24 CHA!NS 2019/2020 Fall/Winter League

September '19 - March '20 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace poolYAY ME?

as of March 12

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 97 all-time players - 39 active players
No fee to play in this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
24 Cha!ns is a group of highly dedicated Disc Golfers whom fear no weather, play year round at courses throughout lower Michigan & beyond!! *LEAGUE DETAILS* Fall/Winter League rounds are on Sundays. We will meet at 9:30am & we flip for teams at 10:00am. This league is always FREE to play. We do have $2 ace pool and $3 CTP's every week, they are always optional. Courses are decided by vote or at the counsel members' discretion except for the last Sunday of the month which wi ...
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League News

Scottie Reslock   March 25 at 4:12pm


Hello all my fellow quarantined pirates! I think it is fairly obvious at this point but our league finale is postponed for the foreseeable future. We are however not canceling it entirely! When we are able to congregate in larger groups again we will reschedule it, on a Sunday at White's Acres (if Todd is able too) or somewhere else fun. Since we missed a week also we will make the finale DOUBLE POINTS!! That includes aces! So it will be anyone's game. There is a berth to the State Fin ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 18 at 12:37pm


Nice quaint showing this week at Kenso South! We had 13 pirates so we decided to play South Shorts on the older holes & Longs on the new ones & doubled down one 6 of them! Tying for the W was Reslock/Big Tex & Hepaler/Trout with a -4 (not sure what course par would be). CTP's went to Kernal, Pizi, Nels & Crouch. Big Tex snagged the quarters.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to do what I am about to do because in the many years I have run the league this has never happ ... more

Joe Anttila   March 18 at 6:10pm

This is more profound than the NBA, NHL or PDGA closing. It really brings home how ****in’ serious this really is. Stay Healthy!

Scottie Reslock   March 19 at 1:01pm

indeed it is, you stay safe to brotha!

Scottie Reslock   March 12 at 5:20pm


I am absolutely floored by the turnout we received in Burlington, KY! We had a total of 30 pirates travel for the adventure. We also had a 10 person group from the area show up. Due to our large numbers they decided to go in front of us. Thank you to Jesse Cahill for his CTP donation! We did split into 2 groups 14/16. We played all 24 + 1 extra for quarters. Taking the W with a -7 is Scoobz/Hepler, great round doods! CTP's went to Miles, Fife, Scoobz & Ben Calhoun. Not sure about the 14 ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 12 at 4:23pm


It has been a hell of a couple weeks. I apologize for the late post. Thank you to Puttimus for his CTP donation! Always a great time at Hudson OG! We played 26 holes & we had a total of 20 pirates join in the fun! Taking the W with a -15 was Cook/Visger, solid round boyz!

BOOOO THIS MAN!! Taking $141 + untold pirate booty with an ace on Hole E, MAGIC MIKE VISGER!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Taking CTP's were Visger x2, Casey Cook, Timbo & Trout. Not sure who one quarters so congrat ... more


Scottie Reslock   March 2 at 7:37pm


Hello all you wonderful pirates! This is a reminder that we are headed to Kentucky this weekend to do our pirate thing on foreign soil! Idlewild is the destination and let me tell you, this is gonna be rowdy! It already sounds like we have quite a crew coming to join in the debauchery!

As the title of the post says, we are moving the tee time to 9 am so we can get the show on the road a little earlier. This will also help us stay in one happy group of screaming idiots! Hope to see a giant crew representing the great state of Michigan this weekend! CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   February 25 at 7:08pm

2.23.20 RECAP!! 3.1.20 HUDSON OG!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

A humble showing at Water Works this week with 10 pirates making out for the awesome day of CHA! We played 18 holes, whites & reds! Taking the W with a -7 was Puttimus/Reslock, YAY ME?
CTP's went to Magic, Phipps, Puttimus & Miles. Pizi snagged the quarters by 2cm!!

This week we are thinking there will be snow so we are going to go somewhere we feel will be a little easier overall. That is the OG at Hudson Mills! Be prepared! Watch your discs & where they land. Also try no ... more

Brett Piziali   February 26 at 3:18pm

13$ in quarters, 2 bottle caps, a seashell, a token of appreciation, and a MDot coin. CHAAAAAA!

Brett Piziali   February 26 at 3:19pm

oh and a LED light (working)

Scottie Reslock   February 21 at 1:31pm

2.16.20 RECAP!! 2.23.20 WATERWORKS!! $5 FREDDY!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Thanks to the 21 pirates that came out for a super long round. Everything was going swimmingly, then the snow got soft and most of the pirates were sauced. The back 9 took us nearly 4 hours to play, it was a **** show! For the most part we had fun. We will try and make snowy rounds a little faster in the future (not going to super tough, blind shot courses is a start lol.) At any rate, taking the W with a -7 (-5 raw score) Elijah/Blackass, solid round boyz! We only played for 2 CTP's and t ... more


Scottie Reslock   February 14 at 1:18pm


Before we get to it, HUUUUGEEE THANKS to Scott Sprow with WC Glow for the sweet CTP's package as well as Swimmer & Trout for their CTP contributions as well, CHAAAAAA!!

We had a solid 23 pirate turnout at Cass! We played 19 holes total! Taking the W was Beejer/Zombie at -11, Nice shootin! Taking CTP's were Timmy, Reslock, Sprow, Phipps, Trout, Beejer, Orange & Big Tex! Newbie, Scott Jones steals quarters! It was a big one too, $44.39!!

This week we are going to Brighton R ... more


Scottie Reslock   February 5 at 6:51pm

2.2.20 RECAP!! 2.9.20 CASS PART DEUX!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Great round out at Cold Brook! Lots of locals & friends to celebrate Reslock & JSaww's Bday! Thanks to Stephanie Lafferty for hooking up the Woodford Reserve! The bottle was gone by the end of the round! lol
We had 21 pirates after JSaww showed up! We played 24 +1 holes! Tied at the top with a -9 was Kernal/Trout & Big Tex/Phipps!

BOO THIS MAN!! Taking $134 of your hard earned $$$ + untold pirate booty, with an ace on hole #10, ANDREW (TROUT) RUSINEK, BOOOOOOOOOO!! Taking C ... more

Scottie Reslock   February 5 at 6:58pm

Correction, Trout's ace was on hole #7. We started on hole #22

Scottie Reslock   January 29 at 1:56pm

1.26.20 RECAP 2.2.20 COLD BROOK!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Great day celebrating Kernal's Bday! We had 13 pirates come out to victory park! We played 18 holes + 1 hole for quarters. Tied at the top with -2 each was Beejer/Timbo & Scoobz/**** Cali, good work boyz!
CTP's went to Nels, Phipps & Hepler. Ol' man Fartstrom snagged the quarters.

This week we are headed back up I-94 a little further than Victory to play Cold Brook in Climax, MI! If memory serves me correctly there is a fair amount of trees so bring your quarters, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   January 22 at 9:00pm


Well, a humble showing at Indy this week. We only managed to scrounge up 9 pirates to battle the elements., Some of these pirates must be getting too old for this high seas...At any rate we had a blast as always! We played 24+1 holes! There was a tie at the top, shooting -7 was Phipps/Reslock & Timbo/Pizi! CTP's went to Hepler, Fenner & Reslock! Quarters were snagged by Timbo!

This week our cash round is being hijacked by the Kernal! We will be headed out to Albion to play the i ... more


Scottie Reslock   January 14 at 6:42pm

1.12.20 RECAP!! 1.19.20 INDEPENDENCE LAKE!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

It was a mess of a time getting there but Vienna Park was not that icy! 13 pirates joined in the wintry awesomeness! we played 21 holes total, taking the W was Sheldon/Pizi with a -8, way to go boyz!

BOO THIS MAN!! With an skip ace on hole #4, taking $190 of you hard earned $$$ + untold pirate booty, OLD MAN FARTSTROM!! BOOOOOOOOOO!! He also got an ace at Parmalee after the round lol
CTP's went to Timbo, Pizi x2 & Sheldon snagged the quarters!

This week we are headed to Indy! Wi ... more

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sheldon bowen   January 17 at 4:47am

It's more to let the masses know. Trust me I wouldn't suggest it as it is that rough. I posted a map on hole 1 of the course. They want feedback Rhonda Bouma <[email redacted] let them know what you think.

sheldon bowen   January 17 at 4:49am

Please be civil and address any safety concerns

Scottie Reslock   January 22 at 4:31pm

You got it buddy!

Scottie Reslock   January 10 at 6:59pm


Alrighty, votes are in and time is up. Here is how it shook out:

Vienna - 7
Lady In Blue - 3
Indy - 2
Portage - 1

There is a strong chance that we will be going to all these courses at some point but for this week it is Vienna Park!

We will be flipping for teams at 10am or so, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Chris Kerns   January 11 at 9:41pm

Give yourselves extra travel time and drive safe!!

Scottie Reslock   January 8 at 6:24pm

1.5.20 RECAP!! 1.12.20 WHERE WE SAILING TO!?

Big thanks to SWIMMER & PUTTIMUS for donating CTP's, super cool of ye! We went to Lansing and played Grand Woods! We managed to play a total of 24 holes! Taking the W was Phipps/Hep-a-ler with a -10, noice shootin! Taking CTPs were Puttimus, Miles, Trout & Swimmer. Magic snagged a undisclosed amount of money from the quarter sack!

This week we are back on to voting! That s right, it is up to you, the pirates decide what land we will pillage! Here are your options:

Big Portage ... more

Joe Phipps   January 10 at 4:40am


Scottie Reslock   December 31 at 4:59pm

12.29.19 RECAP!! 1.5.19 GRAND WOODS!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Before we get started big THANK YOU to BECKY GENTRY for the awesome brownie/cookie cupcakes, they were delicious!

Thanks to the 14 pirates that came out on a not so nice Sunday morning at Water Works! The XMAS gift exchange was a ton of fun as always! It started with rain but 6 holes in it all stopped and ended up being a decent day! We played 20 holes total! Taking the W with a -11 was Knucklehead/Timbo, solid round boyz! Taking home CTP's were Ben Calhoun x2, Magic, Knucklehead, Phipps ... more


Scottie Reslock   December 26 at 1:22pm

12.22.19 RECAP!! 12.29.19 XMAS DISC EXCHANGE!! WATERWORKS!! 10AM!!

Great day out at Freedom Park! We had 19 pirates join in the fun, including a pretty hungover Santa Clause! We played 19 holes of the Ritchey/Perras layout! Taking the W with a -10 was Ritchey/Reslock, Ya Me? CTP winners were Ryan, Hepler, Dan Lee and Scoobz got $13.50 from the quarter sack!

I meant to give a little more notice on this but the holiday has been challenging so sorry! lol

This week we are back at Waterworks in Ypsi for our monthly cash round! Not only that but it is also ou ... more

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   December 26 at 4:35pm

Damn looks like my partner had a really rough back 9 after I left lmao

Scottie Reslock   December 27 at 1:18pm

Ya he pooped his pants hard bro!

Scottie Reslock   December 18 at 7:21pm

12.15.19 RECAP!! 12.22.19 FREEDOM!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Thank you to the 14 pirates that made it a super fun time at Addison Oaks! We played 25 holes total. Tied for the W was Fartsrtom/Miles & Soobz/Hep-a-ler at -9, good stuff doods!
CTP's went to Kernal & Pizi, and since no one ever writes the quarters on the scorecard congrats to whom ever it may concern!

This week we are keeping it close for the holidays and heading to Freedom Park in Canton. Though it is a shorter course we pirates always make it a fun time! Come on out for some ace runs and some mild gambling, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   December 11 at 4:00pm

12.8.19 RECAP!! 12.15.19 ADDISON OAKS!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Was great to celebrate Casey Cooks bday with a bunch of pirate shenanigans, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Thank you Dave Lonteen for his Death By Disc CTPs!! We played 24 holes +1 on the Monster! We had 20 pirates join in the fun! Taking the W with a bogey free -16 was Kernal/Bday Suit, DAMN FELLAS!!
There were 7 CTPs but there were only 5 written on the score card so if you won a CTP yay you! Swimmer snagged $30.25 from the quarters sack!

This week we are heading to Leonard, MI for one of the best cou ... more

Brandon oleskie   December 11 at 6:59pm

Jess and I will be there!

Scottie Reslock   December 12 at 6:47pm


Scottie Reslock   December 6 at 1:59pm


Nearly Unanimous, though I made a mistake and put a course we already visited in the vote (was supposed to be Indy not Willow, oops!):

Hudson Monster - 8
Addison - 2
Willow - 2

Good to see Addison is getting a couple votes...lol

At any rate, Hudson Monster it is! Sounds like we will have some special guest pirates joining in on the fun, do not miss out, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   December 3 at 2:48pm


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As you know we took last Sunday off to join Ypsi Dubs for their winter kickoff! Thanks to Chilly for a great time! Thanks to Anslie & Jub Jub for having everyone over. Thanks to everyone who made chili, all of them were awesome!

This week we are back to seeing where all ya'll pirate wanna rip, let's check out the choices:

Addison Oaks
Willow Metro Park
Hudson Mills Monster

There you have it, 3 great courses all in different directions. Vote it up!

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nels f   December 3 at 8:05pm

Addison, just because Mike wants Hudson

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common   December 4 at 4:50am


Casey Cook   December 4 at 1:31pm


Scottie Reslock   November 26 at 8:58pm

11.17.19 & 11.24.19 RECAP!!

Alrighty then! 11.17.19 We went out to the Gooch! Though it was fun it did take quite a while to play due to the snow. We looked for discs on every hole so it was slow going. 15 pirates showed their ugly mugs and we played 18 +1 for the quarters. Taking the W with a -9 was Rusty/Reslock, Yay Me? CTP's went to Crouch x2, Broski, & Reslock snagged quarters!

Now that we settled that, 11.24.19 was our cash game at good ol' Waterworks! We were fortunate enough to have all the snow me ... more


Scottie Reslock   November 21 at 6:26pm

11.24.19 WATERWORKS!! $5 FREDDY!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

This week is our monthly cash game at Waterworks in Ypsi! I think everyone knows the drill at this point. If not feel free to ask!

Also, next week (12.1.19) we are raiding the Ypsi Dubs kickoff & chili cook off at the Farm House in Ann Arbor. It is a private course that isn't always up so come and check it out! As stated there is a chili contest so if you'd like to make your signature chili and see where it stacks up against other disc golfers from the area please do!

Scores ... more


Scottie Reslock   November 15 at 8:28pm


Well that was a close one, nearly had a shenanigans round on our hands! From what I gathered here is the results of the vote:

Gooch - 4
Marion - 3
Indy - 1
Addison - Nobody!?

So looks like the Gooch wins! For anyone unfamiliar I am referring to the Gulch aka Merrill Park West in Hamburg, MI. For those that voted Marion, fear not, that will happen! At any rate the Gooch is always a blast, hope to see a sizable crowd of pirates on Sunday, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   November 12 at 8:19pm

11.10.19 RECAP!! 11.17.19 WE DOIN ANOTHER VOTE!!

Thank you to Ben for having our league check out the new Lakeshore Woods course! It was definitely awesome, great work to you, your family and whoever else helped get that installed! Also thanks to Ol' Man Fartstrom for donating a CTP! We had 22 pirates and we played a total of 21 holes! Taking the W was Calhoun/Phipps with a -12, damn fine shootin'! CTP's went to Rusty, Nels, Calhoun & Kernal. Puttimus snagged the quarters!

This week are back into a vote since the followin ... more

Michael Christian   November 15 at 4:29pm


Scottie Reslock   November 8 at 1:30am

11.3.19 RECAP!! 11.10.19 LAKESHORE WOODS!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Before we get started, big thanks to Scott Sprow, Flea & Nels for donating some added CTP's CHAAAAA!! MBD was the flavor of the week! 22 holes were played and 15 pirates came out for the occasion! Taking the W and only missing 3 holes with a -19 was Big Tex/Trout, damn doods!! 
Now that we thanked her, lets give her a big hearty BOOOOOO!! With an ace on hole #10, taking $71 of your hard earned money, Flea Calhoun, BOOOOOOOOOOO!! It's alright, looks like she got some colorful ... more


Scottie Reslock   November 1 at 4:40pm


It wasn't even close lol:

MBD - 9
FARM - 3

Gonna be a lot of fun, plenty of ace runs! A few holes will have a safari twist to them, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Lucas Boomhower Lundberg   November 1 at 10:57pm

MBD is Mary Beth Doyle right?

Daniel J Lee   November 2 at 2:31pm


Scottie Reslock   October 29 at 5:34pm

10.27.19 RECAP!! 11.3.19 TIME FOR A VOTE!!

Super big thanks to the Hunt family for hosting league this week. Also thanks to the Hunts & Pizi for the CTP donations. Hunt's Hideaway is seriously no joke! Add the wind into the equation and you have tough (yet fun) day of disc golf. We played 19 holes (scored based on 18) and we had 15 pirates join in the fun! Taking the all important W was Big Tex/Old Man Fartstrom with a course par -4 (E raw score). CTP's went to Pizi, Nels, Timmy, Reslock & Big Tex, Big Tex also snagged ... more

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Timmy Redman   November 1 at 1:47pm


Andrew Rusinek   November 1 at 2:57pm


Michael Christian   November 1 at 3:28pm


Scottie Reslock   October 23 at 7:58pm

10.20.19 RECAP!! 10.27.19 HUNT'S HIDEAWAY!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Great dry day at Willow Metropark! Thanks to the new guy Rusty Carey for fattening the cash CTP, CHAAAA!! We had 20 pirates and played all 24 holes! Taking it down with a -17 was New Guy Rusty/Big Tex, nice shootin boyz!! BOO THESE MEN, making it a very expensive day, with aces on 13 & 18, taking $45 a piece of your hard earned money, Jeff Hepler & Nels Fartstrom, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! BOO Danly also for 3 metal hits as well, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Taking CTP's were Maple Bomb x2, Resloc ... more

Brandon oleskie   October 23 at 8:12pm


Scottie Reslock   October 18 at 5:52pm


We put it to a vote and we had quite a battle for a moment! In the end a clear winner was decided:

Willow - 8
Firefighters - 5
Independence - 2
Addison - 1

There ya have it, Willow takes it. Don't worry though, we have some 20 weeks left and the other 3 courses will surely be in the mix. At any rate make sure you bring them quarters cuz there are a ton of trees, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   October 15 at 5:03pm


After a one week hiatus we are ready to get rowdy once again! This week we will leave it to the pirates to tell us where we are going. Voting will end on Friday at noon! Here are the options:

Independence Lake
Addison Oaks
Fire Fighters

And there you go, 4 very different points on the map, let see how this goes. Remember ties result in shenanigans which results in massive butt hurt, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Benjamin Demory   October 15 at 8:09pm


Scottie Reslock   October 9 at 8:54pm


Big shout out to the Bault's for hosting this crew of scurvy dogs!! Thanks to Swimmer for the pre round treats, Puttimus, Mike Burton, Blackass & Becca for adding CTP's this week! We played the 24 hole layout (played 25 total) and had 24 pirates in attendance! Tying for the W was F-Bomb/Puttimus & Blackass/Desmond with -11 a piece, nice shooting! Taking CTP's were Blackass, Hepler, Timbo x2, Katie, LeFleur, Swimmer & Rene! F-Bomb snagged quarters!



Scottie Reslock   October 2 at 12:49pm

9.29.19 RECAP!! 10.6.19 SAGE CREEK!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Got a little rainy there but still a fun round at Pirates Bay! We had 14 pirates in total and we played 18 holes white & red tees. Taking the W was Phipps/Reslock at -8! Big Tex, Phipps & Kerns snagged CTP's & Flea Calhoun steals $13 or so from the quarter sack!

This week we have been invited back to one of the funnest and nicest looking private courses in the state! That's right, the Baults decided to allow the pirates back to Sage Creek! This is gonna be a great time ... more


Scottie Reslock   September 25 at 5:09pm

9.22.19 RECAP!! 9.29.19 WATERWORKS!! $5 FREDDY!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

Alright boyz and girlz, another exciting pirate round in the books! Thank you Pizi for donating 2 POTG2 Ions, CHAAAAAAAAA!! We had 22 pirates in attendance & played 19 holes! Tying for the win was F Bomb/Scoobz & Big Tex/Cash with -12 a piece, nice shooting! Taking home prizes were Trout x2, Desmond x1 & Orange Andy x1! Desmond also snagged $29.92 from the quarter sack!

This week is our first cash game of the fall/winter season! It is a $10 all in. As always this takes place at Waterworks park in Ypsi! Should be a great day, come get some CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


Scottie Reslock   September 18 at 3:33pm

9.15.19 RECAP!! 9.22.19 CASS BENTON!! TEE OFF 10AM!!

What a blast! Oller's Acres is amazing! Thank you Big Bill for having us on the course, it was such a fun day! Also thank you all who brought extra CTP's (Pizi, Hep, Rez, Swimmer, hope I didn't miss anyone) We had 14 pirates make the trek to Ortonville and we played 19 holes! Taking the W and the only team under par was Timbo/F-Bomb with a -1, not to shabby fellas! CTP's went to Rez, Timmy, ZomB, Floyd, Nels & Rico snagged Quarters!

This week we are at Cass Benton read ... more


Scottie Reslock   September 9 at 3:58pm


It is great to back for another fall/winter 24 Cha!ns league season! Thank you to Tommy Walker for the Silver Dollar that he put up for a CTP, super cool! Also thank you Pizi & Trout for adding 2 CTP's as well!

An intimate reception for our first round with only 12 pirates, it was a fun (and fast) round anyway! We played 18 holes White, Red alternating tees. The W goes to Hepler/Reslock with a -15, CHAAAAAAAAA!

BOOOO THIS MAN! Taking $129 of your hard earned cash + untold booty, ... more


Scottie Reslock   September 3 at 7:35pm


Though it isn't quite fall yet we are ready to kick off the FALL/WINTER league season! As most know but some don't, we are switching to SUNDAYS at 10:00AM! To get things started we are going to throw out a vote to see where we go first. We plan on traveling as much as we can this year so I figure lets get a local course in first. FYI, there is a super special course in the works for 9.15.19 so stay tuned for that!

Here are your choices:

The Farm

Let see how this goes, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!