CCDG SRD Points Series Segment II

March - April 2019 • Gervais, Oregon
Doubles league

Next league day

Sunday, March 24 @ 10:00am

About this League

Doubles league - 40 all-time players - 40 active players
$4.00 player fee each session
CCDG SRD Points Series Segment II, will start Mar. 3rd at Dallas and run till Apr.14th. (check schedule) It will last 8 weeks and you will count your best 5 results. Buy in is still $5 it is still random flip. The new league is Sunday random doubles point series segment II, And it is listed under leagues for CCDG.

League News

Barry "B" Bolliger   March 10 at 6:18am

SRD points series Segment II

SRD Points Series Segment II is @ Keizer Rapids tomorrow 10:00am . Round #2 Weather is supposed to be beautiful, of course dirty dollars after.


Barry "B" Bolliger   March 4 at 5:13pm

SRD points series Segment II

OK well segment II Started off kind of like segment I, Eric Etherton and Andrew Jewell Got 42 points that is a big score. Nice to see some new names up at the top Dallas, and Brock, Next week at Keizer those guys could make a move should be big points available, thank you everyone for coming out.


Barry "B" Bolliger   February 25 at 5:52pm

CCDG SRD Points Series segment II

New league 8 weeks starts Mar. 3rd at Dallas