Alaska PDGA Winter Series #14

January - March 2021 • Anchorage, Alaska
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Next league day

Saturday, January 30 @ 11:00am
Davis Park
Anchorage, AK
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Jan 23, 2021 · Top scores
Westchester Lagoon Park
Regular tees 2010, twice through, 18 holes
A Pool
-8 46
Cody Humphrey$16.50
-8 46
Andrew Rodgers$14.52
-9 45
William Culver$11.88
B Pool
+9 63
Tyler Pohler$16.72
-4 50
Chase Powers$14.96
-7 47
Chad McCaffrey$13.20
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About this League

Singles league - 28 all-time players - 28 active players
$8.00 player fee each session
Sanctioned singles. Hybrid handicap league - A Pool 880 or above, B Pool below 880; 12 ratings points per stroke at Davis, 12 per stroke at Westchester, subject to change. $8 for ADGA members, $11 for non-members. 2020 ADGA members get the first two weeks for $8, but you have to renew for 2021 by February. Venmo (at) joseph-caissie or Paypal jacaissie (at) $5.50 of the entry fee goes to payouts, $1 to ace pot, $1 to ADGA, $0.50 to PDGA. Pay/let me know you're coming by Frida ...
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League News

Joe Caissie   6 hours ago

Week 1 Scores

I'll do a full-fledged recap and post scores when I'm bored at work next week but for now, you can see the order of finish in this spreadsheet:

The first tab shows the order, split by the two divisions. Congrats to Cody and Tyler! The second tab shows my analysis of this week - turns out that to make things totally fair this week, the handicap should have been 13.05 points per ... more


Joe Caissie   2 days ago

Week 1 Westchester Lagoon

Don't forget to get me your $$ and let me know you're coming! Check out the event page here: to see if I have you down for week 1 - if you don't have a hole assignment, you aren't in yet. $8 for 2020 or 2021 ADGA members (if you 2020 members haven't renewed yet, the first two weeks are a grace period), $11 for non-members. Remember, ADGA membership gets you $3 off not only this league, but also the summer doubles league and any possi ... more

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Joe Caissie   22 hours ago


Joe Caissie   13 hours ago

Now that almost everyone is in, I've made this spreadsheet to display people's handicaps. A Pool and B Pool highlighted different colors:

Mike Briseno   12 hours ago

Joe? Did I miss the cutoff? Cash in my 10am?

Joe Caissie   5 days ago

Westchester Handicap update

Hi - I went through our last league, and turns out that a 12-ratings point per stroke handicap is the fairest for Westchester. I'll continue to work with the new data as it comes in, but we're doing a 12-stroke for this week.


Joe Caissie   January 17 at 3:42am

Week 1 Westchester Lagoon - rules

Hi, folks - after a test round using handicaps for the Series #13 ace pot, I've decided we're going to use a hybrid handicap system for this league. The way it works is, Westchester and Davis will have a different ratings point per stroke. But it seems like given the randomness of winter play, that advantages lower-rated players. So we're going to have two pools - A Pool and B Pool. A Pool is 880 and up, and B Pool is below 880. I picked this cutoff so that there would be approxim ... more