Cow Job Indoor Putting League

November '19 - March '20 • Royal Oak, Michigan
Putting league

Ace pool50/50 Double Shot

as of March 12
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Putting league - 48 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
This League Will Be A Bowling Style Singles Putting League. We will be setting a player cap at 32 total, first come first served. Sign-up for each night starts at 5:30pm and ends at 6:15pm. First game at 6:30pm. We will have a four basket set-up with a mix of Chainstar Lite and MVP Black Hole Pro targets. The FOE is a private club, please be courteous and abide by their rules. There is free parking behind the club, entry off Knowles. Plenty of meters in the front. Press the buzzer for entry, le ...
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League News

Adam Mitchell   October 2 at 5:50pm

November 2020, we are back!
Carry-over of the 50/50 will continue!


Adam Mitchell   March 16 at 4:34pm

League Postponed!!!

With the obvious changes to normalcy, we are on a hold. The 50/50 cash will be rolled over or played for in a possible tournament.
Stay safe and calm!


Adam Mitchell   March 12 at 4:50am

3/9 Getting Warmer

Last week is 3/30. $504 in the double-shot pot.
Kenny 1st $30, Eric! In 2nd, his first cash $15. Novak with the 3rd place fiver.
Rich missed the 50/50, Jess wiffed on the 25/50.
$504 carries over!!!


Adam Mitchell   February 18 at 5:21pm

2/17 Good times

21 attendees tonight, again! Thanks everyone!!!
1st place went to Brendan, $65. Nice shooting, Tex!
Jeff Chutz breaks thru for a $25 2nd place finish, beating Tommy by 1 throw. Tommy gets $10 for 3rd. Rich hits the money for his first cash, $5 to him.
50/50 did not get hit...$434 carries over to next week.
Starting next week we will draw 2 numbers. First pick gets to throw for 50%. If missed, second pick gets to throw for 25%.
See y'all later!


Adam Mitchell   February 4 at 3:18pm

2/3 Happy birthday, Eric!

20 peeps tonight, that's great!
Tommy cleaned up, 2 winning poker hands and a 1st place payout of $60.
Novak, $25 for 2nd. Kenny $10 3rd and Brendan with the 4th place fiver.
Birthday Boy Eric had two shots for glory...and missed them both. $348 carries over to next week!
Only 4 weeks left...get in here!!!


Adam Mitchell   January 28 at 3:15am

1/27 Holla!

Good times tonight, 18 players!
Kenny won, again. $50!
2nd place, won on a shootout was Adam, $25 and his first cash!
Novak 3rd with a $10 win and Jeff Chutz with the 4th place fiver.
Jessica was selected to throw 2 shots for $154 in the 50/50 throwdown.
No dice! $308 carries over. Thanks, y'all!


Adam Mitchell   January 14 at 4:08am

1/13 Results

12 players tonight, thanks everyone! Welcome to new peoples Chris and Drunk Tim. Yay.
Camie with another run at the 50/50 double shot throw. Sorry kid. Missed them both. $244 carries over to next week.
1st to Kenny, $40. Travis 2nd, $15. Moonie won the 3rd place throwdown and $5.


Adam Mitchell   January 9 at 5:40am

1/6 Results...Happy New year!

14 peeps made it out, $224 in the 50/50. Jeff N. was called upon to make history but missed both opportunities to cash, $224 carries over to next week.
Kenny continues to dominate the competition, $45 winner. Brendan with a solid 2nd place showing, $25 to him. Thomas gets $5 for third.


Adam Mitchell   December 17 at 7:38am

12/16 Results

Another stellar evening, 21 players tonight!
Travis takes the belt, 1st place and $65. Kenny with $25 for his 2nd place finish. Thomas gets a $10 handshake for 3rd and Jeff C. wins $5 in the 4th place shootout.
Becker got picked for the 50/50 throwdown and made one shot out of two for $10.
$170 carries over thru next week.
December 23rd after we finish putting, we will host our league Christmas party. It's a secret Santa format...bring a $25 disc golf related wrapped present and we will have an exchange. Ho Ho Hi.


Adam Mitchell   December 10 at 5:44pm

12/9 Results

Some folks on vacation, only 13 tonight.
Tommy came in 1st, nice shooting. $40 winner. Kenny hit 25 points in the 3rd round, $20 for that valiant 2nd place effort. Novak with $5 for 3rd.
Nobody hit the 50/50, $138 carries over. See y'all next week!


Adam Mitchell   December 10 at 5:40pm

12/2 Results

Hey! 20 people showed up...very nice, thanks y'all!!!
Kenny took down 1st place $60 payout to him.
Brandon Redman took $25 for 2nd, Alan Krause in 3rd got $10 and Jeff Chutz pocketed $5 for 4th.
No 50/50 winner, $112 carries over.


Adam Mitchell   November 26, 2019 at 3:21am

11/25 Results

We doubled in size this week- 17 players began our night. Thanks everyone for your support!
Congrats to Thomas Barrett for his 1st place showing, taking home $50 for his 48 point performance. Kenny finished 2nd by one throw, $25 to him. Brendan Diamond took home $10 for third. Kenny hit the most Doubles with 11. He grabbed $32 for that stellar showing. Nobody hit the 50/50 Double Shot, $72 carries over to next week.
See y'all on December 2nd. ✌️


Adam Mitchell   November 13, 2019 at 9:02pm

11/11 Snow much fun!

Great first night, congrats to Travis on the nightly win and whatever to Kenny for the 50/50 throwdown win. Hopefully less snows and more throws next week!


Ken Sailler   November 6, 2019 at 11:32pm


We are getting close to the start of the season. Just so everyone is aware The Eagles Club is a cash only bar and you must be 21 to enter. There is an ATM on the premises.


Ken Sailler   October 22, 2019 at 12:42am


We are very pleased to bringing you a weekly singles putting league at the Royal Oak Eagles Club. This will be a singles bowling style putting league happening every Monday night starting at November 11th and going thru March 2nd. We will be starting competition at 6:30 but hope to have baskets up by 5:30 for practice.

Tony Campanile   October 22, 2019 at 7:33pm

is there registration or sign up available?

Adam Mitchell   October 22, 2019 at 8:33pm

First night is November 11th

Tony Campanile   October 22, 2019 at 8:51pm

great. someone told me registration was full.