Alaska PDGA Winter Series #13

November '20 - January '21 • Anchorage, Alaska
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool #2Davis Bounty

as of January 10

Ace pool

as of January 10

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
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Jan 9, 2021 · Top scores
Davis Park
Red tees, Blue tees, 18 holes
A Pool
-6 50
Scott Groves$16.50
-4 52
Seth Asing$12.38
-4 52
Jarod O'Brien$12.38
B Pool
-1 55
Britton Barnett$17.88
E 56
Cody Humphrey$15.73
+1 57
Christopher Lowe$11.80
+1 57
Oliver Salem$11.80
C Pool
+10 66
Ryan Solberg$13.20
+14 70
Kristin White$8.80
+16 72
Jeremy Lukas
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Leaderboard updated 1/10/21

About this League

Singles league - 58 all-time players - 46 active players
$8.00 player fee each session
Sanctioned singles - A (>900), B (>800), and C (<800) pools, $1 to ace pot, $1 to ADGA, $0.50 to PDGA, $5.50 to payouts. $3 extra for non-ADGA members. WHEN PAYING VIA PAYPAL, PLEASE select "pay a friend". PayPal charges me a fee if you don't choose this option. I prefer Venmo; they do not charge fees. @Joseph-Caissie for Venmo, for PayPal. Make sure the spelling is correct for both - I was just made aware of a @Joseph-Caissie-1 Venmo account that ...
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League News

Joe Caissie   2 days ago

Ace pool recap

34 contestants came out to play in some ideal conditions (for winter), and we had a really tight battle, with the handicaps factored in.

1. Tyler Pohler: 36.4
2. Kristin White: 40
3. Joe Caissie: 40.7
4. Julia Musser: 42.4

Weirdly enough, since Tyler only played 3 rounds, Kristin only played 5, and I played all 10, all three of the top finishers got the same payout, or $75.31. Julia rounded out the top 4, picking up $15.06.

Congratulations to Joe Schacht, who didn't pick up th ... more


Joe Caissie   3 days ago

Ace Pot Final Reminder

Last call for Ace Pot - I'm closing sign-ups at 10pm tonight, since the hole assignments are going to be a little trickier. Let me know your UDisc username if you are in yellow on the spreadsheet, or if you're signing up by commenting below. If you don't have one, get UDisc! It's a great ap, and the premium version is free if you have a PDGA. You should be able to get the free version too, and make a username. Check to see if you're signed up here: ... more


Joe Caissie   4 days ago

Ace Pot Reminder!

Hi, folks, just a reminder, let me know if you're playing this Saturday - it's free and it's open to anyone who played a round in this league. Text me or FB message me or comment on this post. Only about 15 folks so far! I am going to cap it at 45, which shouldn't be a problem, but fair warning...sign up sooner than later.
Also, if your name is in yellow on this spreadsheet, can you sign up for UDisc and let me know your username? Since this isn't a PDGA-sanctioned ... more


Joe Caissie   6 days ago

Week 9 and 10 recap

Hitting both in one week - Week 9 sucked because I played like ****. But besides that, 28 brave souls came out to battle the single-digit temperatures at Westchester.

No one hit the bonus pool despite people repeatedly telling me that birdieing only 4 out of 6 of 6-7-8 X2 is disappointing. Dan Allen, he of C pool dominance until a few weeks ago, nailed 5 of 6, and James Beckner blasted a 28-footer at 6,000 miles per hour that somehow went through the pro-side chains his first time aro ... more


Joe Caissie   January 10 at 4:10am

Ace Pool Playoff - Davis Park

Hi, folks - for the second straight league I've run, no one hit the Ace Pool! I've designed what I think will be a fun and fair playoff for the funds. Everyone who played a league round this year is eligible - you just have to let me know you're coming.

Two major elements: we're doing an 10-ratings-point-per-stroke handicap. The average stroke was worth 10.7 ratings points at Davis Park, but because trees and snow make things a little more random, and because 10 points ... more

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Joe Schacht   7 days ago

Im down if im eligible

Chad Rutledge   4 days ago

I was told there wouldn't be any math ;) Keep up the great work OP!

Joe Caissie   4 days ago

Does this mean you're in, Chad?

Joe Caissie   January 7 at 9:58pm

Week 10 - League Final at Davis!

I'll be getting week 9 payouts to people shortly and doing a recap of last week, but for now just want to remind everyone to let me know if you're coming out to Davis for the finale! We still have the Bounty (3s on 3, 5, 6, and 9 Blue) at $100, and an ace pot well over $100.

If someone gets an ace but no one hits the Davis Bounty this week, the ace will be awarded BOTH pots. Nice little payoff. If there are no aces this week, we'll have a playoff for the ace pot - somethi ... more


Joe Caissie   January 2 at 1:26am

Week 9 - Westchester Lagoon

Just six folks signed up so far! Get your money in! Get that big-ass ace pot! Don't let the tee-off temp of 6 degrees scare you!

Remember, secondary ace pot (max $100) goes to anyone this week who gets all of 6, 7, 8 both times through. Teepads are pretty good - I just played today, and I'll try to throw some salt on 5 before tomorrow's round.


Joe Caissie   December 31 at 7:50am

Week 8 Recap

Only 22 out on the day after Christmas - the rest of you must have been home with your Tim Horton's and your back bacon, the traditional Boxing Day fare.

No aces still! Joe Schacht went into 9 Blue with a shot at the Davis Bounty, but couldn't hook up the 3 on that tough hole. This week the "Davis Bounty" becomes the "Westchester Bounty" - birdies on 6, 7, and 8 both times gets you the pot. Anything over $100 in the bounty pot, I'm putting into the regul ... more


Joe Caissie   December 26 at 5:15am

Week 8 - Boxing Day at Davis

Do they know it's Christmas? Hell yeah, that's why we're playing disc golf (tomorrow). Big shout out to Jeremy and Seth for clearing the pads! Make sure to get your money in, I only have about 10 people so far!


Joe Caissie   December 23 at 9:47pm

Week 7 recap

Great week 7 of the league! All-time record of 34 folks came out and braved the fairly heavy snow - it looked like some of my favorite football games out there. Still no aces! This makes 17 weeks of league play that I've been running, roughly 250 player rounds, with not a single ace. Ace pot for both a regular ace and Davis Bounty (3s on all four of 3, 5, 6, and 9 Blue) will be around $100 this week. If no one hits the Davis Bounty, but for some reason we have two aces this week, I'll ... more


Joe Caissie   December 18 at 3:01am

Week 7 - Westchester Lagoon

Let's get psyched for some good golf on Saturday! I went out today and did up tees 1-3. I'll try to get some of the others done tomorrow or Saturday, but most of them should be ice-free by the round. Remember, if we have two aces Saturday, you'll split the whole ace pot which should be roughly $150 total. If we have one ace, you'll get $100 and the rest of the ace pot will form the new ace pot. None, and the Davis Park 3-for-all continues growing.

Let me know if you're coming by 10am Saturday!


Joe Caissie   December 15 at 5:16am

Week 6 Recap

Great to see everyone out there! 31 people is a new winter league record for me - we had people starting on almost every hole, but from what I could tell, there were no serious backups. Good mask-wearing in the parking lot again, and the teepads were looking great thanks to Boyd, Beckner, and Seth (or so I have heard).

Still no aces! And no one managed to get a 3 on all four of the tough Blue holes, so that pot continues to build. What I'm going to do is, when we hit an ace, the money i ... more


Joe Caissie   December 11 at 6:03pm

Week 6 - Davis Park

Hope to see you all out there at Davis! Looks like it'll be snow-free between now and then so when I clear off the teepads today, they'll stay cleared. (Big contingent thank you if they're already clear.) Make sure to let me know if you're coming by 10am tomorrow, and mask up in the parking lot. Ace pot will be at $100!

I'm starting a second pool for Davis-only that the ace pot above $100 goes to: you can win it by getting a 3 or better on 12, 14, 15, AND 18 (that is ... more

Chad Solberg   December 12 at 5:51pm

Just paid for today's round for Ryan and I

Joe Caissie   December 9 at 8:42pm

Week 5 Recap

All-time attendance record this week, despite it being the coldest league of the year! Ratings were about 10 points higher than week 3, which is how I measure the toughness of the conditions. Thank you to the teepad fairy or elves or whomever scraped and salted most of the pads just before leagues! I went out there at 9am planning to do a fair amount of work, but there wasn't much left to do other than throw down a little fresh salt.

Seth Asing took down A-pool for the third straight we ... more


Joe Caissie   December 7 at 7:19pm

Pools Clarification

Hi - we've had less opportunity for people to shoot the **** before and after rounds, and a lot of new players (which is great!) this league, so I wanted to clarify how I'm doing the pool assignments since there's just one cryptic message about it above.

If you are a propagator, meaning you have 7 or more rated rounds, your rating determines your pool. 900 and up is A, 800-899 is B, and less than 800 is C.

If you have a player rating but you're not a propagator, ... more

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Joe Caissie   December 8 at 12:45am

What was the rationale behind 810 and 910 as the cutoffs?

Jeremy Boyd   December 8 at 2:32am

I'm not sure really, I think it was just what he decided on. I think the difficulty with handicaps is that they'd need to be course specific, which requires people to have some established average. For players that don't it makes it difficult to set a fair handicap off the top of your head.

Jeremy Boyd   December 8 at 2:35am

You could create handicaps based on player ratings, but again you'd have to assign them to players without ratings.

Joe Caissie   December 4 at 1:19am

Week 5 - Westchester Lagoon

Hope to see all of you out there this week at the Goon - it's gonna be chilly, but that never stopped Alaskan disc golfers! Remember that we're under lockdown, so when you're loitering in the parking lot outside of your car beforehand, please wear a mask. Also, tell me if you're playing before 10am on Saturday! Ace pot is up above $70 now, and the Goon is loaded with opportunities to hit them. Could be your lucky day!

Joe Caissie   December 6 at 2:23am

Hi, folks - my brain is apparently still frozen from the round out there today. I've posted the payouts 3X, because I kept making a mistake. I'll double-check them before I make the actual payouts later this week.

Joe Caissie   December 2 at 3:11am

Week 4 Recap

Great weather for winter disc golf last Saturday - cold enough that the snow didn't stick to the discs, warm enough that I didn't need any Little Hotties on my feet. Moment of silence for John DelReal's Zeus and any other soldiers we left behind out there this week. They will return this spring!

25 warriors braved Davis Park, and Seth Asing was more like Seth Birdieing, picking up all of holes 1-5 and limiting the damage on the rest of the course to take down A Pool for the se ... more

Jeremy Boyd   December 2 at 4:35am

Not this time, threw the BH hyzer flip and hit a putt from the knee : )

Joe Caissie   November 27 at 6:37pm

Week 4 Davis Park (DEFINITELY)

In case that last message scared you, we're on for this week! Please get your money in via Venmo or Paypal (choose friends and family so I don't get charged), or at the very least let me know you're coming so I can make cards ahead of time.

I know this is outdoors, so it's relatively safe, but please, even outdoors, any time you're within 6 feet of someone, have a mask on. Sound like a hassle? Then get within 6 feet of someone as infrequently as possible.

Startin ... more

Chad Solberg   November 28 at 4:55pm

Joe, Ryan and I will be coming masked up as requested I just payed via venmo... Sorry so late

Joe Caissie   November 28 at 5:29pm

No sweat, got it!

Joe Caissie   November 25 at 9:18pm

Week 4 - Davis Park (MAYBE)

Just FYI, Anchorage has just restricted outdoor gatherings to 10 people. I'm not sure how to deal with this - if we don't have a player's meeting, I'd argue that we're not "having a group experience within a single space" as the order directs. But I'm going to try and get some clarity on this. Last thing we want is for the ADGA or disc golfers in general to look like bad citizens. At minimum, we will not have a player's meeting - pay attention to the ... more

Joe Caissie   November 25 at 11:32pm

OK, after re-reading the order, I see it doesn't take effect until December 1 - so leagues are on for this weekend. I'll have some time to get some clarity between now and Week 5.

Joe Caissie   November 26 at 2:46am

Good news - we're good for week 5 and future - no more player's meetings, and keep distance from each other in the parking lot. Also we might have to wear masks - we'll discuss that this Saturday. See you out there at Davis!

Joe Caissie   November 25 at 7:03pm

Week 3 recap

Thanks to everyone who came out this week! We raised $105.50 for Catholic Charities at what I'm calling the Frozen Hors D'Oeuvres event, on top of the dozens (?) of turkeys that were donated for the Frozen Turkey event in the afternoon.

Our Frozen Hors D'Oeuvres champion was Seth Asing, who came in with a smoking 10-under despite missing a tap-in on the final hole. Really wanted that 43 for you, bud. Oliver Salem also took down the B-pool with a really solid 46. Jeremy Luk ... more


Joe Caissie   November 20 at 10:24pm

Week 3 - final

Just did a walk-through of Westchester - I will probably be clearing a couple of the pads (I'm thinking 3 and 4), but besides that they'll be packed down snow.

If you are playing tomorrow, even if you're donating a turkey, make sure to get in touch with me to let me know! Check this page: If you don't currently have a hole assignment, I don't know you're playing tomorrow.


Joe Caissie   November 17 at 8:23pm

Week 3 (Westchester) Clarification

Not sure if I had it right before; at the very least I was ambiguous:

If you JUST want to play in the morning, in the Winter League, either $8 OR a frozen turkey is the entry fee. Tell me if you're doing a turkey (bring it to Davis Park in the afternoon). Both the money and the turkey will go to the ADGA Frozen Turkey donation.

If you want to play in the afternoon in the Frozen Turkey Bowl, a frozen turkey is required. So if you're playing in the afternoon, you may as well come ... more

Dave Donaldson   November 19 at 12:40am

Found a 2020 Nikiski Open disc at Westchester. Hole/color and it's yours. No ink.

Joe Caissie   November 17 at 3:41am

Week 2 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out week 2! We're getting some great numbers, and from what I can tell, we're doing a great job of staying distant from each other. I've only got a few stragglers still paying with cash (ok, Boomer), so that's going smoothly too. If you haven't gotten your payouts from week 1 or week 2, that's because I don't have a way to pay you electronically yet.

James Beckner took down A-pool this week with a scorching 49, holding off Seth A ... more

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Joe Caissie   November 17 at 8:13pm

OK, so I'm checking with Chad to make sure, I think I had it wrong - if you donate a turkey (please bring it to Davis in the PM), you can play in both the morning event and the PM doubles. If you donate $8, I think that's just good for the morning.

Joe Caissie   November 17 at 8:18pm

Yes, confirmed that is what we're doing - I will clarify in another post.

Jeremy Boyd   November 18 at 2:22pm

There we go : )

Joe Caissie   November 16 at 12:23pm

Week 3 - Westchester Lagoon Update

Week 2 recap and payouts coming later today/this week.

Week 3 will be held in conjunction with the Frozen Turkey Tournament There will be no payouts this week, but the admission fee for everyone is $8 OR one frozen turkey. Either will go to charity (see Frozen Turkey page for details). The round will still be rated. Donating a turkey also gets you into the doubles at Davis Park, across town, to start after our rou ... more


Joe Caissie   November 13 at 10:04pm

Week 2 Update

We'll try and have a player's meeting that's spaced out properly at 11am, but here's an update on the details:

We'll be doing electronic scoring, and if it says you're on hole 10, that's Blue 1. We're playing both layouts - last year with normal scorecards I believe we looped around and played all the Reds before starting in on the Blues. So for example, if you start on hole 5, you're playing Red 5-9, then Blue 1-9, then Red 1-4. I'll be leni ... more

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Joe Caissie   November 13 at 11:04pm

Yeah, they're fine. Do you have a PDGA number, Dave?

Dave Donaldson   November 13 at 11:08pm

No, not yet. I will by the end of this league.

Joe Caissie   November 13 at 11:16pm

Cool - you're all set. If you don't have a rating you can play in whatever pool you want, but if you start throwing 900-rated rounds I reserve the right to bump you up to B pool.

Joe Caissie   November 12 at 5:55pm

Week 2 - Davis Park

Hi folks, week 2 coming up fast. PLEASE get me your $ ahead of time via Venmo preferably (@joseph-caissie), or PayPal ([email redacted]). If you use PayPal, don't pay me unless you can figure out how to make "friends and family" work. If you don't do that, PayPal takes a fee off of the entry. It's a few cents at a time, but over the course of the 10-week league, it's going to cost me $50. You can also get me your $40 (new members) or $30 (renewing members) for 2021 ... more

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Jeremy Boyd   November 13 at 8:13pm

I personally just use the discs I have taped up with lights and turn them on even when playing during daylight. It actually helps to find them even when it's light out, and if for some reason you can't find it you can return later when it's dark and locate it then.

Oliver Salem   November 13 at 9:47pm

If there’s no problems with ribbons then I’ll go aheand use them as they make finding discs in the snow so much easier.

Joe Caissie   November 13 at 9:50pm

Yeah, speaking as both the league manager and a competitor I have no problem with this.

Joe Caissie   November 8 at 2:12am

Week 1 Recap

Great week 1, everyone! Despite some chilly weather, a dusting of snow, and an unexpected competing tournament down on the Kenai, we had an excellent turnout!

Scott Groves just absolutely smoked everyone in the A Pool - we might have to move him up to the AA Pool next week. Robert Johnson took down B Pool with an extremely solid round at par. Then Jeremy Lukas took down C, picking up a couple of nice birdies on 13 and 14, and limiting the damage elsewhere. Lots of ties for the last payout ... more


Joe Caissie   November 7 at 12:38am

Anchorage COVID Mandate

Just FYI, the city just prohibited "outdoor gatherings" of more than 30 people. Not sure if we count as a gathering, but I'm going to cap it at 30 if we were to get there tomorrow. We probably won't but a great way to guarantee you're in is to prepay (see Week 1 for how to do that).

In general, let's avoid extra contact - outdoors seems pretty safe in general but we really don't want any outbreaks traced to disc golf activities. Remote high fives/handshakes, etc. Reserve full-on-the-mouth kisses for only the best aces - none of those weak hole 4 aces.


Joe Caissie   November 2 at 2:22am

Week 1

Week 1
Based on the weather forecast, it looks like Kincaid should be ungroomed by November 7, so we're on for starting the league there.

Because of the rampant COVID outbreak, I am encouraging you to preregister via Venmo or Paypal. I want to minimize handling of cash or other contact. My Venmo is @Joseph-Caissie, and my Paypal address is [email redacted]. Send me $8 (or $11 if you are not ADGA) and give me your PDGA number, if you have it, in the memo line. Leave a message on the boar ... more

Jonas Moser   November 6 at 8:29pm

Is this happening ?

Joe Caissie   November 6 at 9:32pm


Chad Solberg   November 12 at 6:42pm