Coggs Monday

April - October 2018 • Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Singles league

Ace pool #2Optional - Tag Holders Only

as of October 9

Ace poolAll

as of October 9
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Singles league - 66 all-time players - 0 active players
$20.00 one-time player fee for this league
$5.00 player fee each session
$20 for a tag. $5 to play. $7 for non-tag holders. ($3 to payout, $1 to course, $0.50 to bonanza, $0.50 Ace Pot. extra $2 from non-tag holders to course). Optional Members Only (tag holders) Ace Pot $5

League News

Greg Bianco   May 8 at 11:35am

Monday May 7th - 5th League Rnd - “It’s all fun & games!...”

17 Chuckers threw plastic in all directions at Coggs last night; none more wildly than Travis R and none more luckily than me. Having reached the peak of 16 fairway Travis turned around and threw his disc back down the fairway plinking poor unsuspecting Ryan, the Shevs, Shevlin in the lower limb. Lesson to be learned! ...”Practice makes perfect”; Travis was trying to hit Pete Bean! Keep working on your game - you’ll get em. I threw blindly down hole 12 and luckily found th ... more


Greg Bianco   May 1 at 2:10am

Monday April 30th - 4th League round of the Season

17 Chuckers came out tonight. Pete Bean took home the 1 tag with a wet 53.

Men Baxwell hit the “In & Win” skills pot for $26.50 - Nice Work Ben! Travis seeded next weeks skills pot with a few bucks; be sure to bring your change. Skills shot is a straight throw to the 18 basket for the new pot.

Next week league starts at 5:30...Chuck On!


Greg Bianco   April 30 at 2:26pm

Tonight’s round (4-30-18) starts at 5:15

Bring warm rain gear! Next week we move start to 5:30.


Greg Bianco   April 24 at 2:14am

Monday 23rd - 3rd Round of the Season

27 Chuckers came out tonight. Noah took home top spot with a 51 and the 1 tag.

“In & Win” the new skills pot grew to $17.75. Something to do before and after the round. Pete P. Was painting the one basket! Bring your change for next week!

Member side Pot grew to $55 already! Next League April 30th at 5:00.


Greg Bianco   April 16 at 4:27pm

Monday 16th - League Canceled Tonight :-(

Due to the weather we are gonna skip tonight’s round. We will be starting at 5:00 next Monday, rain or shine.

Next League, Monday 23rd at 5:00. Bring some change for “In & Win”.


Greg Bianco   April 10 at 11:40am

April 9 Monday League - 2nd rnd of the Season!

27 chuckers for the 2nd round of Coggs League; nice, clear cool night for a round. Thanks to Bob, JB & Kat for donating their winnings back to the course.

We keep forgetting to announce the $5 Tag holder, side Ace Pot. We will do that for next Monday so we can get that Pot Growing. Last year that was hit for $900!!! You have to be a tag holder to take part and you have to pay the night you hit it.

“In & Win” will start next Monday. In & Win is something to d ... more


Greg Bianco   April 3 at 9:32pm

April 2 Monday League - 1st round of the season!

Good turnout for the 1st league round of the year especially given the snow earlier in the day and generally colder temps. We had 25 players turnout and sold 20 tags. Nick G. & Sam L. kindly donated their winnings to the course/league $10 & $5

We (Travis, Me & Bob) will be working to improve the process we will use to run things over the next few league rounds, so bare with us until we get as good as Angel & Michelle were at running things last year. We did manage to get everything done before dark so that’s a bonus!

See you next Monday the 9th at 4:45!