2024 Eastside Ace Run League

April - October 2024 • St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Mixed league

Ace pool #2Members only ace pool

as of July 24

Ace pool

as of July 24

Next league day

Tuesday, July 30 @ 6:30pm
Brys Park
St. Clair Shores, MI


Jul 23, 2024 · Top scores
Brys Park
Regular tees, 24 holes
-22 50
Bob Barker$50
-22 50
Jay Binienda$50
-21 51
Delmar Pettiway$20
Overall standings
1Jay Binienda144
2Karl Schneider111
3Mike Schiller97
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About this League

Mixed league - 67 all-time players - 47 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
$20.00 player fee each session
$5 into ace pool. $5 optional members only super pool
$2 100% cash ctps
$1 playoff pot
$7 goes towards payouts
Ace pool for members pays out 25% your first week, 50% your second week, and 70% your third week
Ace pool for non members pays out 25% your first week, and caps out at 40% your second week
7 points- 1st place
5 points- 2nd place
3 points- 3rd place
1 point- CTP
5 points- metal hit(basket or higher)
15 points- Ace
15 points- perfect round(-24)or better
1 point for showing up

League News

Brad Fuelling   June 19 at 10:30pm

June challenge

For this months challenge we are once again going to go to another course. We will be at Warren's brand new disc golf course, called steinhauser park. Sadly it's so new that it's not on the disc golf scene but it is on Udisc and it has some really good gripping tee pads. I'll leave a link or post a screenshot of the exact location of the park. It is only a 9 hole course but there is plenty of room for us to add 3 extra holes and just go around twice. See you all Tuesday

Jordan Sell   June 25 at 2:03am

3101 Frazho Rd
Warren, MI 48091

Richard Bidinger   May 24 at 4:06pm

May Challenge 5/28

In honer of memorial day will be traveling/playing at memorial Park in Center Line. Same time as always. Pass the word and hope to see everyone there. Thank you

Jason Grobbel   May 24 at 4:36pm

Veterans Memorial in Warren, just so no one is confused looking for a course in CL

Richard Bidinger   May 24 at 4:04pm

May Challenge 5/28

In honer of memorial day will be traveling/playing at memorial Park in Center Line. Same time as always. Pass the word and hope to see everywhere. Thank you


Brad Fuelling   May 7 at 8:21pm


Sorry to inform you all, but we will be canceling tonight's league due to the impending storms. It's a tough call but we would rather be safe than sorry. Spread the word

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Alex Johnson   May 8 at 12:41am

Weather people are poop. It hasn’t rained a drop since 4pm. Wish it could be rescheduled instead of cancelled, but of course I understand. Easier said than done. See ya next week fellas!

Jay B   May 8 at 12:45am

It did look like it could have been nasty on the future radar at around 3 when i last looked on here but weather changes quick, we woulda been done before it got bad i think

Jay B   May 11 at 4:06pm

At around 9-930 there were tornadoes in harrison twp and other areas, we might have been done by then but it woulda sucked more if there were cards still out and then it got called off

Brad Fuelling   April 27 at 3:47am

April challenge

That's right folks, this next week is challenge week. For the first challenge of the year we're going do midrange only. You may only throw discs that are classified as a midrange. Before you ask... a zone is not a midrange. Same with the older run rhynos. You all should know the deal by now. See you Tuesday


Brad Fuelling   April 10 at 2:27am

Membership grace period

Starting the first week of May, if you are not a member and have attended at least 2 weeks, you will only be eligible for 40% of the ace pool.


Brad Fuelling   April 2 at 2:20am

Week 1

Well, I'm not going to sugar coat it. The weather looks crappy, but we're still going to play as long as there's no lightning. Good thing we got some awesome rain coats last year though. Only one slight moderation in the ace payouts this year.
Members payouts: 1st week 25% 2nd week 50% 3rd week 70%
Non members payouts: 1st week 25% 2nd week 40%
This will help build the ace pool to start the year, and help deter any ace pool hunters. So come on out for another year of fun.


Brad Fuelling   March 24 at 5:07pm

We're back!

Welcome back every one. It's seems like Mother nature doesn't want to cooperate with us on Tuesday, so our annual warm up round will take place on Thursday 3/28 at 630. $10 random draw doubles, no ace pool, ctps, or points just golf. And don't forget Tuesday April 2nd will be the official start of the season

Alex Johnson   March 25 at 10:19pm

Lets gooooo! See ya thursday

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