October '23 - April '24 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
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as of April 12

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Apr 7, 2024 · Top scores
Victory Park
20 Hole Layout, 20 holes
-11 51
Scottie Duhz
Brian Merry
-10 52
Brandon Oleskie
Joe Phipps
-8 54
"B" Welch
Brett Piziali
Overall standings
1Brian Merry83
2Brett Piziali71
3Scottie Reslock62
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About this League

Doubles league - 76 all-time players - 30 active players
No fee to play in this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
24 Cha!ns is a group of highly dedicated Disc Golfers whom fear no weather, play year round at courses throughout lower Michigan & beyond!! *LEAGUE DETAILS* League rounds are on Sundays. We will meet at 9:30am & we flip for teams at 10:00am. This league is always FREE to play. We do have $2 ace pool and $3 CTP's every week, they are always optional. Courses are decided by vote or at the counsel members' discretion. Voting for courses will start as soon as a post is mad ...
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League News

Scottie Reslock   April 12 at 7:04pm


Great day & an awesome turnout for the final round of the season! Big thanks to Jay B x2, Dennis, Nels, Bmer & Reslock for their CTP contributions, CHA!! We had 19 pirates & played 20 holes! Taking the final W of the season was Bmer/Duhz at -11, nice shootin!

BOO THIS MAN! Taking home $195 (+ richards) of your hard earned $$$ with an ace on hole #14, BRETT PIZIALI, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
CTPs went to Hepler x2, Jimbo x2, Bmer, Beejer, Pizi & Oleskie! B-lo snagged the quarters!
... more


Scottie Reslock   April 4 at 8:08pm


Well this was a weird one for sure! The main entrance was shut, which we knew! So we went to the other entrance, which was fine but...the gate that leads further into the park was also locked! it was okay though, hole #11 was not too far away so we were good! A surprising 13 pirates joined in our conquest of Bald Mt! we played 20 holes total! Taking the W at -3 was Bmer/Crouch!

BOO THIS MAN! Taking $352 of your hard earned $$$, but no more because he didn't want a phallic memory! With a ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 29 at 11:28am


Super great times were had at Kenso! Big thanks to Club Kensington, Reslock & Forrest for providing extra CTPs! 10 pirates came out to tackle our 26 hole loop! Tied at the top with -7 a piece was Reslock/Phipps & Bmer/Sunshine! CTPs went to Nels, Pizi, Reslock, Bmer & Hepler! Casey Cook nabbed the quarters!

We are taking this ship to Bald Mountain for an Easter classic! I don't expect a ton of people and we will be playing 19 holes so I don't think this one will take to ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 22 at 12:58pm


Great time out at Hawthorne! Some of these pirates were saying they remember it being "funner" but I think they were just hitting too many trees! lol Big thanks Nels, Swimmy & Trout for bringing some extra CTPs and DQ for bring the crew a nice bottle of bourbon for us to celebrate St. Paddy's day in style! 12 pirates came out and we played 22 holes total! Taking the W at -6 was Pizi/Reslock, CHA!! CTPs went to Scoobz x2, Forrest, Bmer, Reslock & Trout! For the second week ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 15 at 5:22pm


Did not expect to see snow but whatever, that never stops this motley crew! It wasn't a ton of snow, but it did make the drive out to Ortonville a little dicey! Big thanks to the Oller's for having us out there, defiling their wonderful property! Also, shout out to the Bday boy, Pizi for bringing 10 CTPs for us to play for and CTPizis on every hole as well, what a guy, CHAAAAAAAAAA!! most people get presents on their Bday but pizi gives presents! At any rate, we had 11 pirates and we p ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 8 at 12:35pm


Another great round in the books! Great time at River Bends! It wasn't even all that poopy out there, which it typically is this time of year! Big shout out to D.Q, Phipps, Forrest & Scobie for their CTP contributions, CHA! We had 11 pirates and we played 28 holes! Taking the W at -13 was Pizi/Trout! CTPs went to Reslock x2, Trout x2, Pizi, Bmer, Scobie & Nels. Scobie snagged the Quarters!

This week we get our second run at a sweet private course called Oller's Acres! great ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 1 at 1:41pm

2.25.24 RECAP! 3.3.24 RIVER BENDS!!

HUUUUUGEEE turnout this week at the dreaded Freedom Park! Big shoutout to Forrest x2, Puttimus, Trout & Swimmy for their CTP contributions, CHA! We had a whopping 25 pirates com out for the 5$ Freddy! We played 20 spectacular holes! Tied at the top with -9 a piece we have: Reslock/Phipps, DQ/Trout, Creason/Whitlock & Scoobz/Chilly! CTPs went to: Nels x3, Pizi, Rich T, Sweet, Chilly, DQ & Robbie! Trout snagged the quarters!

This week this ship is sailing to Utica to have a go at R ... more


Scottie Reslock   February 23 at 6:02pm


Always fun to check out a new course! Camp Agawam was a fun time indeed! Big thanks to Oleskie, Swimmy & Ol' Farty for adding CTPs to the cause, CHA! We had 12 pirates total and we played 21 holes (just had to add a couple!) CTPs went to DQ, Trout x2, Pizi, Oleski & Nels while Phipps snagged the quarters!

This week, we are headed to the most hated course this side of I-94! The dreaded, infamous, low down dirty course known as...Freedom? Well, that won't stop this pirate shi ... more


Scottie Reslock   February 15 at 9:06pm


Alright ya dirty pirate hookers, 2 week recap is here!

2.4.24 Murray Linkz - Big shout out to Brian Murray & the Linkz Ground Crew for making this rabble feel right at home! Also, thanks to Pizi, Trout x2 & The Jew x3 for their CTP contributions! You deserve a hearty CHA!! We had 21 players and we played 29 wacky holes! taking the W at -11 was Cser/Chilly, nice shootin! CTPs went to Trout x2, Forrest x2, Hogleg, Big Tex, Mark D x2, Phipps, Reslock & Waitr! Waitr also snagged the q ... more


Scottie Reslock   February 9 at 12:27pm


Alrighty ya scurvy dogs, this week we partake in a classic! We will head to Cass Benton for a good ol' dose of CHA! Lets get big ass mob going for this one!

I will post our Murray Linkz recap as soon as I can! It was a fun one that is for sure! See you suckas Sunday, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   January 31 at 7:55pm

1.28.24 RECAP!! 2.4.24 THE MURRAY LINKZ!!

What a sloppy fun time over at Putters Grove! Didn't expect snow but then again what can you expect from MI weather! Big thanks to Forrest for having us over at his course and for the kickass chili he provided after the round! Also, big CHA! to Forrest ( a f'n 55" Flat Screen!), Trout & Phipps for supplying some extra CTPs to play for! We had 8 pirates and played 21 holes! taking the W at -12 was Bmer/Phipps! CTPs went to Pizi x2, Bmer (TV), Reslock, & Bmer again! Forrest ... more


Scottie Reslock   January 26 at 12:58pm

1.21.24 RECAP! 1.28.24 PUTTERS GROVE!!

Another wacky round was had at good ol' MBD! The weather wasn't nearly as bad as last week but trudging through the snow does take it out of you regardless! Big hearty CHA! to Forrest for bringing 2 CTPs including a sweet pirate ship! We had 10 pirates and we played 21 wacky holes! Taking the W at -16 was Pizi/Phipps! CTPs wnet to Hepler, Bmer, ZomB, Pizi & Reslock! Pizi snagged up the quarters!

This week we will be headed out to our man Forrest Eversman's house to have so ... more


Scottie Reslock   January 18 at 6:12pm

1.14.24 RECAP!! 1.21.24 MARY BETH DOYLE!!

Okay so it wasn't the worst round we have ever endured but it was certainly up there! I cannot be mad at the low turnout on this one, it was brutal out there! I do want to thank the 5 pirates that toughed it out and completed the round! We played a wacky 25 hole layout! Taking down the W at -10 was Phipps/Pizi! Bmer & Nels took the CTPs & Phipps snagged the quarters!

Until we get to a point where we can have some pads to throw on, we will be trying to hit courses that do not req ... more


Scottie Reslock   January 11 at 5:37pm

1.7.24 RECAP!! 1.14.23 WILLOW METRO PARK!!

Pretty decent day out at Sorensen Park for Hep-a-lers Bday round! Didn't get much of a draw but that's okay, we had a great time! 7 pirates came out and we played 20 holes total! 3 of the 4 teams tied for the W at -6 - Hep/Reslock, Ol' Farty/Phipps, Bmer/Pizi! CTPs went to Bmer, Pizi & Trout while Bday boy Hep-a-ler snagged the quarters!

This week we will go head over to Willow Metro Park to have some fun in the woods! It is supposed to be on the colder side so this seemed to work out perfectly! Get yer cold clothes out, sack up and join us for some CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   January 4 at 8:31pm


It was quite a rockin' New Years Eve! We had a blast out at Bandi for our annual disc exchange! Big shout out to a big list of pirates that brought added CTPs for the occasion! The Throw Shoppe x3, Hepler x2, Reslock x2, Broski (awesome prize!), Swim, Pizi & Yorky, great stuff, CHAAAAA!!

18 pirates came out which makes the man at the helm super happy! We played 20 holes in total! Tied at the top with -15 was Reslock/Phipps, Bmer/Steiner & Pizi/Dez! BOO THIS MAN!!! Acing hole #6 ... more


Scottie Reslock   December 29 at 2:35pm


What a Merry Xmas it was! Big thanks to all that brought CTPs, there were a lot! Phipps, ZomB, Orange, Nels & Swim brought 1, Hepler brought 3 & Santa brought 8 CTPs! We also had 2 new pirates join us! Adam & Nick, thanks for coming out, hope we didn't scare you off! We had 15 pirates and we played 26 glorious holes! Taking the W at -16 was Trout/Adam! CTPs went to: Adam x3, Beejer x2, Hepler x2, DQ x2, Phipps x2, Trout x2, ZomB, Pizi, Donkey, Bmer, Nick & Orange! Phipps too ... more


Scottie Reslock   December 21 at 4:04pm

12.17.23 RECAP!! 12.24.23 ROLLING HILLS XMAS EVE!!

Well we managed to have somewhat decent weather to add to our stroll through Vienna! Big thanks Nels, Trout & Pizi for bringing added CTPs to the cause! Had 1 new pirate join us from Ohio, Brian Burg, thanks for checking us out, CHA! We had 10 pirates and we played 25 awesome holes! Tied at the top with -13 was Trout/Reslock & Ol' Farty/Scoobz! CTPs went to Burg, Reslock, Scoobz, Tout & Pizi! Trout secured the quarters!

A Rolling Hills Xmas Eve is in the cards for this week! ... more


Scottie Reslock   December 15 at 6:24pm

12.10.23 RECAP!! 12.17.23 VIENNA PARK!!

Another week has past and we are ready to CHA again! Great times at Indy for sure! Big thanks to Des, Trout, Nels, Swim & ZomB for their CTP contributions! 10 pirates made it out and we played 28 holes total! Tied at the top with -10 was Pizi/Bmer & Trout/ZomB! CTPs went to Dez x2, Phipps x2, Hepler, Trout! Trout also snagged the quarters!

This week will will head to the Ohio border (but not past it) to Temperance, MI for a run at Vienna Park! Should be a super fun time, may come che ... more


Scottie Reslock   December 7 at 6:46pm

12.3.23 RECAP!! 12.10.23 INDEPENDENCE LAKE!!

Well, it looks like the threat of rain + the distance to Addison = sad turnout! I remember a time where we would have a sizable turnout regardless of the weather! I guess they don't make pirates like they used to! (Damn, I'm starting to sound like a Boomer!) At any rate, we had 6 pirates come out and we played basically every pad we saw, which equated to 26 (with the quarters hole)! winning the day at -3(-6 course par?) was Phipps/Bmer! Phipps & Nels took the CTP's while Phipp ... more


Scottie Reslock   November 29 at 6:47pm

11.26.23 RECAP! 12.3.23 ADDISON OAKS!!

Well, it got a little snowy at the end but overall a great day! Big thanks to Nels and someone else (maybe Pizi?) for bringing extra CTPs! Sorry, it wasn't written down for some reason! We had 13 pirates come out to shred the GOOOOCH, and we played 20 holes! Taking the W at -10 was Bmer/Trout, big surprise there! lol CTPs went to Trout x2, Pizi, Bmer & Phipps. Hepler snaggled up the quarters!

This week we are gonna head out to Addison Oaks! It is definitely one of the best courses i ... more


Scottie Reslock   November 22 at 3:21pm

11.19.23 RECAP! 11.26.23 THE GOOOOOOOOOOOCH!

Great time out at Hudson OG with great friends! Big thanks to Nels, Forrest, ZomB & Pizi for their awesome CTP contributions! We had 14 pirates and we played 26 holes! Taking the W at -14 was Hep/Beejer, noice shootin! CTPs went to Nosek x2, Casey x2, Cliff & Bmer! Coach snagged the quarters!

This week we will head out to Hamburg and attack the GOOOOOOCH! Fun course with some good chances at some ace runs, could be a good time to hit one! See all you scurvy bastards this Sunday! Have a happy turkey day, GO LIONS!! CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   November 16 at 7:55pm

11.12.23 RECAP!! 11.19.23 HUDSON OG!!

What an amazing time we had out at Sage Creek! Thanks again to Becca & Sean for having us out at their incredible property! Also, thanks to the Baults, Trout, Jimmy G, DQ & Nels for bringing added CTPs! We had 19 pirates and we played 25 holes! Taking the W at -15 was Birdsall/DGFC, nice shootin' boyz! CTPs went to Nels x3, Reslock x3, ZomB, DQ, Becca, Hepler & Kam! Quarters went to Hepler!

This week we are headed to Dexter to give the OG of Hudson Mills a shot! Come out and keep this pirate ship a rollin, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   November 8 at 6:01pm

11.5.23 RECAP! 11.12.23 SAGE CREEEEEEEEEEK!!

What a great time at Oller's Acres! Big thanks to Bill for having us out on his awesome property! Also big thanks to Bday Boi Swimmy Pants! He brought 9 discs for CTPs! Nels, Trout & Brian "DGFC" Evans brought CTPs as well and deserve a hearty CHA! We had 16 pirates total and we played 22 holes! Tied for the W with a -6 (-9 course par) was Ol' Farty/Reslock & Bmer/Pizi! CTPs went to Nels x3, Reslock x3, Big Tex x2, Rich T x3, Taint, Pizi, Bmer, Whitlock & Scoobz! ... more


Scottie Reslock   November 2 at 3:30pm

10.29.23 RECAP! 11.5.23 OLLER'S ACRES!!

Great to back in the swing of things! We had a fun start to the season at our old stomping grounds in Ypsi! Big thanks to Nels & Trout for bringing some CTP love! We had 11 pirates & played 19 holes! Taking the first W of the season at -9 was Trout/Bmer! CTPs went to Ol' Farty x2, Bmer, Swimmy & Pizi. Ol' Farty also Snagged the Quarters!

This week we are sailing out to Ortonville for one of the awesome private courses in the area! I of course am talking about Oller' ... more


Scottie Reslock   October 24 at 4:40pm


Here we are again, back for a new season of CHA! To kick things off we are going kick it old school and headed to our home field known as Waterworks in good ol' Ypsi!

We do have the first 3 week's lined up and you're not going to want to miss them! Next week we are going to be a Oller's Acres (11/5) and the following week (11/12) we will be at Sage Creek! If you have never been to either course, it would be in your best interest to come on out and have some fun! They are ... more

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