DSDGA Summer Draw Doubles 2018

May - August 2018 • North Little Rock, Arkansas
Doubles league

Ace poolAce Pool #1

as of July 12

Next league day

Wednesday, July 18 @ 5:45pm
Dupree Park
Jacksonville, AR

About this League

Doubles league - 67 all-time players - 63 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
DSDGA is doing a Draw Doubles League, May 30 - August 29, 2018. Wednesdays at 5:45 pm. Each team is drawn out of two groups: the upper half of the rankings, and the lower half. Hopefully this will keep teams on a relatively even playing field. If there is an odd number of players, a random person from the higher skilled half will play Cali-style (one mulligan per hole). We will play at Burns courses and Rez, then Dupree, once it dries up. Announcements will be made for schedule changes. ...
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League News

Mitch Trotter   4 days ago

2nd night at Burns White

Great turnout with 12 teams plus one Junior team! Player ratings were weighted higher than normal, putting the pro/am rating split at 900. This led to a couple stout teams. Stephen and Adrian didn't care about that, though, shooting a blistering 42 on Burns White to take home $30 each. Aaron Hathaway and James Lecy took 2nd with a 43. They split $40. Starting last week, we're paying out 3 teams if we have more than 10 teams. So, Eric Roland and Michael Mayo split $20, shooting a 45 for 3rd place. Stephen hit the CTP for $28. No aces were hit, so the Ace Pot is now at $214.


Mitch Trotter   July 5 at 7:24pm

Freedom Doubles!

We had 28 players and 2 juniors - great turnout! Casey Turner and Duncan Howard took 1st place with a 47 using only their red, white, and blue discs. They split a patriotic $76, plus an extra $17.76 each from Randall for a good payday. Konnor Kessler/Robbie Shaw and Bill Trousdale/Matt Scott tied for 2nd with a 48 and split $64 four ways to round out the $140 payout pot. Marco hit an Ace on Hole 4! He is a junior and not in the Ace Pot, so Eric and I scrounged up a little sum for him. The rolling DSDGA Ace Pot now stands at $180.


Mitch Trotter   June 28 at 3:23pm

Hulk continues on his CTP Rampage

9 teams and 3 Juniors came out, even with the baseball game going on. Newcomer to Draw Dubs, John Sanders, and Chris Koe****took first with an 11 down at Burns Red. Brock and Henry took 2nd at 10 down. No aces were hit, and the pot is up to $151. John Hoffman took the CTP again! ($17 - Hole 7)


Mitch Trotter   June 21 at 3:21pm

First night at Dupree

We had 6 teams, despite the rain threat (it held off until the last couple holes). For many, it was their first time to play Dupree. That was cool, I think it's a neat little course. Jordan and Henry took the win by 2 strokes, shooting a 45. Adrian and Michael won the 3-way tie (47) throwoff for 2nd place to take the cash, and an extra place point. John Hoffman won Hole 1 CTP to take the $12, and Duncan won Hole 3's Bonus CTP to take the DD ball cap. Next week is Burns Red.


Mitch Trotter   June 14 at 3:33am

Good turnout at Burns Blue

Michael Mayo and Zach Hicks were the first team this series to take sole 1st place, by 1 stoke, shooting a 47. There was a 3-way tie at 48, with Jordan Thies and Gabe Bozeman winning the CTP throwoff for the money. Spring Nunn took the CTP money on Hole 17.


Mitch Trotter   June 7 at 3:40pm

Killer Scores at Rez!

Congrats to John Hoffman/Stephen Riemar for bringing home the win, after a 2-hole playoff, which saw a near-ace chainout finish! Both them and Al Cotter/Mike Mayo shot 11 down in this random draw format. Great scores, especially with many of the holes in the difficult positions! Mitch took the $250 Ace Pot on Hole 1. Spring Nunn took the Hole 5 CTP prize (Nova + Kat mini). Tyler Posey won the special CTP prize on Hole 4, which was a DD Trooper backpack. He was ONE INCH inside the rope!


Mitch Trotter   May 31 at 8:21pm

First Night

We got off to a good start. Mike High won the playoff, via CTP on Red #1, playing Cali. Brock and Annie took 2nd. Both teams shot 47 on the White layout. Randall Palmer took the $12 CTP Prize on Blue 17, landing about 15 ft away. Marco and Alyssa shot a 61 from the regular tees in the Juniors division. They played great!