All Day Disc Golf presents Tuesday Twos at Orchard Park (2023)

April - August 2023 • Hillsboro, Oregon
Doubles league

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as of August 23

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as of August 23
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 185 all-time players - 0 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
Tuesday Twos is a random-draw, best-shot disc golf league held at Orchard Park in Hillsboro, Oregon. The league is laid-back and focuses on having fun and introducing new people to the sport. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome, especially those who have never played in an organized league or event before. Show up as many or as few times as you like, even in the middle of the season! The 2023 season runs every Tuesday (except 4th of July) beginning April 18th and running through Aug ...
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League News

Brody Cannon   August 21 at 8:29pm

Finals Payouts + More

Payouts for Finals tomorrow are as follows!

1st: $200 cash ($100 each)
2nd: $160 cash
3rd: $120 cash
4th: $100 cash
5th: $80 cash
6th: $60 cash
7th: $50 cash
8th: $50 (2x $20 ADDG gift cards + $10 cash)
9th $40 (2x $20 ADDG gift cards)

With the supplemental gift cards from All Day Disc Golf, we are able to once again pay out every team while keeping payouts high!

Additionally, thank you to our sponsors, we have some bonus prizes for our Top 3 players in the standings!

1st Pla ... more


Brody Cannon   August 21 at 5:25pm


After another great season of Tuesday Twos, we have determined our Season Champions and Finalists!

At the very top, we have TIE! We'll let them decide how to settle the tie, but congrats to Sean Martin and Matt Horsman for their outstanding play all season! And rounding out the Top 3 is Brody Cannon. Our Top 3 players will be awarded with additional prizes.

Our Top 18 Finalists, in order, we have:
Sean Martin
Matt Horsman
Abner Glas
Noah Mcdaniel
Jeb Anderson
Ryan Meloche
Matt ... more


Brody Cannon   August 21 at 5:25pm

Week 17 Results

Results from last week, Week 17, our last regular season week of the season are posted!

35 players braved the heat as the opportunity to get into the Finals came to a close.

Brody Cannon and Craig Scovill won the evening with a smooth -17 on a difficult layout.

Zach Todd playing "cali" took home the CTP prize pack (John Falked dyed Divergent and other goodies) with his shot on Hole 9, while Brent Struve won thee dyed Firebird prize pack for the Longest Putt on Hole 4.

Ryan ... more


Brody Cannon   August 9, 2023 at 7:45pm

Week 16 Results

Perfect weather last night for Week 16!

43 people showed up for an increasingly difficult layout, including Hole 1 and Hole 4 being moved to the long placements.

The powerhouse team of Brody Cannon and Sean Martin strutted their way to a 2-stroke win at -17 to win the evening. More importantly, it secure Sean the one point he needed to tie Matt Horsman for 1st Place in the season standings going into the last week!

Longest Putt was Hole 1 for a Wild Discs Sea Otter and a weighted Next A ... more


Brody Cannon   August 8, 2023 at 9:35pm

Week 15 Results

Week 15 results are posted!

Only 39 people came out for a nice evening of tough pin placements and tight OBs.

All said and done, the team of Brian Powell and Ryan Meloche inched out Matt Nation and Jared Heister in the throw-off at -15 to win 1st Place! Nice work, gents!

We had the $20 All Day Disc Golf gift card up for grabs as the CTP on Hole 5. Andre Esteban slid one under the basket to take the prize!

Long putt was available on Hole 8 for a Wild Discs Angler, and Matt Z playing & ... more


Brody Cannon   August 1, 2023 at 9:30pm

Week 14 Results

I've posted Week 14 results. We had 50 players, clear skies, and tough competition.

The team of Charlie Pelletier and Nate Kavan ran away with it, shooting a perfect -18 and winning by 2!

CTP Hole 9 for the $20 All Day Disc Golf gift card was claimed by Matt Z! And Long Putt Hole 6 for a disc, hat, and bandana was won by Sierra Studnick!

Only one ace on the night for the $100 ace pot. Jim Morris on Hole 1!

Leaderboard is looking extra tight! Check your spot.

Thank you to our ... more


Brody Cannon   July 22, 2023 at 5:00pm

Week 13 Results

Week 13 results are posted!

50 people showed up for a breezy evening of doubles. Conditions played fairly tough, but the team of Matt Horsman and Todd Ryan stepped up to shoot -16 and get the outright win over Cole and his partner Aaron. Matt's lead in the standings continues to grow, and he might be pulling away!

CTP prize was a sweet Harp donated by Brady Martin. We kept the short pin placement on Hole 7, but backed the tee up to the path to increase the difficulty. In the end, it w ... more


Brody Cannon   July 18, 2023 at 7:27pm

Week 12 Results

Last week's (Week 12) results are posted! Things are heating up at the top as players start getting their 10th scores in.

50 people showed up last week. We moved a couple baskets, but many remained in the short placements and weather was good, so scores were HOT!

In the end, it was the kid Cole Redalen and his partner Jordon Ackerman that took it down with a perfect -18! So nice of Cole to take a break from the Disc Golf Pro Tour to come show off his skills and take our money. ???? Ni ... more


Brody Cannon   July 1, 2023 at 7:29pm

Week 11 Results

Results from earlier this week are posted!

Weather was great and we gave our 47 players the best possible chance to get that -19 Next Adventure bounty, and it *almost* happened! Same short placements as last week, but NO OBs! Only course restriction was you had to go through the big trees on Hole 4.

How close did we get, you ask? Well we had two teams finish at -18, and four teams finish at -17! Brody chained out the ace on Hole 6 that would've claimed them the bounty, but him and his ... more


Brody Cannon   June 27, 2023 at 6:46am

Week 10 Results

Week 10 results are posted!

Everything was in prime ace position, and 46 people showed up for a nice evening full of prizes! Matt Horsman donated a stack of discs so we had a CTP on every single hole!

With easy pin placements, it's no surprise that scores were hot! 3 teams tied at the top at -17, but eventually it was Sean Martin and Jordon Ackerman that won the big money! Even more impressive is that the *worst* score of the night was still in double-digits!

CTP winners on every h ... more


Brody Cannon   June 20, 2023 at 11:14pm

Week 9 Results

BTW - Week 9 results are posted! We're officially over halfway through the season, and things are tight at the top as Matt Horsman, Sean Martin, and Abner Glas battle for #1!

Last week we had 50 players. Weather was decent but windy. 3-way tie at the top at -16 but the team of Matt Horsman and Topher Hunt took the dub in the throw-off!

CTP on Hole 3 for the $20 All Day Disc Golf gift card went to Matt Horsman. Long Putt on Hole 7 for a Wild Discs Great White went to Tim Vath. Well don ... more


Brody Cannon   June 13, 2023 at 10:00pm

Week 8 Results

Week 8 results are posted! We had 51 people for a good mix of short and long pin positions. In the end, the team of Matt Horsman and Charlie Pelletier won in style with -17!

We had a couple prizes up for grabs as well. Disc Golf Pro Tour donated a Discraft Zone for CTP on Hole 2. Jordyn Grey inched out the competition and took it home! And on Hole 5, Jordon Ackerman hit the Longest Putt to win a sweet Millennium Draco donated and signed by 2018 Disc Golf World Champion (and Tuesday Twos frie ... more


Brody Cannon   June 6, 2023 at 4:14am

Week 7 Results

After a long couple weeks of Disc Golf Pro Tour events in town, it's time to get back to normal! I finally posted Week 7 results. Thank you for your patience.

Since I wasn't there (thanks for covering, Dave), I don't know all the details. What I do know is this:

Only 46 players this week! Gone are the days of needing to get in line at 4pm (I hope). Let's make sure we still sell out though, so plan on being at the course by 5:15pm when sign-ups start.

There was a thre ... more


Brody Cannon   May 24, 2023 at 5:04am

Week 6 Results

We *barely* sold out tonight. Maybe times are changin' and people won't need to show up so early? We'll see. Weather was dry but a little breezy, and with the course still in the longs, it played tough.

In the end, it was the pairing of Jeb Anderson and Matt Schroeder that took home the win with only -14! Many people right on their tail at -13. Well done!

Long Putt was on Hole 3, and Josh Price elected to take the mystery bag of goodies as his prize.

CTP was on Hole 5, an ... more


Brody Cannon   May 24, 2023 at 4:34am

Week 5 Results

Week 5 results are finally posted. Thanks for your patience!

We played all longs, and weather was great.

Congrats to Josh Price and Jacob Harris on winning with -17!

We had special guest touring pros Gannon Buhr, Kyle Klein, Cole Redalen, and Cynthia Ricciotti. Thank you to them for stopping by and supporting our league!

Cannon McDaniel his an ace on Hole 3 for the $108 ace pot!

Prizes on every single hole:
Hole 1 Long Putt - Kira Alexander
Hole 2 CTP - Ryan Meloche
Hole 3 CTP ... more


Brody Cannon   May 13, 2023 at 8:10pm

Week 4 Results

Whoops! Was waiting for some scorecard corrections and got busy and forgot to post this! Week 4 results are posted on DiscGolfScene!

Weather was great, and again we sold out very early! As a reminder, you need to physically be at the course and put your own bag in line. It's too competitive to get a spot in league, so we must keep it as fair as possible. And if anyone is caught cheating the line, they'll be moved to the back of the line as a first warning. If it continues to be an i ... more


Brody Cannon   May 13, 2023 at 8:10pm

Week 3 Results

Week 3 results are posted!

Other than a slight breeze, it was perfect weather. And more people than ever showed up to try and get their spot in the league. In fact, I think the line was full by about 4:15pm and we turned away at least a dozen people. I'm sorry to those of you that came out and waited but didn't get in.

While the course played pretty easy tonight, no one ran away with it and shot super hot. In the end, the teams of Kevin Henson/ Tim Magenheimer and Zach Kelly/ Jes ... more


Brody Cannon   April 26, 2023 at 5:19am

Week 2 Results

Week 2 results are posted!

We were finally graced with the sunshine for a perfect night at Orchard Park! With good weather brought high demand to participate, and the line was full by about 4:40pm.

Nothing crazy this week, except the hazard island on Hole 9. Another mix of long and short placements. Perfect conditions.

Taking advantage of the scoring conditions was the team of Jeb Anderson and Nate Kavan. With Nate's incredible ace on the difficult Hole 6, they were propelled to -1 ... more


Brody Cannon   April 26, 2023 at 5:18am

Week 1 Results

Week 1 results are posted!

60+ people showed up to brave the elements, but unfortunately we cap at 54 and had to turn a few people away. It sounds like the 54th person in line was there by 5:05pm, so I recommend trying to get in line around 4:45pm to secure a spot (maybe even earlier if the weather is better). Maybe someday we'll figure out a better way to do this (pre-registration, perhaps?), but for now, this is the most fair way to do it.

We played a mix of pin placements, but no c ... more

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