2022 Birch Park Points Series Tag League

April - September 2022 • Amherst, New Hampshire
Singles league

Ace pool

as of September 5

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Sep 1, 2022 · Top scores
Birch Park
Regular to Long, 18 holes
-7 48
Matt Stolarz
-6 49
Zach Taylor
-4 51
Tim Kimball
+8 63
Brooke Detweiller
+8 63
Shannon Nightingale
+10 65
Lisa Soucy
Overall standings
1Matt Stolarz790
2Tom Robinson749
3Zach Taylor747
1Lisa Soucy67
2Olivia Martin44
3Taylor Jarest39
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Leaderboard updated 9/2/22

About this League

Singles league - 75 all-time players - 56 active players
$40.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
Hi Everyone, Welcome to the Birch Park Points Series Tag League Bill and Norma Bruce will be the TDs' Breakin Chains Disc Golf will be the League Sponsor. The spring season is coming fast . We are starting up the league on April 21st this year and expect it to finish Sept 1st .If I have done my math right you will play a 20 week series. The cost went up $5.00 this year to help out with inflation on merchandise and so on. I have ordered some cool bag tags for this year a ...
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League News

BILL BRUCE   September 2 at 3:59pm

Week #20 Birch Park Summer Tag League

Week 20 is over and so is the Summer league at Birch Park . I hope you all had a great season . We are already planning for next year. Any suggestions are always welcome. Contact Norma or Bill with anything you might think will work better for your league. This league is for you and we strive to do our best to make sure it is what you want. All suggestions welcome.

Next Thursday is going to be the Awards night as well as any playoffs that might need to be handled. There is an Ace pot we w ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 28 at 1:29pm

Week #19 Birch Park Summer Tag League

Here is a little news update for everyone. Apparently the news is a little behind. Good news is most of you know whats going on in league. Tom Robinson and Tim Kimball were the leaders this week shooting 49. Lisa Soucy was on top in the ladies shooting 59. Billy D won the CTP this week and no ace was hit .

Next week will be week # 20 and the last week of score keeping for our 20 week series. The following week we will have awards and some good food as well as a doubles round to end thing ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 10 at 8:18pm

Week #16 Birch Park Summer Tag League

I'm back from Texas and it looks like you haven't had any news posted . I have only what I can see so here is what happened last week. Matt Stolarz took it down last week shooting 48 with Tom Robinson in second place with a 51. Lisa Soucy shot a 57 . Nice .

Joe Mitchel won the CTP and there was no Ace. The Ace pot is now $171. There are plenty of tournaments out there if your interested . Check them out on disc golf scene. Fall Classic is coming fast . That's it for right now. See you all Thursday


BILL BRUCE   July 13 at 12:02pm

Week #12 Birch Park Summer Tag League

Week #12 is behind us .Sorry the news is late. I missed kast week but as I understand it , Tim Kimball Aced. Congrats Tim. Mat Stolarz was the low score of the day shooting a 51 with several players on his heels all shooting 52s. Crazy stuff. Oliva Martin took it for the women division. She shot a 62. I,m not sure on the CTP.

The season is moving along super fast. I hope you all are having a great summer. Norma and I are going to be away for a week or two for a well needed vacation after ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 1 at 12:24pm

Week #11 Birch Park Summer Tag League

News Flash! " It's the 4th of July Weekend" I hope you all have a great weekend and make sure to be safe. Last night Matt Stolarz took it down shooting a 46. I love these scores in the 40s. Nick Webster was on his heels with a 48. The ladies were led by Olivia Martin with a 59. Nice shooting everyone.I almost forgot, I shot a 75 to wrap things up. (I don't seem to be getting any better).

No Ace was hit so it will roll to next week . Derek Devoe won the CTP on ho ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 3 at 3:14pm

Week #7 Birch Park Summer Tag League

Hello everyone . It's been a few week since we have posted news so here we go . Sorry for not keeping up to date. Last night we had 56 player attend. It was another great night at the course.

Matt Stolarz had the hot round , shooting a 49 . There were several 51s and 52s right behind him. Check out the leaderboard to see all the results. Derek Devoe got the CTP on hole #8 for $38.00. Breakin Chains donated a Mutant disc by Disc Mania for a CTP on hole 15. After much deliberation we ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 13 at 12:30pm

Week #4 Birch Park Summer Tag League

We had a great night for league, with nice warm sunny weather. There was a great turnout ,with 53 players. There was 1 new sign up last night as well. Welcome aboard to Steve Palla.

There were lots of great scores last night. It must be the weather. Steve Palla and Steve Fraher both shot 50 with Zach Taylor taking 3rd with a 51. Lisa Soucy took to down for the ladies shooting a 64. An Ace was hit last night by Nick Webster on hole 15. I think it might have been his first Ace. Don't q ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 6 at 12:20pm

Week #3 Birch Park Summer Tag League

Week #3 has happened and we had another great turnout, There was an Ace hit last night. Jesse McMillan took down the Ace winning $264.00 . Jared Beauregard won the CTP on hole #3 for $42.00. There were great scores also.
Zach Taylor and Tom Robinson took it down both shooting 49. Tim Kimball came in right on their heels shooting a 50. Olivia Martin took it on the women's side, shooting a 63. Great scores Everyone.
The NEADGC is in 2 weeks .There is still time to get in to this tou ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 6 at 11:21am

Week #2 Birch Park Summer Tag League

So I guess we did not post news last week . Sorry about that. Week #2 was a great . Tom Robinson and Billy D were tied for 1st with Tim Auger and Zach Taylor tied for 2nd.
We have had more playesr sign up this year than ever before. We bought 60 shirts and tags for the league and they have already been taken. Not sure if we will be able to get more or not at this point.
No Ace yet so it rolls to next week. where .
Tournaments abound everywhere so check them out . We hope to see yo ... more


BILL BRUCE   April 25 at 12:48pm

Week #1 Birch Park Summer Tag League

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to all the new players this year. We hope you enjoy the Birch Park league as much as we all do. There was a great turnout for the first night. There were about 59 players for the first night with is a record by the way.

Matt Stolarz took it down with Shane McDonald taking second place along with Billy DeMarino. It was a great night , I even started playing again. No Ace was hit so it will roll to next week .I'm pretty sure Brandon Smith won ... more

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