Discmania Game of Throws: Battle of Spindler Park

September - October 2019 • Eastpointe, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool

as of September 29
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/42380


Oct 13, 2019 · Top scores
Spindler Park
Regular tees, 24 holes
+6 78
Dustin Courtney
+9 81
Ian csernai
+17 89
Ronald Hughes
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Leaderboard updated 10/14/19

About this League

Singles league - 7 all-time players - 3 active players
$45.00 one-time player fee for this league
$3.00 ace pool entry
Still open to new players for the next 4 weeks, SIGN UP. You’ll still get jersey and disc snd sanctioned rounds.

Must Sign up online, you can sign up after the first day.


Ace Pool: $3

League News

Brendan Livingston   2 days ago

Winning team

"Just got word that payouts for the winning teams will be completed and sent out via email no later than this Friday. Thank you everyone for hanging in there - I'm sorry that this has taken so long to get processed."

-Matthew Rothstein, Discmania Game of Throws Director

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   2 days ago

No problem. I didn't think I was winning anything at all. Lol.

Jason Austin   1 day ago

Any word on refunds?

Brendan Livingston   November 11 at 1:22am

House Lizotte wins the Battle of Spindler Park

Just got news that the winning players will soon receive their $50 gift card to discmania.com in an email this week. The winning team was house Lizotte which was Dustin Courtney, Ian Csernai, Ron Hughes and Jay Moyer. Congratulations gentlemen, it was a growing year for this format and I'm confident next year will run much better overall. Thanks for your support!

Dustin Courtney   November 11 at 1:50am

Thanks for a great season!

Brendan Livingston   October 20 at 1:22pm

Final week

Match play today...see you there at 10.


Brendan Livingston   September 22 at 11:12pm

What a gorgeous morning

Looking for more players!! You can still sign up and receive the jersey and disc as well as be part of the final 4 weeks. It was a Battle out there this morning between the Knights for the day Jason Austin and Ian Csernai, both earned double points, but Austin edged out Ian by 1 stroke. Dustin Courtney took home the ctp for the 2nd week in a row, this week an esp force last week a z machete. See yall next week.


Brendan Livingston   September 16 at 2:03am

The Houses have been chosen and the war rages on....

In House Lizotte is Lord Moyer and his soldiers, Dustin, Ian and Ronald. In House Piironen is Lord Livingston and his warriors the Jasons, Williams and Austin respectively. Winter is coming.....

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Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   September 16 at 5:52pm

shyeah! as if? Knight king maybe!

kang jeebus   September 16 at 10:06pm

No, the unsullied.

Jay Moyer S.D.G.C.   September 16 at 10:15pm

I'm not unsullied, I've seen Godsmack twice.

Brendan Livingston   September 9 at 6:01pm

New website


Jason Austin   September 12 at 2:02am

I don't get the format at all, but it'll be fun