Alztimers - THE LEAGUE - 2018

April - December 2018 • St. Charles, Michigan
Bag Tag league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Bag Tag league - 35 all-time players - 35 active players
No fee to play in this league
Alztimers 2019 Bag Tag Challenge

Zero fees - end of year party with lunch, trophies and prizes.
open to women & men age 50 or over.


League News

Craig Prime   July 20 at 5:20pm

another PRIVATE COURSE invitation for tag challengers

Just last week I entered the info so that my little par 2 course would show up in the Course Directory on DG Scene. The primary and only reason I did the listing was so that I could offer a challenge to any and all Alztimers to visit and play a tag challenge. As you all probably know, my shoulder has restricted any real disc golf for me but I can still make attempts at putting; so bring it on. What Prime Bluff has to offer is 4 baskets, 18 tee locations, several mandos, 2 elevated baskets (1 ato ... more

Josh Russell   July 20 at 6:08pm

I'll take you up on that challenge!

Craig Prime   July 20 at 9:52pm

are you spotting me some strokes ? with or without, let me know when you're nearby

Josh Russell   July 21 at 2:02am

Will do.

Craig Prime   July 15 at 7:09pm

another Invitational Tournament at Buck Creek

Another collective opportunity for BAG TAG challenges and a few other invited players.
Buck Creek's first inaugural tournament
2 rounds of 18 holes
$25 per person
CTP and LP prizes
Lunch provided between rounds
Trophies for division winners -
NOTE - there is no prepay for this event but Dean needs a fairly accurate head count beforehand so to be sure to provide lunch for everyone !
see Deans info about the in the league comment section


Craig Prime   June 11 at 3:13pm

Invitational Tournament for ALL ALZTIMERS

The Dean Barker Alztimers Invitational - registration costs nothing, the event costs nothing, lunch costs $5.00. Register here on DG Scene by following the link below and posting your intentions in the Tournament page comment section. All registered players will be sent the address of Dean Barker's private 18 hole course.

Jim Knudson   June 12 at 7:26pm

Dean invited Crazy Larry and I out to his course the day after the Altimers party before I moved. Sooo Sweet!

Craig Prime   April 25 at 2:31pm

Saturday Kickoff Detailed

Craig Clingan 55 - 56 111
Curt McGill 58 - 58 116
Damon Evans 61 - 59 120
Brad Chartier 58 - 62 120
Josh Russell 67 - 56 123
Dave Hamilton 63 - 61 124
Jim Knudson 60 - 64 124
Krazy Larry 65 - 62 126
Jeff Moellering 68 - 61 129
Dwayne Kay 64 - 68 132
Jeff Hill 67 - 66 133
Steve Slomo 67 - 71 138
Fred McGill 70 - 71 141
Dean Barker 74 - 71 145
Craig Prime 76 - 73 149
Steve Swart 81 - 73 154
Ron Bruff 77 - 80 157
Rob Jerisk 67 morning only
Ron Crichton 82 morning only
Randy Schide 85 morning only


Craig Prime   April 25 at 11:19am

Leader Board

Missing from the leader board is Jim Knudson, not because he didn't play and finish but only because Jim is moving out of the area and won't be able to accept challenges. On Saturday Jim finished the day actually grabbing tag #6 with a 124 total for the 18 holes but took a duplicate numbered tag, his favorite number. Thanks Jim, for being honorable and honest. And for those that couldn't make it Saturday, sorry that the scores I had to enter for accurate tag distribution reflects ... more

Craig Prime   April 25 at 11:20am

whoops, 2 rounds of 19 holes is what I should have written

Craig Prime   April 23 at 3:37pm

photograph from Saturday

take a look in the photo section of this league to see documentation of Hammy's Slammy winning the tire toss - thanks to Craig C for the image


Craig Prime   April 22 at 7:51pm

20 old guys

thanks to EVERYONE that came and played. It was indeed a great day... Everyone that was there yesterday offered to pitch in with some type of monetary, plastic or hands on help. All offers were really appreciated. Thanks again...and Thanks Josh Russel ! Josh is the one really deserving the praise...maybe going forward we just need to nickname Mr. Russel as "Generous Josh" ? or maybe two nicknames ? How about Iron Arm Russel since Josh is playing in the 36 hole B Tier tournament today ... more

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Jeff Moellering   April 23 at 3:58pm

Thanks to everyone that made this a fun gathering. Craig & Josh-you guys are awesome and I really appreciate all that you have done to make this possible. Looking forward to many more rounds with all of you!

Curt McGill   April 23 at 9:13pm

Thanks Craig and Josh, Good times!!

Rob Jerisk   April 24 at 7:46pm

I had a great time and ankle is feeling better everyday.

Craig Prime   April 22 at 11:49am

HOT ROUNDS 4-21 kickoff

Hot rounds for the day were shot by Craig Clingan - 55 & 56
Josh Russel - 56
Curt McGill - a pair of 58's
Brad Chartier - 58
Damon Evans - 59

Fred McGill   April 22 at 11:37pm

Now that's some tight scoring with those dang "island" holes! :-) Great shooting Craig!

Craig Prime   April 20 at 11:45am

Course Conditions 4-20

defending Alztimers CHAMPION Curtis Allan McGill II gives us a course update as of last night
"No snow some standing water on 5 and 8 I expect that will be mostly dried up by Saturday"

See you all tomorrow, 4-21 a little before 10:00 for a players meeting and draw for card mates. Tee off at 10:00 - Happy 420 to all, happier 421 tomorrow !

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Dwayne Kay   April 22 at 2:04am

Much thanks to Craig and Josh for planning, organizing, and hosting a 1st class event! It would have been well worth paying for...VERY nice of you guys to absorb the cost, considering all the food, and prizes. Most of all, I had a great time! Totally plan on making it up for the end of season event!

Craig Clingan   April 22 at 2:27am

I agree! Had a great time playing with some fun people. A CTP or Longest Putt on every hole! Free lunch, free tags. Awesome but I would agree with Dwayne that we would all be happy to pitch in. I did bring a couple of discs to help Josh replenish his CTP supply, so we can help that way. Thanks again, Craig & Josh!!

Craig Prime   April 22 at 6:29pm

Dwayne & Craig - thanks for the kind words, Josh is the one really deserving the praise. . Everyone that was there yesterday offered pitch in with some type of monetary, plastic or hands on help. All offers were really appreciated and maybe going forward we just need to nickname Mr. Russel as &q ... more

Josh Russell   April 3 at 7:29pm

April 21 is the day! 10:00 am. The pines!

Come one, come all! We are gonna have a big OL bash. 2 rounds of 19 holes, prizes, ctp's, longest putt, island holes, tire toss, food! Tons of fun! We are also offering an optional 1 dollar buy in winner take all ctp through both rounds on hole 19. The trophies are done and will be there for your viewing and drooling pleasure. We can't imagine anyone being ashamed to have these on their mantle. We will be having a brief lunch of grilled hot dogs , chips, and my world famous macaroni ... more

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Craig Prime   April 5 at 9:00pm

expect Hammy & Ron P, at least for the morning round & lunch

John Minicuci   April 6 at 1:47am

This is pretty awesome of you guys to set this up, thank you. For those heading to BG, good luck. Represent the mitten well.

Ron Crichton   April 7 at 3:32am

Agree with John. Your efforts in setting up this event is greatly appreciated. Best of luck to those down in BG that weekend.