2018 Birch Park Disc Golf League

May - September 2018 • Amherst, New Hampshire
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Sep 13, 2018 · Top scores
Birch Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
-6 49
Billy Crane
-5 50
John Bilsky
-4 51
Matt Stolarz
+4 59
Tammy Coburn
+8 63
Jen Amaral
Overall standings
1Billy Crane423
2Bryant Chamberlin403
3John Bilsky398
1Tammy Coburn146
2Lisa Soucy60
3Jen Amaral13
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About this League

Singles league - 45 all-time players - 0 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
Hello Everyone, Tournament Director: Bill Bruce This will be a 20 week points series league . We will have 2 divisions to get started. There will be a women's division as well as a mens division. Players will play in a mixed grouping but points will be kept separate. In usual tradition we will offer an Ace pot and CTP each week. Ace pot will be carried forward until hit or until capped amount is reached. CTP donations are always welcome. If an ace is hit during league play the p ...
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League News

BILL BRUCE   September 15 at 5:58pm

Week 20 Birch Park League

League is finished for this season. I think we had a great season for our first year of league in Amherst. A special thank you to all the players who made this happen. I also want to thank Craig Fraley and the Parks and Rec Dept of Amherst for all their hard work on the course.. Last but not least I want to thank Bryant Chamberlin for all the help he has given me during the season running our league. He didn't miss a day and me, well I'm just here .
We had a great end of season get ... more


BILL BRUCE   September 7 at 10:53am

Week 19 Birch Park League

We had a good night last night . 20 players hit the course with Billy Crane taking it down. Bryant Chamberlin was right there also taking 2nd. Bryant also won the CTP on Hole #16 for $19.00.

We only have 1 week left of league and then we expect to have a get-together to give out awards and so forth. We will be announcing when soon. Bryant and I are working on the details . There might be a glow round involved.


BILL BRUCE   August 31 at 11:24am

Week 18 Birch Park League

Matt Stolarz was out big winner tonight shooting a 52 John Bilsky. John took 2nd place tonight shooting a 56 edging out both Bryant Chamberlin and Dan Forcier who both shot a 57 . Dan Forcier also won the CTP on Hole #18 winning $20.00. No Ace again and the pot continues to grow.

We have 2 week s left of league . I will be making an announcement on when we will do our awards and get together. We might also need to have a contest to disperse the Ace Money.

Don't forget to sign up for the tournament next Saturday September 8th. for the Amherst Foundation Tournament.


BILL BRUCE   August 24 at 10:21am

Week 17 Birch Park League

It was another great night at the course tonight. We had 23 players and the weather was great. Billy Crane took it tonight shooting a 52 . Bryant Chamberlin took the CTP on #17 fro $19.00. There was no Ace again tonight so $38.00 gets added to the pot.

If you haven't signed up for the upcoming tournament here at the course on the 8th of September, registration is still open and the price is right . Come on down and show support for the course and all the great things the town of Amhe ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 24 at 10:13am

Week 16 Birch Park League

Matt Stolarz took it down this week this week . I was away so news is sketchy at best . There was no Ace hit so $40.00 got added to the pot bringing it to $411.00
Don't forget to sing up for the upcoming tournament here at Birch Park on September 8th .It should be a lot of fun with great prizes. The price is right so if your not busy come on down and show your support for the new course the town has put in of us.

The Fall Classic is fast approaching and we need you to sign up ASAP. ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 10 at 10:43am

Week 15 Birch Park League

Last night we had 25 players show up for league. Not bad everyone. Matt Stolarz took it down shooting a 51 .Todd Daugherty won the CtP on hole 14 for $22.00 and no one hit the Ace Pot.Next week the Ace Pot should be over $400.

Don't forget to check out all the up coming tournaments around the area. Next Friday there will be a flex start C-Tier at Muldoon Park. Saturday I will not be here for Random Dubs at the Hollows but someone will be taking charge of it for me so come . Sept 8t, don ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 3 at 1:25am

Week 14 Birch Park League

Tonight it was real hot and muggy. There were 24 players tonight braving the heat. 2 new disc golfers signed up tonight also. Our league continues to grow.
Bilsky took the CTP on 14 tonight winning $21.00. The ace pot continues to grow.. Don't forget there are 2 flex starts at the Hollows tomorrow and Random dubs on Saturday. Hope to see lots of you there . Register at the store (Breakin Chains Disc Golf ) for the flex starts.


BILL BRUCE   July 27 at 10:44am

Week 13 Birch Park League

We had a good time last night. There were 24 players out for some fun last night braving the humidity. Looks like Matt Stolarz took it down shooting a 51. There were no Aces hit and John Bilsky got the CTP on hole 13.
Lots of cool stuff coming up around the area, so watch for posts .


BILL BRUCE   July 20 at 9:41pm

Week 12 Birch Park League

Last night we had 23 players come out. Ryan Wittenberg took it down shooting a 50. Matt Stolarz took the CTP on hole 12 winning $20.00. No Ace was hit so $40.00 will be added to the Ace Pot

Still time to play in the LFDT#6 at the Hollows South. Walk ups will be welcome. Check out discgolfscene.com to see what tournaments are coming.


BILL BRUCE   July 13 at 11:19am

Week 11 Birch Park League

We had a big turnout tonight with most over the Birch Park League attending. 35 layers tonight. New Registered player named Ryan Wittenberg took it down on his first time on the new layout. Good job Ryan. Billy Crane was right behind, with Jeff Furbush following up in 3rd.
Our CTP winner tonight was Matt Nowd taking in $25.00.

Most everyone should have received their league discs by now. If you don't have 1 yet ,I have them at Breakin Chains or you can pick them up at league. Speci ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 6 at 3:38pm

Week10 Birch Park League

Tonight we had 24 players come out in the heat to play disc golf. Matt Stolarz won it shooting 52. Brian Zachary Won the CP on hole 10. No Ace was hit bringing the total in the Ace Pot to $156.00. Weather is cooling down
Friday July 6th we have a Flex Start at Birch Park all day . This is a C-Tier. Come on by and play a rated round .$25 to play


BILL BRUCE   June 29 at 1:28am

Week 9 Birch Park League

It was a rainy wet night at the course tonight. We had 19 players out braving the rain. We were lucky and there was no thunder and lightning. Jeff Furbush, one of our 2 new members won the round shooting a 47. Of course he took the CTP o hole 9 too. Not bad Jeff!
Matt Stolarz took 2nd tonight shooting a 49.

Breakin Chains is holding a Pro/Am Mini on the 4th of July at the Hollows .Show up time is at 2pm and play will start at 3pm. Bryant Chamberlin will be the TD for the event in our absenc ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 22 at 3:53pm

Week 8 Birch Park League

Tonight was a Matt Stolarz night with Matt winning with a score of 48. Brandon Daugherty took 2nd and Bryant Chamberlin got 3rd tonight. Steve Foster took the CTP for $23.00. The bag tags came in and were dispersed tonight. If you haven't gotten your tag come see us next week .


BILL BRUCE   June 22 at 3:33pm

Week 7 Birch Park League

Billy Crane took it down shooting a 47. Todd Daugherty shot a 48 taking 2nd. Matt Stolarz was not far behind shooting a 50. The turn out was great and we finished early . No Ace was hit.


BILL BRUCE   June 8 at 10:51am

Week 6 Birch Park League

We had a great night at league tonight. Billy Crane was outstanding. He set the course record shooting a 42 . He also won the CTP on hole #6 for $21.00 and to top things of he thought he would grab an Ace on hole #4 for $258.00. Congratulations Billy!!
2 new members tonight signed up . League is growing so bring someone and get them involved. See ya all next week.

Bob Testa   June 8 at 5:10pm

Hat Trick!! Awesome Bill...!!

BILL BRUCE   June 8 at 10:44am

Week 5 Birch Park League

We had 32 player tonight . Not bad 32 of 37 players were here tonight. Bilsky and Billy Crane took it down shooting 49 each.
Ace pot continues to grow . We are still adding new players to league so try to bring a friend and get them signed up. Bag tags are in production and should be arriving shortly.


BILL BRUCE   May 25 at 1:19am

Week 4 birch Park League

Another good night at league with 25 players on the course tonight. Billy Crane took it down shooting a 47. Bill Bruce took the CTP on hole #4 for $20.00. The Ace Pot was not hit.
We added 1 new member tonight bring total membership to 36 . We are still growing so bring a friend or tell someone to join. See ya next week.
Random dubs at the Hollows this Saturday at 8:30 am.


BILL BRUCE   May 25 at 1:14am

Week 3 Birch ParkTag League

Looks like it was a great night at league with a tight scorecard. Bryant Chamberlin was in charge this week running a tight ship.
Billy Crane and Brandon Smith were battling both shooting a 49 with Jonh Bilsky right on their tail shooting a 50.
This League is new and we are looking for new mwmbers so tell a friend or bring one along next time.


BILL BRUCE   May 11 at 10:49am

Week 2 Birch Park Tag League

We had another great time a league last night. 8 new members signed up brining the total registered members to 34. Not bad for a new course.

Ken Bovill had a great night winning the CTP on hole 2 and also having the hot round for the night shooting a 47. Not bad for his first night of league.

Next week I will be having our player meeting for the 2018 NEADGC on Thursday night, so Bryant Chamberlin will be handling things here at league . Have a great week everyone.


BILL BRUCE   May 4 at 10:26am

Week 1 Birch Park Tag League

We had a great night with 24 players showing up to get the new league started up. Billy DeMarino took it down shooting 47and Tammy Coburn took the women's division with a 60. BillY D also won the cash CTP .
We had a great start and look forward to next week. See you all then.