DSDGA Summer Draw Doubles 2018

May - August 2018 • North Little Rock, Arkansas
Doubles league

Ace poolAce Pool #1

as of August 16
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 77 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
DSDGA is doing a Draw Doubles League, May 30 - August 29, 2018. Wednesdays at 5:45 pm. Each team is drawn out of two groups: the upper half of the rankings, and the lower half. Hopefully this will keep teams on a relatively even playing field. If there is an odd number of players, a random person from the higher skilled half will play Cali-style (one mulligan per hole). We will play at Burns courses and Rez, then Dupree, once it dries up. Announcements will be made for schedule changes. ...
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League News

Mitch Trotter   August 24 at 3:32pm

Final Night

The final week of Draw Dubs was really fun! We had 13 teams. Marco and Alyssa shot a season-best 59 in the Junior division. I could hear them cheering all across the course throughout the round. Our team would have probably won, but my partner, Zach Hicks, did not convince me to go to the bathroom early enough. We went -2 on the first half. Took a bathroom break halfway, and finished out -7 on the back half. Gabe Bozeman and Michael Mayo took home 1st with a 44. There was a 4-way tie for 2 ... more


Mitch Trotter   July 26 at 3:19pm

Burns Blue

Congrats to Alex and Nathan for taking first by 3 strokes, shooting a 44, and taking $50. Henry and Mitch tied with Brian Bentz and Charles McCracken for 2nd at 47. Brian and Charles won the CTP throwoff to take $35. Gabe won the CTP on Hole 17 to take sweet Prime Emac Truth. We have 4 more weeks left. Rez is next week.


Mitch Trotter   July 18 at 4:17pm

Location Switch for Tonight!

We will play at Reservoir Park tonight, as Dupree will be flooded from all this rain.


Mitch Trotter   July 12 at 3:27pm

2nd night at Burns White

Great turnout with 12 teams plus one Junior team! Player ratings were weighted higher than normal, putting the pro/am rating split at 900. This led to a couple stout teams. Stephen and Adrian didn't care about that, though, shooting a blistering 42 on Burns White to take home $30 each. Aaron Hathaway and James Lecy took 2nd with a 43. They split $40. Starting last week, we're paying out 3 teams if we have more than 10 teams. So, Eric Roland and Michael Mayo split $20, shooting a 45 for 3rd place. Stephen hit the CTP for $28. No aces were hit, so the Ace Pot is now at $214.


Mitch Trotter   July 5 at 7:24pm

Freedom Doubles!

We had 28 players and 2 juniors - great turnout! Casey Turner and Duncan Howard took 1st place with a 47 using only their red, white, and blue discs. They split a patriotic $76, plus an extra $17.76 each from Randall for a good payday. Konnor Kessler/Robbie Shaw and Bill Trousdale/Matt Scott tied for 2nd with a 48 and split $64 four ways to round out the $140 payout pot. Marco hit an Ace on Hole 4! He is a junior and not in the Ace Pot, so Eric and I scrounged up a little sum for him. The rolling DSDGA Ace Pot now stands at $180.


Mitch Trotter   June 28 at 3:23pm

Hulk continues on his CTP Rampage

9 teams and 3 Juniors came out, even with the baseball game going on. Newcomer to Draw Dubs, John Sanders, and Chris Koe****took first with an 11 down at Burns Red. Brock and Henry took 2nd at 10 down. No aces were hit, and the pot is up to $151. John Hoffman took the CTP again! ($17 - Hole 7)


Mitch Trotter   June 21 at 3:21pm

First night at Dupree

We had 6 teams, despite the rain threat (it held off until the last couple holes). For many, it was their first time to play Dupree. That was cool, I think it's a neat little course. Jordan and Henry took the win by 2 strokes, shooting a 45. Adrian and Michael won the 3-way tie (47) throwoff for 2nd place to take the cash, and an extra place point. John Hoffman won Hole 1 CTP to take the $12, and Duncan won Hole 3's Bonus CTP to take the DD ball cap. Next week is Burns Red.


Mitch Trotter   June 14 at 3:33am

Good turnout at Burns Blue

Michael Mayo and Zach Hicks were the first team this series to take sole 1st place, by 1 stoke, shooting a 47. There was a 3-way tie at 48, with Jordan Thies and Gabe Bozeman winning the CTP throwoff for the money. Spring Nunn took the CTP money on Hole 17.


Mitch Trotter   June 7 at 3:40pm

Killer Scores at Rez!

Congrats to John Hoffman/Stephen Riemar for bringing home the win, after a 2-hole playoff, which saw a near-ace chainout finish! Both them and Al Cotter/Mike Mayo shot 11 down in this random draw format. Great scores, especially with many of the holes in the difficult positions! Mitch took the $250 Ace Pot on Hole 1. Spring Nunn took the Hole 5 CTP prize (Nova + Kat mini). Tyler Posey won the special CTP prize on Hole 4, which was a DD Trooper backpack. He was ONE INCH inside the rope!


Mitch Trotter   May 31 at 8:21pm

First Night

We got off to a good start. Mike High won the playoff, via CTP on Red #1, playing Cali. Brock and Annie took 2nd. Both teams shot 47 on the White layout. Randall Palmer took the $12 CTP Prize on Blue 17, landing about 15 ft away. Marco and Alyssa shot a 61 from the regular tees in the Juniors division. They played great!