CCR 2024 Summer Singles League

April - August 2024 • Lansing, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool #2B Pool Ace Pool

as of May 23

Ace poolA Pool Ace Pool

as of May 23

Next league day

Wednesday, July 3 @ 6:00pm

About this League

Singles league - 194 all-time players - 194 active players
$35.00 one-time player fee for this league
$15.00 ace pool entry
Welcome to the 2024 CCR Summer Singles League! For detailed info, see here: By signing up for the league you agree that you have read, and agree to the rules outlined in the linked document. We will continue having an A Pool and a B Pool again. Both pools will still play Wednesdays, but will have different course assignments. By the end of the season, both pools will have played the sam ...
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League News

Joshua Siwek   7 days ago


As of now, the current ace pool buy in per pool looks like this:

A Pool - 73 players, so each week the ace pool will grow by $73
B Pool - 65 players, so each week the ace pool will grow by $65

Current aces have been entered into the league and will be paid out as such:

Week 1 - Phil Balger, hole 2 @ Burchfield Renegade's Trail Short/Short for $65 from B Pool Ace Pool
Week 3 - Andrew Wonch, Hole C & Jake Thousand Hole 9 @ Grand Woods, splitting $219 pool for $109.50 each from ... more


Joshua Siwek   7 days ago

League Signup Is Now Closed

League Signup for the 2024 Summer Season has now closed. We will not be accepting any new signups for this year as of today.

Due to some drops and division changes, point totals for pools have changed, so all point allocations will be adjusted this weekend, after Marco inputs the scores from this week.

I will make a separate post regarding ace pool shortly.


Joshua Siwek   7 days ago

Players who have not paid their fees

Good Morning Everyone! We are down to 24 players out of 194(!) who I do not have a record of paying their fees, or speaking to me about their intent to pay in cash.

It is possible I missed a PayPal transaction, though I have gone through the club PayPal and searched for everyone on this list. If your name is on this list, please send your dues for league via PayPal to [email redacted] - If you feel your name is on this list erroneously and I missed something, please message me directly.

h ... more


Joshua Siwek   May 20 at 2:55am

Points Allocated

Good Evening Everyone, I have assigned points to the first four rounds of league. Overall point totals may fluctuate slightly if division sizes change as we approach the deadline for payment.

As of this post, there are 197 total players, and I have not received payment from 61.

Ace pools for existing aces will be paid out after league signup closes this Wednesday 5/22


Joshua Siwek   May 8 at 5:45pm

League Dues Reminder

Good Afternoon Everyone - Just a reminder that you have until 5/22 to pay your league dues via PayPal to [email redacted] or in cash to myself or Emily Seeling. As of right now 108 out of 193 players have paid their league dues (thank you!) so I am waiting on 85 people still.

If you have extenuating circumstances and need more time to pay your league fees, that can be arranged, please just contact me directly.


Joshua Siwek   May 2 at 12:35pm

Full Schedule

Full schedule has been added to the about document, and also a separate page that can be viewed here:

Layouts and OB's per week will be posted in the comments page.


Joshua Siwek   April 25 at 1:00pm

Scores & Points

I swear, this is the last post for this AM.

Scores will be input from UDisc into DGS this weekend, but points will not be awarded to rounds until after week 3.

This allows for late signups to come in, and for me to have a better handle on division sizes so that points are correctly allocated.


Joshua Siwek   April 25 at 12:53pm

League Ace

Congratulations to Phil Balger on the first league ace of 2024!

Hitting hole #2 Short/Short @ Renegade's Trail yesterday!

TJ Meisterheim   April 25 at 1:06pm


TJ Meisterheim   April 25 at 1:06pm

JK! Congratulations! What a way to start the season!

Joshua Siwek   April 25 at 12:06pm

Schedule for Week 2

Good Morning Everyone! Thanks to everyone for coming out and making week 1 a success! I hope everyone had fun! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, or if there's anything that I can help with!

Week 2: 5/1
A Pool - Burchfield Park - Renegades Trail - CCR Glow Layout (it should be an available layout on UDisc if you would like to practice)

B Pool - Trinity Church - Short pad on 17

I will have the full schedule posted later today.


Joshua Siwek   April 1 at 5:35pm

Schedule In Progress

Hello Everyone! I am still finalizing the schedule for this year, but for the first week we are set:

A Pool - Trinity Church

B Pool - Burchfield Park - Renegades Trail - Short/Short

Philip “Flip” Balger Scott   April 24 at 9:00am

When is the first Tadpole Wednesday? Can’t wait to dominate the home course…muhahaha lolz

Joshua Siwek   April 24 at 12:15pm

:-D Soon! Next week is set with a flip flop, A Pool @ Burch & B Pool @ Trinity, will have it finalized by then

Philip “Flip” Balger Scott   April 25 at 11:25am


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