek Ballou
Overall standings
1Derek Ballou60
2Sean Morgan52
3Russell Taint42
4Jason Kirkaldy36
5Jay Binienda22
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About this League

Doubles league - 21 all-time players - 17 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
Random draw doubles. $10 all in: $5 for the league + $5 optional ace pool (also qualifies you for free pizza CTP) **Ace pool pays out 80% to anyone who has played in at least 1/2 of the league rounds. **Ace pool pays out 50% to anyone who has played in less than 1/2 of the league rounds. If there's an odd number of people, those who want to will flip for Cali. Cali must pay an extra $5 (2nd shot will count for ace pool). If nobody wants Cali, it will be randomly drawn (you won ...
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League News

Sean Morgan   42 minutes ago

Weather Tomorrow...

It currently looks like a high chance of thunderstorms during leagues tomorrow. If that continues to be the forecast, we'll cancel. I'll post on here by 3pm tomorrow if leagues are cancelled. Obviously, you could still play the A3 Tourney if that does not get cancelled as well.


Sean Morgan   2 days ago

Hudson Mills Wednesday - 5:15

We're going to Hudson Mills this week with 2 options:

1. We play Monster as the A3 Summer Solstice tournament will be on Original.
2. We each play the Summer Solstice tournament ($20). We'd still do random draw doubles, but your doubles score would be the average of your score and your partner's score. If we have an odd number of people, the people who drew the 1st three numbers would be a team of three. The cost would still be $5 + $5 optional ace pool.

Reply to this post with your vote. (I vote for option 2.)

Russell Taint   2 days ago

I guess I'll go for #2

Sean Morgan   6 days ago


Meet by 18's basket.


Sean Morgan   June 6 at 2:04am

June 5th

We played 24 shorts at Indy Lake today. Jake Asel and Jay B won with their 59. Matt Clark won the free pizza (and Roc) CTP on hole 15. Next week, we'll be playing the TOBOGGAN AT 5PM. Ace pool is at $430. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   June 5 at 3:05pm

Reminder: INDY LAKE TODAY AT 5:30

Jared Frost   June 5 at 7:22pm

registration ends at 530?

Sean Morgan   June 5 at 8:54pm


Sean Morgan   June 3 at 6:51pm


They tried to mow The Lyon's Den, but they couldn't do all of the holes. So, we'll be at INDEPENDENCE LAKE AT 5:30 this week. See you there!


Sean Morgan   May 30 at 1:53am

May 29th

A lot of good scores came in today at Hudson Mills Original Shorts. Jake Asel and Derek Ballou took down the win with their 55. Justin Holley won the free pizza CTP on Hole E. Not sure if we'll be back at The Den next week or not. It depends on if they mow. I'll post by Monday where we're playing. Ace pool is at $395!


Sean Morgan   May 29 at 1:05am


Reminder: We'll be playing Hudson Mills Original Shorts tomorrow with a start time of 5:30. Ace pool's at $340!


Sean Morgan   May 28 at 12:53am


The Lyon's Den is currently like a jungle with how overgrown it is, so we'll be venturing out to Hudson Mills for a round of 24 holes on Original shorts! Also, we'll be starting at 5:30 to ensure we're out of there before they start closing up. See you there!


Sean Morgan   May 23 at 1:30am

May 22nd

Played Kensington North shorts today. Justin Holley and Josh Koehn took down the win after the tie breaker CTP from South 1's pad to the North practice basket. Derek Ballou won the free pizza CTP on hole 14. I'll be posting where we're playing next week in the next few days. Ace pool is at $340. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   May 21 at 12:33am

Kensington North

Reminder: we’re playing Kensington North on Wednesday. Start time 6pm. Post it on your Facebooks, Instachats, and MySpaces.

Derek Ballou   May 21 at 12:37pm

What layout are we playing? all longs?

Sean Morgan   May 22 at 12:30am

All shorts!

Sean Morgan   May 16 at 1:57am

May 15th

We played a combination of longs and shorts at Kensington South today. Jason Kirkaldy and Justin Holley won with their 48. Justin Holley won the free pizza CTP on hole 12. Ace pool is at $310. We'll be playing Kensington North next week! 6pm start.


Sean Morgan   May 15 at 12:56am

Kensington South This Week

Just a reminder to everyone, we'll be playing Kensington South this week. Start time at 6pm. Meet at the pavilion by the south course's practice basket.


Sean Morgan   May 9 at 1:33am

May 8th

We decided to play skins style tonight. Derek Ballou took the win on the last hole. I grabbed the free pizza CTP on hole 15. We'll be switching it up and playing Kensington South Course next week. Ace pool is at $275.

Derek Ballou   May 9 at 1:59am

If any women decided to join us, would they be allowed to throw from the short tee pads?

Sean Morgan   May 2 at 12:56am

May 1st

It was a one-on-one, singles battle tonight that came down to the last hole. I ended up winning with Derek taking the free pizza CTP on Hole 9. Thinking about going to a different local course next week. Please respond with any suggestions!


Sean Morgan   May 1 at 5:35pm


Looks like all the threatening weather is missing us, so we're playing tonight! The schedule says 6pm, but we might try to start by 5:45 to avoid the sprinkling that could come around 8. So let me know if you think you'll be arriving after 5:45.

Also, we'll be checking out some ideas for Flyin Lyon shirts tonight.


Sean Morgan   April 25 at 3:20am

April 24th

Jason Kirkaldy and Kevin Morgan took down the win after a 3 hole playoff. Kirkaldy also grabbed the free pizza CTP on hole 5. Ace pool is up to $250. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   April 11 at 12:31am

April 10th

On a pretty brisk night, Derek Ballou and I took the win with a 51. Derek also won the free pizza CTP on hole 6. Ace pool is at $230. See you next Wednesday!


Sean Morgan   April 4 at 1:19am

Apri 3rd

In honor of The Windy Lyon, we played with the handicaps Doug is using for the tournament. It proved to be very difficult to beat our ratings with 30 mph winds. Derek Ballou took down the win by shooting 2 better than his rating would indicate (or -2). The other scores were:

Russell Taint +4
Sean Morgan +5
Monty Wonnacott +7
Jay Binienda +9
Jason Kirkaldy +15
Matt Neal +16

For the second week in a row, Matt Neal snagged the free pizza "CTP". Today it was a longest putt on hole 4.
Ace pool is up to $210. See you next week.


Sean Morgan   March 28 at 1:37am

March 27th

Another windy day at the Den. Kirkaldy and Rivamonte took it down with their 45. Matt Neal parked hole 15 for the free pizza CTP. Ace pool is at $175. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   March 21 at 1:26am

March 20th

With a cold and rainy start to the league this year, we played singles. I took the win and Derek Ballou snagged the CTP on hole 13. Hopefully the weather will be better next week!


Sean Morgan   March 20 at 12:59am

Meet at the Township Hall Parking Lot

The gate to the course parking lot is closed, so we'll be meeting in the back of the Township Hall parking lot. Check-in will be ready starting around 5-5:15, with tee-off at 5:30.