ADGA Second Summer Sanctioned Singles Spectacular

July - September 2021 • Chugiak, Alaska
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results July 20 - September 21


Sep 21, 2021 · Top scores
Peters Creek
PC June 8, 18 holes
-4 50
Justin Foster
-2 52
Osi Salem
+5 59
Cory Steininger
A Pool
-1 53
Jake Haskin
E 54
Joseph Caissie
+2 56
Loren Benedict
B Pool
+1 55
Dan Allen
+6 60
Jeremy Boyd
+8 62
Chris Lowe
C Pool
+16 70
Julia Musser
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About this League

Singles league - 41 all-time players - 39 active players
$8.00 player fee each session
More sanctioned singles! Key differences between this league and last league: Only two locations: Davis Park and Peter's Creek No handicaps - we will be using A, B, and C pools: below 800 in C pool, 800-899 in B pool, and 900+ in A pool. If you don't have a rating, talk to me. If you want to play in a higher pool than your rating dictates, let me know before the round. League cost is $8 if you are a member of ADGA or MSDGA, and $11 if you are not. Still worthwhile to join up! ...
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League News

Joe Caissie   13 hours ago

Week 10 Peter's Creek

Just a reminder to sign up if you're going to be able to make it! We're starting at 6pm sharp!

Mike Briseno   12 hours ago

Just sent you my entry fee.

Joe Caissie   12 hours ago

Cool, got it...if you're ever in doubt, check the PDGA page, here to see if you have a hole assignment:

Joe Caissie   2 days ago

Week 10 Peter's Creek - FINALE!

Just to update again, remember we will be starting at 6:00pm, no exceptions, this week. Sunset is at 8pm, so it's gonna get dim for those last few holes, even if we start on time. Let me know you'll be there, and if you're arriving after 5:45 but before 6, also let me know - I don't want to have to reshuffle cards at the last minute.

This league was a learning experience - I'm going to try and get 20 weeks of summer league in next year too, but I'll try to shift ... more


Joe Caissie   September 15 at 5:27am

Week 10 Peter's Creek Survey

I regret to tell you all that out on the road today, I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac. That's right - the summer is rapidly receding, and the daylight with it. We may have to start next week at 6pm so we're not playing in pitch dark. Does that work for a good number of people?

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Kristin White   7 days ago

Inevitable, and yes.

Dan Allen   7 days ago

Sounds good

Andrew Rodgers   6 days ago


Joe Caissie   September 14 at 5:09pm

Week 9 - Davis Park

Headline: cards will be set at 6:15, and tee time is 6:30 sharp! The official sunset today in Anchorage is 8:23, so we don't want to be finishing in the dark. If you're not here by 6:15, you need to text me, but we're starting at 6:30. Let me know if you're coming - looks like it's going to be dry yet again this week. We've had good luck on Tuesday nights!

Congrats to Jake Haskin for taking down A Pool AND the ace pot last week! New ratings are out this week, ... more


Joe Caissie   September 7 at 5:15pm

Week 8 - Peter's Creek

Sorry about the delay getting payments out to folks from last week - just did all the Venmos, and Paypals will be coming through in a few minutes.

Week 8 is at Peter's Creek - we are going to start at 6:30 sharp from here on out, because the sun has started setting earlier these days! Be there by 6:15 so I can make up the cards...if you're going to be later than 6:15, try and let me know. Also try to keep your group moving so we don't have to play the last few holes in twilight.


Joe Caissie   August 31 at 8:04pm

Week 7 - Davis Park

Get your monies in! It's miraculously another beautiful August day; not many of these (beautiful, but also August I suppose) left! That ace pot is looking ripe for the taking, too...


Joe Caissie   August 31 at 12:15am

Week 6 Payouts

Week 6 payouts posted - I'll get them actually paid later tonight. Just a note, I didn't mention that we're not doing any playoffs, even for first place. Last week Jake and Brian played off, and because they sort of mutually agreed that this was for first, I'm going to do the payout as if Jake won (congrats!), but in the future, you don't have to do a playoff for ties.


Joe Caissie   August 24 at 8:11pm

Peter's Creek - tonight!

Last reminder to sign up for tonight - I see some blue skies outside my window, so don't let the weather stop you! I was out there on Saturday and I don't think I saw a single mosquito.


Joe Caissie   August 24 at 2:10am

Week 6 - Peter's Creek

Good news everyone! The forecast for tomorrow is down to "scattered showers". Under the birch leaves of Peter's Creek, you won't even be able to tell if it's raining. Hope to see you all out there!


Joe Caissie   August 17 at 5:36pm

Week 5 - Davis Park

Just a reminder to let me know if you're coming out this week! Looks like the rain will be ending this morning so we can get a nice dry round. Come out and learn whether I remember how to hit a gap after a weekend down at Birch Ridge.


Joe Caissie   August 11 at 8:37pm

Payment methods

This is partially for record-keeping, but also an announcement: if any of the following people want your payout electronically, please sign up for Paypal or Venmo. Otherwise I'll get you your cash when I can, to the nearest dollar...I haven't yet paid out the following people from weeks 3 and 4:

Justin Dunker
Adam Cooper
Andrew Rodgers
Wil Harrison

Joe Caissie   August 19 at 10:55pm

Update for record-keeping: Justin and Andrew have been paid for weeks 3-4.

Joe Caissie   August 10 at 5:04pm

Week 4 - Peter's Creek

Hi, folks, I just got back from my trip late last night, so I'll be getting payouts from Week 3 out soon...probably tomorrow or Thursday WITH the Week 4 payouts.

But let me know if you're coming tonight - looks like the rain will be clearing up just in time to get a good round in at PC.


Joe Caissie   August 2 at 6:41pm

Week 3 - Davis Park

Just a reminder to let me know if you're coming as early as possible this week! Tee time is at 6:30. I will be out of town, so I will be doing random hole assignments remotely, and obviously I won't be able to take cash in person, so if you need to pay in person, please find someone with Venmo or Paypal who can pay on your behalf.


Joe Caissie   July 28 at 10:40pm

Week 1 and 2 Recaps

Sorry I didn't do week 1 earlier! It was raining, but 11 folks still came out, and shot pretty good if I say so myself. Lots of 51s, which was the hot round in both A and B Pool. Jake Haskin, Justin Dunker, and myself tied for first in A Pool, and Rod Stepp took down B Pool solo. Ratings were pretty brutal, IMO, and they'll probably improve once other rounds are added to the mix (when the league is submitted finally).

Week 2 had great turnout and great weather, 15 folks. The ace ... more

Joe Caissie   July 28 at 10:41pm

Oh, I won't see you next week at Davis - I won't be able to make it...but make sure to let me know you're coming and I'll run the league remotely.

Joe Caissie   July 27 at 4:41pm

Week 2 Reminder - Peter's Creek

Hi, folks - Peter's Creek tonight at 6:30. Try to let me know if you'll be there and pay ahead if possible. Ace will be paid $150; spillover goes into the next ace pot!


Joe Caissie   July 19 at 10:30pm

Week 1 - Davis Park

Hey folks - just a reminder that we're kicking off this league, with a fat $137 in the ace pot, Tuesday at 6:30pm at Davis Park. Let me know if you're coming - $8 for ADGA or MSDGA members, $11 otherwise. Paypal and Venmo instructions are in the "about this league" section above.

Jeremy Boyd   July 19 at 10:33pm

Holes 1, 2, 4, and 8 ripe for the picking