Doubles At The Den 2018

April - September 2018 • New Hudson, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of July 19

Next league day

Wednesday, July 25 @ 6:00pm
Atchison Park
New Hudson, MI


Jul 18, 2018 · Top scores
Atchison Park
The Lyon's Den
Regular tees, 18 holes
-12 46
Jay Binienda
Sean Morgan
-11 47
Russell Taint
-8 50
Greg Harrell
Derek Ballou
Overall standings
1Sean Morgan56
2Russell Taint50
3John McClenahan44
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About this League

Doubles league - 34 all-time players - 18 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
$3.00 ace pool entry
Random draw doubles. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY 6:00 TO PLAY.
$10 all in: $5 for the league + $2 course fee + $3 optional ace pool.
($2 of ace pool goes to the ace pool payout. The other $1 goes to the league champion and added cash to the B-Tier in August)
If there's an odd number of people, those who want to will flip for Cali. Cali must pay an extra $5.
Free CTP every week.

The league will officially end on October 4th. The winner of the league will get a trophy and award money. There is no extra charge to be eligible for the trophy and money.

League News

Sean Morgan   11 hours ago

July 18th

Jay B and I won today with our 46. Russell Taint got the CTP on hole 15. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   July 5 at 2:41am

July 4th

Played the new south course at Kensington. Russell Taint and I took the win with our 53 from the longs. Jay B grabbed the free appetizer CTP on hole 2 and I got the cash CTP on hole 9. Next week, we'll be back at The Lyon's Den.


Sean Morgan   July 4 at 2:34pm


Reminder: We'll be playing the new south course at Kensington today. Long pads. 5:30 start time. See you there!


Sean Morgan   June 24 at 5:23pm


No league this week Wednesday (June 27th). Next week, Wednesday is the 4th of July and we'll be playing the new course at Kensington. 5:30 start time.


Sean Morgan   June 21 at 2:13am

June 20th

After still being tied after a 3-hole playoff, Derek Ballou and I won by means of a CTP. Drew Rusinek won the CTP on hole 6. I won't be there next week, but leagues are still on!


Sean Morgan   June 14 at 2:17am

June 13th

There was a 3 team tie at the Toboggan today. Critter/Taint, Kirkaldy/Drew, and Bryan Murphy (cali) all shot 55, with Critter/Taint winning the CTP playoff for 1st. I won the CTP on hole 14 and the longest putt on hole 17. Next week, we'll be back at The Den at 6pm!


Sean Morgan   June 11 at 2:39am


We're pushing the start time up to 5 o'clock this Wednesday for the Toboggan round to make sure we're not fighting daylight. Remember, they charge $5 if you don't have a bag tag. See you Wednesday!

Derek Ballou   June 13 at 6:43pm

So for someone who hasnt been to kennsington in a long time, how do I get to the course?

Sean Morgan   June 7 at 12:34am

June 6th

The extremely perfect weather scared people away this week, so the 3 of us who showed up played singles. Don Cantwell won with his 52 and snagged the CTP on hole 9. NEXT WEEK WILL BE AT THE TOBOGGAN. We'll be starting at 5:45. Remember, if you don't have a bag tag, they charge $5. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   May 31 at 1:40am

May 30th

Mike Herbst and Johnny Mac won with their 39 on 18 shorts at Kensington Black Locust. Johnny also aced hole 12 for $174! There were 2 CTPs out on the course: Russell Taint got the cash CTP on hole 4 and Chris Thorpe scored a New Hudson Inn Free Appetizer, plus a new Herbst towel (donated by Mike Herbst) for his CTP on hole 18. We'll be back at The Den next week!


Sean Morgan   May 30 at 1:28am


Reminder: We'll be playing at Kensington Black Locust tomorrow. Must be registered by 5:45.


Sean Morgan   May 25 at 1:05am


Next week, May 30th, we'll be playing Kensington 1-18 shorts - a big change of pace from The Lyon's Den. Meet at the pavilion by the parking lot. You must be registered by 5:45. All are welcome!

$10 all in: $5 league fee, $3 ace pool, $2 cash CTP (in addition to normal free CTP)

Why? They might not be able to finish mowing The Den by Wednesday because of how wet it is in spots.

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   May 26 at 12:38am

Oh fine!

Sean Morgan   May 24 at 1:34am

May 23rd

Damian Redman and Matt Clark shot the best score of the season so far with their 43! Damian also won the CTP on Hole 1 (thanks to Johnny Mac for adding a Firebird to the CTP winnings). Ace pool is at $158. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   May 17 at 1:10am

May 16th

Chris Batdorf-Barnes and I took the W with our 46. Chris also snagged the 2nd shot CTP on hole 17. Ace pool is at $140.

Right now, the grass is getting pretty long at The Den. If they can't mow before next Wednesday because of how wet it is, we'll move to Kensington next week. I'll post the plan on here as soon as I know.

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   May 17 at 2:28am

Last weeks scores? I can keep ya posted about course

Sean Morgan   May 17 at 5:44pm

NEXT WEEK WILL BE AT THE LYON'S DEN. I talked to the mowers today and they said they'll be mowing the course on Monday. I'll have last week scores up sometime soon.

Sean Morgan   May 3 at 1:44am

May 2nd

Glad to welcome 2 new players this week: Chris Smith and Jay Snyder. Congrats to Bryan Murphy and Dale Wrobel for taking down the win their impressive 44 in the wind. Bryan also grabbed the CTP on hole 12. Ace pool is up to $108. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   April 26 at 1:46am

April 25th

In a battle against the wind, Johnny Mac came out victorious with his Cali score of 51. Josh Steen took the longest putt on hole 17. Ace pool is at $88. See you next week!


Sean Morgan   April 25 at 4:54pm


Just so people know, leagues are on tonight. We had to cancel last week, but we'll be there every Wednesday until October.


Sean Morgan   April 12 at 1:13am

April 11th

Corey Selig and I took down the win for the first windy night of leagues. The free appetizer from New Hudson Inn CTP was on hole 15. I ended up winning the CTP by default since no one else managed to land on the island (losers).

* I won't be able to make it to leagues next week, so as of now, leagues will be cancelled. If someone else wants to step in and run it, let me know. Otherwise, we'll meet back up again on April 25th.

Russell Taint   April 12 at 3:37am

I will not soon forget this transgression.

Sean Morgan   April 11 at 2:51pm

Park by Township Hall Tonight

The drive to the disc golf lot is still closed, so park in the Township Hall lot. We will still meet by the practice basket. 5:30 start!


Sean Morgan   April 10 at 1:22am

First league this Wednesday

Leagues start this Wednesday! 5:30 start time. $10 all in.